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Date of publication:2004-2-1   Press: Culture and Art Publishing House   Author:Sun Weixue   Pages:246   Words:190000  

This book systematically introduce the culture of USA, including Britain's cultural history, ancient cultural events, folk traditional schools of thought, art, culture, cultural relics and places of historic interest and scenic beauty, cultural events, can be said to be the American culture encyclopedia, a good book to outside world, the accumulation of cultural knowledge, the open field of vision, inspired ideas. This set of knowledge, interest, practicality and readability of the books, is not only a necessary tool to engage in diplomacy and foreign cultural exchanges of readers, but also to other readers but also a good understanding reading the outside world, the accumulation of cultural knowledge, broaden their horizons, inspired ideas. This set of books publishing plans more copies, the culture of dozens of countries around the world, is a big project. The series includes many cultural history, transfer of cultural events, folk tradition, literary schools of thought, culture, traditional culture, cultural relics, places of historic interest and scenic beauty event of major cultural achievements, culture development experience and cultural organizations, cultural organizations facilities, cultural history, culture scholar celebrities, can be said to be the world cultural undertakings. Comprehensively and systematically introduces the reader to the Chinese foreign culture contains the contents of the above, but also relates to so many countries, which is the first. It has a long history of civilization and reflects the China people hope broad and profound traditional culture with the world communication, understanding and absorbing the essence of foreign culture, all rivers run into sea, integrating all mind from one side.
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The first chapter multi-ethnic country political system of land and two administrative division three history and geography, people, area features four economic and fiscal second chapter of cultural development history and present situation of literature two drama music dance art five three four six seven third chapter film media culture industry of culture industry overview two American biggest culture the fourth chapter culture entertainment company organization and cultural institutions and cultural institutions two cultural organization three Museum four library fifth chapter of cultural exchanges with foreign countries, foreign cultural exchange is the main way of two through the national endowment for the arts to carry out foreign exchange sixth chapter of cultural exchange between China and the cultural exchange history two cultural characteristics of the three cultural exchange function four cultural exchange in the seventh chapter the problems America important city scenery Yi Ni capital -- Washington two world of New York -- the three historical cities -- Philadelphia four famous ancient capital -- Boston five beautiful -- San Francisco six World Studios -- Los Angeles seven Music City -- Austen eight country music birthplace -- Meng Fei Si nine amusement park this -- Orlando completed the Ten Great Lakes City -- Chicago eleven tourism paradise -- Hawaii
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  •   The America history, and culture, to know more about USA political economic and cultural aspects.
  •   To understand the USA have some help, if equipped with a simple map better
  •   Look at the USA can also, I need only one page.

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