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"Anatolia: cultural prosperous place" is a lost civilization Series in a book, the book to a large number of precious cultural relics photographs and detailed text, the reader to comprehensively introduces the rise and fall of anatolia. The book is comprehensive, informative, illustrations, into the scientific, theoretical knowledge, and readability as a whole. It can help the readers to increase knowledge, broaden one's horizon, the passing days with a vivid and comprehensive understanding, understanding. "Lost civilization" volumes show, is the beginning and the early evolution of civilization, is the later people long forgotten, read like adult watch children during the period of the old photos, each picture will arouse a small remembrance. This series can be used as the art atlas to appreciate, and also be used to tourists from all over the world reference, understanding where not to be missed attractions and monuments.
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The first chapter of ancient Turkey: many Forgotten Kingdom
second chapter one thousand chariots rumble
third chapter Midas under the rule of the people
fourth chapter another Greece -- pioneer proud land
chronology: staging @##@ East-West rendezvous history On the basis of Anatolia in Asia to Europe extending, a bridge between the two continents, it also absorbed the impact of the two, and thereby create its have a style of one's own culture. Now, where residents are Sunni Muslims, Turkish speaking. Anatolia has multiple levels, a variety of cultural history. As Homa said, the "dream land" historical fact and mythology is often confused jumble. Far east Armenia territory mountains, Lian Jin between Ararat stands, after the flood, the famous Noah's Ark docked here. On the west coast of Anatolia, just a few miles from Europe's Troy, there is a trace of legendary Troy war. Northward along the Black Sea coast and is full of fable of the Amazon, this is a mysterious tribe known as the female warrior.
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