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Date of publication:2005-03-01   Press: Yunnan Education Publishing House   Author:Yu Guo   Pages:345   Words:360000  

Different with the general on the immigration of books, this book is written in the diary. The two documents have two characteristics, one is in the first person, the "I" experience, talk about "I" view of things, with real There is nothing comparable to this. Two is the use of oral, Xing to pen to, sit on them or play deep, cordial and moving. A diary is privacy. Not to say that all the diary will have absolute truth, is a true record of 100% author experience, attitude and viewpoint. One of Mr Hu Shi's diary, said Hu Shi had expected in their own behind these diaries will become public data, so the pen when writing to deposit a heart, what is said, what things can not be said, in short, is a filtered diary. The book consists of ten chapters, that is twelve months in a year. The author gave each month "installed" a title, is used in the name of song of Luo Dayou. Luo Dayou's song is one of the most popular songs of love, because they have a sense of history, not crooning, do not ache not to itch that. Finally, the author hopes his book will provide a service for the overseas study and Immigration Canada or concerned about the topic of readers.
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In the first month: to bid farewell to the era said good-bye to Beijing met Ottawa new immigrants living situation of exotic find room installation Ottawa Chinese book club in my China stomach Anne barber second months: four rhyme of nostalgia to buy a second-hand car immigration and happiness with David Steen Dean of liberal arts day visit the governor. The first time to the Gordon home friends Li Shan first unemployment in the Kathy home third months: things I can't understand students is thirty years ago the reception China writers delegation of Chinese Spirit -- "Chinese club in Ottawa" website in Ottawa University indoor soccer league work? Go to school? Second move the immigration was a mistake? Said the people on the quality of life of self assessment "friends" in Canada's most beautiful season, to a gang of Kun to see red leaves my first Thanksgiving fourth months: light story a debate about American - Canadian Journal of dispute and Alan felt old Claudete for half of Chinese immigrants in Canada live below the poverty line I Asian "villagers" -- Korean girls really true Ottawa restaurant in hard "culture house" Korean girls choose boyfriend's standard in the Amazon online Bookstore Book Indians and Chinese fifth months: wild lily sixth months: love justice deeper seventh months: the orphan of Asia for eighth months Spring View: ninth months: private song tenth months: the phenomenon of seventy-two variable eleventh months: sommersby twelfth months: the return of the native
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In this book, I told Chinese study abroad and immigration difficult. After returning to China, and many friends in chat, I continue to propagate this idea. However, over the past three months, I gradually to their own point of view a bit shaken.
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  •   The book, I was unable to hold oneself back squeeze time finished. Well, the author is a delicate feelings and patriotic person. For public school study abroad, every day to have a conflict and the hot pillow, good school spirit touched me deeply. This year, is bitter point, but after returning to think of it!
  •   As a understand Canadian book was good, but the author is as the exchange of learning the past, some pull in the survival of the lack of, if want to regard it as a life until the book before the Canadian, may not, because of the author's position, write stuff, applicable value is not the same
  •   Although some place is a bit of a running account, but also feel.
  •   Te trivial! It seems not seen what the world. I bought three years ago and reading, at that time the feeling.
  •   The content of some out of date, for reference only
  •   It is old
  •   The author is trying, monotonous contents

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