And the stream of Chinese culture

Date of publication:2012-1   Press: Mount Huangshan Publishing House   Author:Xing Yitian   Pages:367   Words:338000  

Xing Yitian: born in 1947, National Taiwan University Institute of history, American history from University of Hawaii, a master. Associate professor of Department of history and Political University, Central Institute of History Research Institute adjunct professor of the history department at the University of Hawaii, visiting scholar, the Chinese cultural center City University Hong Kong visiting professor. Now the study of art history in the History Department of National Taiwan University and adjunct professor. Works include "Han history" (1987), "we are the world -- the emperor, officials and society" (2011), "governing the country, legal, administrative and military" (2011).
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Not understanding and flow of the source of Chinese culture, it is not enough to understand our Chinese people. Xing Yitian editor of the "Chinese cultural source and flow" included ten papers, and to expand the origin of Chinese culture. Hope to the easy way, will be integrated to the personal and academic circles on the latest research results were discussed, as our understanding of Chinese cultural reference.
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Introduction: Xing Yitian
the pioneering -- from the village to the national Du Zhengsheng
Shanhe years -- the territory development and cultural geographical environment Liu Chaohua
and religion - ethnic composition and fusion of Cai Xuehai
heart heart painting language and character Huang Peirong
dream and reality -- the ancient myth of Wang Xiaolian
flowers Chuzhan -- prehistoric art Liu Liangyou
human consciousness -- on the humanistic thoughts forest 载爵
the Chinese world view Xing Yitian
light was four tables of Chinese culture and the East Asian world high Ming Shi
the greatness of Chinese culture and the western world @##@ Zhang Yongtang The book tells the story of the ancient source of Chinese culture, is discussed from the aspects of prehistoric state formation, the ancient mythology, art, writing system, the formation of Chinese cultural features unique, made a thorough interpretation. Articles are from the Taiwan first-class scholars. As for the general reader, for paper's vivid, read come without hard. Through this book, readers of the source of Chinese culture has a panoramic and flow, thereby comprehend more deeply on Chinese culture plays in human great civilization in the halls of status. This book is about the history of Chinese culture is a good introductory general books.
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  •   This book is the "cultural China" series, one of the twelve, this book is very popular in Taiwan, is popular with the readers, the author of the book is Taiwan's first-class scholars, so it has higher academic value, worth reading.
  •   The source and flow, each love China ancient culture people should learn some.
  •   The book also did not look carefully, it went through it, feel that the content of a more comprehensive, detailed contents need to be fine view.
  •   Well, unfortunately, the press spoil the good stuff, the book would be binding errors and missing pages, some pages didn't print content. The book looks good. Do not know the original publisher why choose this press to these books?
  •   Master works! Listen to the lecture signature! Or deeper!
  •   The book is very good, is a good reference book, just for use to write papers.
  •   Help my friend, that is worth reading.

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