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Date of publication:2011-7   Press: Hangzhou   Author:Xu Hairong   Pages:392   Words:390000  

As Chinese, have their own high perspicacity on China culture. To really understand how much? The geographical barrier, opposition political, customs misunderstanding, there Chinese should have a publicity for their own cultural responsibility. To let the world know, the world's total population of L / 5 China, her growth and development, is the symbol of human civilization, is a great contribution to the world. China culture going out, should become the core strategy of our country. Xu Hairong compiled the "stood in Berkeley's lecture (character and value of Chinese culture") by Berkeley of the classroom to let the world know Chinese.
Catalogue of books

The introduction of
the first chapter Chinese political culture.
the first section "envy envy hate" -- China political culture roots of
second shopping malls such as the battlefield, such as
third day officialdom range under the whole nation system "constitution"
Fourth Chinese system, pirates have?
second chapter Chinese corporate responsibility
the first section Bobbi Doll: Contemporary Chinese private portrayal of
second enterprises survive in the morbid psychology
third section with the cultural creativity of the enterprise the new generation of
fourth day visit, "Bobby" questioning of the social responsibility of entrepreneurs
third chapter China diet
the first festival diet culture talk
second cooking schools lies in the path of
third day to eat there are learning
fourth day to say to say that
fourth chapter Chinese customs traits
first talk about child
second section about
third. Son grandson
section fourth and face
fifth learn gentleman
fifth chapter China etiquette custom
the first virtue and the rule of law. Historically,
second Chinese traditional etiquette
third festival etiquette the modern evolution of
Fourth modern practical social etiquette
sixth chapter China fashion evolution of
the first section Chinese dress in traditional connotation of
second China dress of classic beauty.
Third the icing on the cake jewelry
the fourth section of ethnic traditional costume features
seventh chapter China collection upsurge of
first hot collection of
second section of type
third section of pathway of
fourth day of learning
eighth chapter China of painting and calligraphy art
the first section China painting unique social function of
second Festival Painting and calligraphy -- Chinese Literati Spirit Home
third Chinese calligraphy development and schools of
Fourth Chinese calligraphy and painting beauty
ninth chapter China architectural ethics
the first section "civil building" in the order of
second China building several types of
third architecture and Feng Shui
Fourth Chinese characters and building
tenth chapter China city pattern
Chinese city view
second city function evolution and development of
third fusion between history and reality.
Fourth Festival City, better life -- China city strategy
eleventh chapter Chinese rural
the first country in traditional society's political function
Second Village folk culture on
third globalization of the new rural
Fourth return to the field
twelfth chapter China philosophical thinking in
the first section China philosophy source
second Chinese philosophy history and evolution of
third Chinese national character and thinking
fourth "one country two systems" the philosophy behind the wisdom
appendix classroom quiz documentary
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