An earthly paradise

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Digest "Chajhan, you know, life and youth, wealth and glory, will be with the passage of time...... This is the only a tear, Taj Mahal, in the flowing river of years, Its brightness dazzles the eyes., forever, forever." The moon at the beginning of, such as water or quietly pouring in the white dome, white walls, white reflection in. This marble into a dream, the floating water film the most pure and elegant Soul Shelter, sustenance of a king, who squander recklessly and grief of an era, setting time can not take away forever, was merged into the Tagore pen that tear drop of love. Taj Mahal. If someone says, Taj Mahal is the world's most elegant, romantic style of architecture, probably not for. From ancient to modern times, in the eyes of the world, Taj Mahal almost become synonymous with the India culture. Does not require any additional modification and adjective, the name itself is elegant, pure, romantic interpretation of the best. The "marble" reputation of the building, located in 200 km southeast of Delhi Agra crescent, is mo Mughal Dynasty fifth emperor Chajhan built for his young wife. Than the white marble built into the main building of the most famous in the world, imperial tombs above and below the neat symmetry, the central dome 62 meters high, surrounded by 4 mountain is about 41 meters high minarets, encrusted in 35 different types of semi precious stone tombstone stands between the tower and the tower. The hills before a clear channel, planted with fruit trees and cypress trees, are a symbol of life and death. When seen on Taj Mahal, all without exception is dumping the crystal white figure, more is to indulge in that engraved in white marble between centuries love myth. At the beginning of seventeenth Century, India Mo Mughal Dynasty fifth king of Chajhan and a man named Agiman Banu the beautiful princess. Chajhan and her 情笃意深, give her "Taj Mahal" of the title, meaning "the court of the crown". However, the lady, but died. Chajhan had promised, after her death, to the Great Mausoleum built for her like her as beautiful, have no equal in this world. So a grieving husband, the use of the imperial privilege, give your country, consumption of large amounts of money, with 22 years of time for his wife wrote these magnificent masterpiece. P9 illustrations
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The End of Life romantic Taj Mahal Casablanca Paris Provence Babylon Giants Causeway Tibet Damascus Vatican constant prayer in Jerusalem Shangri-La Angkor Pokhara nature harmonious sound The Danube on the Nile River, Vitoria Falls Niagara Falls Last Eden Maldives Lake District of England Serengeti Amazon jungle of Colorado Grand Canyon of the Galapagos Islands in the Sahara desert Bali Island Ngo Ron Gro crater in Hokkaido peaceful towering Mount Qomolangma Kilimanjaro rocky mountain the Alps listen to the whispers of the heaven American grasslands of central Hawaii Cape of Good Hope Seychelles Island of Crete Yellowstone National Park Rotorua geothermal area Gold Coast Queenstown Tahiti island Pamukkale Tuscany build human immortal legend of Giza Pyramid Maya Easter Island Machu Picchu Cologne Cathedral Colosseum from Hongkong Istanbul Salzburg Switzerland forever Iceland London Venice Barcelona Sydney New York New Orleans Rio De Janeiro The San Francisco St Petersburg @##@ Kyoto There is a feeling, is called happiness. When the love unlimited expansion in mind, happiness will atrial overflow. In order to seek happiness, people are longing for "paradise" -- in a paradise on earth. When the dream of beauty truly appears in a corner of the earth, we have to go through life is to pursue the dream! We use a character, idea of longing for life; we use the real lens, describe our favorite color, record the true color of heaven. Give people all happiness and dream, bring some comfort.
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In 1890, "National Geographic" magazine published the first picture of it, marking the beginning of a great tradition. From late nineteenth Century to early twenty-first Century, "National Geographic" again and again to open the new world, "National Geographic" as one of the world's largest nonprofit scientific and educational organization, constantly in the photography reports in this field continues to lead the new trend. The National Geographic Society's extraordinary collection of photographic archives, is one of the world's history museum the one and only, no valuation image records. Through the lens "and" set the essence in a book, hundreds of pictures in the book captures a rare moment, these pictures in time to cover more than a century, in the space, the transverse longitudinal weft stop at nothing, until our planet beyond. This book is one of a series of "through the lens", "through the lens" is to show the endless charm of the image and the astonishing talent, is also the vivid documentary photography for hundreds of years, it is us the resplendent with variegated coloration of the world painting windows, which shows the colorful scenery, unforgettable. The ancient Babylon to the people in the call, the distant Maya, keep the world hope...... The human in the river of time is very small! Here the history of precipitation, we could hear the wind blowing through the elegy. Ear ring is the secret garden song, sad, indifferent, like wandering in memories...... This book uses a character, idea of our longing for life; with the real lens, describe our favorite color, record the true color of heaven. The hope can give people all happiness and dream, bring some comfort to the soul.
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