China Guangxi and the surrounding national cultural tour

Date of publication:2012-3   Press: National Publishing House   Author:Li Fuchun Wang Guangrong Gong Benhai La Dana Pam Yan Jie   Pages:536   Words:505000  

Li Fuchun, Wang Guangrong, Gong Benhai, La Dana Pam (TAI), Yan Jie compiled the "Guangxi of China and neighboring countries culture trip" tells the story of the tourism in the special function to promote economic development, Kunitomi Mi, the protection of human heritage, promote world harmony, played by the birth of a new civilization, in the introduction, but also points out the theme of the book the journey of the national culture is to build common prosperity and friendship between Guangxi and neighboring countries of the bridge, said is positive impact of tourism in the human economic and political, social and cultural activities, the establishment of credit.
Author brief introduction

Li Fuchun male, zhuang. Graduated from History Department of Central University for Nationalities Institute (now South-Central University For Nationalities). Had engaged in the Tuoniang River Basin and the western region of Guangxi years rural work and journalism. After transferred to the Guangxi Academy of social sciences research in national economy, poverty alleviation and development of Western china. The main works include: "China's minority areas to commodity economy studies", "minority economic theory", "new ideas" to get rid of poverty (and willow cooperation), "resource development and national development" (co authored), "Zhuang" (the Thai version) (cooperation), "Gui Xi area development theory" (the main author), "a thousand years back, Guangxi is carried out western big development strategy theory" (Feng Zhuan).
Wang Guangrong
Yi, Napo County of Guangxi people. 1967 July graduated from the Central University for Nationalities College (now South-Central University For Nationalities) Department of chinese. In 1985, Guangxi Teachers Education University, professor at the Academy, and Folk Culture Research Institute, literature, folklore, master's tutor. As Chinese folk society, folk literature and Art Association, executive director of the National Institute of Southwest China, President of the Guangxi folklore society, former vice chairman of the fifth session of the Guangxi folk literature and art association. Has published the "Yi", "song of Songs:" the charm of 7 monographs, and co editor and co-author of "folk literature theory" 15, published 108 academic papers, literature works of 64, a total of 380 words.
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Introduction to national culture trip to build friendship bridge
A, B is Southeast Asia Ethnic Grand View Garden
two, mysterious, vast Tai Zhuang Lao Shans
three, Guangxi of China and neighboring countries new opportunities for the development of the
four, ethnic cultural tourism can become rich of friendship bridge
five, book frame structure
the first China Guangxi surrounding national and charming ethnic cultural tourism resort of
second Guangxi colorful ethnic customs and the unique beautiful landscape
third papers in national culture tourism as a link to Guangxi and neighboring countries into an international tourism objective to block
fourth is based in Nanning, to the Guilin as the leader of the Guangxi ethnic culture tour
the main reference
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: Hanoi Ba Dinh square is named to commemorate the first resistance movement in Vietnam Thanh Hoa province hemocoagulase outbreak, Vietnamese leaders meet foreign dignitaries, held important meetings and events. In September 2, 1945, Hu Zhiming the great leader Chairman of the Vietnamese people read the "Declaration of independence" here, announced the birth of the Democratic Republic of vietnam. The square is 320 meters long, 100 meters wide, in the shop has 168 pieces of the lawn, the four seasons evergreen. President Hu Zhiming's tomb is located in the square, a solemn silence, there are many visitors lined up waiting to see every day, chairman Hu Zhiming of the dead. There is the former residence of Hu Zhiming and French style tomb on the north side of the presidential palace. Ba Dinh Square East Vietnam Houses of Parliament, the north is the Party Central Committee Office building, the southeast has built the Hu Zhiming museum. Hu Zhiming museum is next to the famous Hanoi One Pillar Pagoda, also known as "Yan Yu" or "Lotus", it was built in a spirit of pool of a white pillars of wooden buildings, corridors around the temple and other delicate, like a lotus flower. The temple dedicated to the goddess, every day visitors and local residents to the temple to burn incense to pray. Hanoi is located in the temple of the ancient building complex in the Confucious'temple is one of the most important monuments of Hanoi. It was founded in 1070, with the Imperial College, is Vietnam's oldest university. Chinese style low eaves style building and building elements carved dragon, copper turtle copper cranes and other graphics and South Building orientation. Reflects the Chinese culture breath thick Confucious'Temple architectural style. The main building of the Confucious'Temple including Kratos Wenge, light well, Chapel, is the bedroom, Qi Shengci etc.. The large chapel in the Qing Dynasty emperor Kangxi's hand written "the teacher for all ages" hengbian. The main hall of worship the statue of Kong Zi on both sides of China and Vietnam, was first confucianism. The sky well on both sides of things, neatly lined with 82 pieces of Jinshi monument, each side 41 blocks are turtle tablet pack modeling. Time, the upper part of each monument engraved with the imperial examination of the author, writer, sculptor and obtain the candidates list. These Jinshi monument is the witness of the history of cultural exchanges between China and vietnam. During the Spring Festival every year, Confucious'temple will hold a grand festival, also held a calligraphy, chess, poetry, cock fighting, birds and other cultural and entertainment activities. (two) a thousand peaks in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam in Xialong City, there is a beautiful and magical Bay, this is known as "the world wonders" of the Ha Long Bay (Halong Bay). "Less than Ha Long Bay, not to vietnam." This is the famous Chinese poet Xiao San left on a visit to Vietnam at the creation of "Ha Long Bay Fu" in sentences. Ha Long Bay is located in the eastern part of Xialong City, Vietnam, is a bay, Vietnam's northern province of Guangning, located in the northern Bay of the west, 150 kilometers away from Hanoi, size islands 1969 different attitude is located in an area of 1553 square kilometers of sea. Ha Long Bay is the most famous scenic spot of Vietnam, the Vietnamese itself as the eighth wonder of the world, UNESCO in 1994 and 2000 two Ha Long Bay will be listed as one of the world natural heritage list. In 2011 was named the world new seven natural wonders of the world. Because of Ha Long Bay island is a small mountain, Karst landform Shanqi mountains, picturesque, is similar with the Guilin Scenery, known as "sea of Guilin" said. Ha Long Bay ancient name many, before tenth Century called pong, oasis, green sea, once called Yushan, jade water. Legend a long time ago, there was a mother
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