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From the origin to each historical period have incisive concise exposition, with deep concern to humanity and wisdom style, show the human history of the mighty scroll. The sprightly rhythm of the "historical narration", also do not let off any real difference in details and the process of human civilization events. Both the history of human experts know nothing at all, or read voluminous book, all in this classic pop in the history of mankind, the inspiration and the pleasure of reading. More important is the book by van Loon's classic works with a lot of well chosen illustrations, with rich visual effects. An important moment in history, or different times typical of social life, and in twenty-first Century the new findings and opinions, to upgrade the original cultural background and the limitation of the times, twentieth Century to 10 of appendix a "dating" and the special form of supplementary of the original not the contemporary history of incisive words and images include the process from the origin of life to the Internet is more suitable for the contemporary people's reading.
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Hendrik William Orron, born in Holland Rotterdam, 1903 in Cornell University and University of Munich America learning, ph.d.. Early at the society, as a teacher, editor, journalist and broadcaster. The two hundred pound, stout Dutch Americans strong published the "human story" a book in 1921, since then the renowned in the world. Life published more than 30
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The first chapter of human history form the second chapter the earliest ancestors of humans that third chapter fourth chapter fifth prehistoric pictographs chapter of the Nile Valley Chapter sixth Egyptian story chapter seventh MSO don't 达米亚第 eight chapter ninth chapter tenth chapter Sumerian Mose the eleventh chapter twelfth chapter thirteenth chapter Indo European people in Aegean Sea the fourteenth chapter fifteenth chapter ancient ancient Greek polis Greece's autonomous system the sixteenth chapter of life in ancient Greece in Chapter seventeenth, the ancient Greek drama eighteenth chapter against the Persian invasion wars of the nineteenth chapter of Athens and Sparta war the twentieth chapter of Alexander the great in twenty-first chapter, twenty-second chapter of Rome Rome and Carthage, the rise of the Empire the twenty-third chapter Rome Empire story in Chapter twenty-fourth, Joshua of Nazareth the twenty-fifth chapter Rome empire the twenty-sixth chapter rise of the church the twenty-seventh chapter twenty-eighth chapter twenty-ninth chapter of Mohamed Charleyman the Great Northern thirtieth chapter feudal system......
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John Milton John Milton (JohnMilton1608-1674) Milton is a great poet of England in seventeenth Century outstanding. He was born in London a gentry family, graduated from University of Cambridge in 1629. He wrote many poems before the age of 30, had traveled to many countries in europe. In 1638 he traveled to America, back home after, Italy, as domestic bourgeoisie against the feudal rule of the revolution, so he immediately return to participate in the anti feudal struggle. He wrote many excellent essays, including "the most famous book" to congress. In 1649 king Charlie Thi was executed, he served as a congressman and Latin Secretary (equivalent to the propaganda minister). Because the work is hard, his blindness. Charlie S after the restoration, and his political career was in the doldrums, so he lived up. But he did not so depressed, but with perseverance, by dictating way, by the record of a friend or family member, completed his life in the most brilliant of the three poems, in 1667 the "Paradise Lost" and 1671's "paradise" and "Samson". Description of these works is the rebellious angels against God's tyranny hard struggle, in order to enlighten and educate the public. His works are full of passion, and majestic momentum and magnificent, is immortal epic of the history of world literature. William Black (WilliamBlake1757-1827) British poet, watercolor painter, printmaker. In the creation of art originality, novelty, simplicity, expression of thoughts and feelings straightforward and powerful features. The main illustration: as the "Bible" draw two sets of a total of more than 100 paintings and watercolors, as Milton's poems draw a two set of watercolor, Dante's "Divine Comedy" for rendering the 120 watercolours. Gustav Dore (GustaveDore1832-1883) is not only the most successful at nineteenth Century illustrator, may also be one of history's most successful illustrator. He was born in France and Strasbourg, as early as in the childhood shows superhuman artistic talent. At the age of 15 he went to Paris to start his brilliant career. Not long after, he did for Raby Balzac, the great writer illustrations will make him spring into fame, he is "the Bible" and the works of Dante, Milton, Cervantes et al. The illustrations, has since become the illustrations circles insurmountable peak.
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In nineteenth Century the most famous illustrator Black and Dolley respectively to 18 watercolor painting and 50 pieces of copper engraving as the great epic "Milton's Paradise Lost" has done illustrations, with "floating in the dream of" brilliant style, the perfect interpretation of the "Paradise Lost" spirit, its unique poetic image remains different people's readers and immortal in history, has been recognized so impassable peak.
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The book featured talented illustrator Black and Dolley do great epic "Milton's Paradise Lost" illustrations very poetic in the main content of the original text with concise, coherent story, so that readers can complete style from a glimpse of the original. "Paradise Lost" is perhaps the most voluminous poem, has become an important part of the world literature history, how to embody the "Paradise Lost" style and the spirit connotation, for the artist is always the temptation and challenge extreme. In nineteenth Century the most famous illustrator Black and Dore illustrations masterpiece with "floating in the dream of" brilliant style, the perfect interpretation of the "Paradise Lost" the spirit, makes the most captious reviewer admits: "Paradise Lost" grand narrative and multi - spectacular, forming a seamless heavenly robe combination. Because Black and Dolley genius with "Paradise Lost", the poetic image unique, retained notContemporary readers and immortal in history.
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  •   I want to buy a book about the "Bible" in the story of the book, and this book seems a little difference. But the total is still good, full color, the content is also very easy to understand.
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  •   The book cover is exquisite, the quality is also good. I gave my good friend, she is also very like! ~ ~
  •   This version is good, and the value, but not boring.

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