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Date of publication:2012-8   Press: Southwestern Normal University press   Author:Su Chang   Pages´╝Ü154  

"Secondary vocational school of automobile major planning materials: automobile culture" mainly includes the development process, the world automobile China automotive history, automobile company enterprise culture, understanding car symbols, car racing, celebrities, art car, car ads, automotive technology evolution. The book through the time of the nodes are connected in series, let history and culture combine together. The culture of professional knowledge through the story description, pictures, let the students remember more easily. "Secondary vocational school of automobile major planning materials: automobile culture" not only can be used as a professional car based teaching in secondary vocational schools, and also can be used as car sales, auto repair industry staff training materials, is the automobile culture interested readers understand the car first selected readings.
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Project approached the car task what is auto task two cars to the classification task three auto ID project two world automobile development task FAW car invention task two cars on the influence of the industrial revolution the world auto industry task three task four world car early technical characteristics of project three China automotive history a new task the pride of China -- car Jiefang automobile industry milestone task two task three times -- red flag logo - a joint venture task four automobile industry development policy task five wTO push forward China's auto industry task six car industry project four automobile company enterprise culture mission a GM task two task three Mercedes Toyota Auto Body Co Benz Corp task four Ferrari company of China FAW task five task six Geely Automobile project on five car mark secret task China auto brand mission two German car brand mission three American automobile brand mission four French car brand mission five Italy automobile brand Mission six Japanese car brand mission seven South Korean car brand mission eight British car brand project six celebrity mission history "the car "Father - Karl Benz task two forever" car originator "-- Gottlieb Daimler task three" father of racing "-- Enzo Ferrari Ford - Henry Ford task four task five GM empire builder -- William Durant task six Japanese mass production car father - Toyoda Kiichiro task seven the world's greatest car salesman Jo Gilad task eight" Chinese car "father - Rao Bin project seven racing task a motorsport origin task two racing classification task three never meet - equation racing task four challenge - rally task five exhausted dancer - 24 hours of Le Mans six king of the wind - site cross-country task seven F1 equation the car's" cradle "- kart project eight art car task a car's art life task two break the color line -- car graffiti task three my car -- car modification task four different art -- my car logo task five models -- let the car no longer lonely project nine automobile advertising task a car advertisement features task two task three automobile automobile print advertisements and television advertising task four music - The car the soul of advertising project ten automotive technology evolution tasks I want to run faster - power technology task two no regrets -- safety technical task three who help me drive -- intelligence task four never lonely -- car entertainment technology task five has a blue sky - automotive environmental technology reference
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