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Date of publication:1999-10   Press: Yunnan people's Publishing House   Author:A 銮斋 Xu Shanwei   Pages:222   Words:165000  

From ancient to modern times, in the face of so base a ruins, ruins of ancient graves broken brick rubble, people always be moved by what one sees, the historical sense of loss arise spontaneously. Even the city of magnificent, magnificent palace, also because of years of vicissitudes and couldn't resist their harden and lose one's beyond recognition. Moreover, many events have been lost, lost in the mists of time, neither visible nor know! Some of them relates to one thing at a time, some of the more extended family, involved in a lost world. But the historical sense of loss, in the underdevelopment of science of the past, it is often an important research and writing beginning. Yesterday was the source for flow, tomorrow. Those who have lost civilization if not been systematically explain it to modern civilization, it will always be a little mystery. Therefore, capturing constantly found, once scattered civilization spray flow together into a river, to the popularization of culture and Chinese ancient brilliant, absorb the excellent achievements of world civilization construction of modern civilization, have important reference value and far-reaching significance of warning the modernization and the natural harmony and the Chinese ancient civilization.
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Gu 銮斋, Professor of history at Qufu Normal University, tutor for postgraduates. Teaching and research work in the world ancient history, medieval history, Western Europe feudal economy in history, "historical research", "world history", "Chinese history research" and other academic journals published more than 30 papers.
Xu Shanwei, a PhD in history from Fudan University, associate professor of history at Qufu Normal University. In the "History
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The ups and downs of the ancient Greece -- by no one has transcended the world ancient civilization in the West in the annihilation of Oriental parade back to the western land of revival civilization, opening the doors of the Ya Huang Acropolis lost and another annihilation has long been the ancient civilization of the two years through the mist, explore the "Greek miracle": a Aegean Sea seat through yesterday and today's bridge "dark ages" little fire under the tutelage of the Oriental civilization, out of the "dark ages" ancient Greek times world the Persian Wars: turning point of ancient Greek civilization in ancient Greece and three days of anecdote: the subsidies and the God who is in charge of human: contract for Delphy Oracle reception: display the charm of the Olympic stage: for the glory of roots of naked beauty of the olive branch: Ancient Greek men's pursuit and no one dare with married women table four beauty -- the spirit and the flesh of interdependence through natural beauty of the rhythm of life for the giant statues of the gods: Faye Diaz sea rising moon: the birth of Jose Venus: Master of the Holy Family and secular Kingdom the most perfect man: Appollo create beautiful: ancient 希彩 La human nature five bid farewell to the wild Brute democratic Hometown: Greek Aegean World who dug the Democratic source democracy and nobles send the dispute in the Nicks Gang a citizen conference call with Boric Leigh: "everyone is equal before the law" first person "equal people commune" ideal another scenery: Spartan democracy six love of wisdom - Ancient Greek philosopher, the story of the Telles: HISTEP, it falls from the free "number" miraculous effect of weeping philosopher: Heraclitus divine world rebellious Anaxagoras said the "wisdom of the course" the missing of the wise: Antiphon century debate: "I love my teacher, but I am more love truth!" Seven life interpretation: Ancient Greek literature tragicomedy eight goddess Clio Angel nine civilization decline dirge conclusion "riddle of the Sphinx" not to annex bibliography postscript
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