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Date of publication:2012-6   Press: China Textile Press   Author:Li Weidong, Feng Chunping.   Pages:308   Words:239000  

"Chinese culture knowledge. (Illustrated Edition)" is the reader to understand the reading classics, learning Chinese culture and love Chinese culture as the hope can subtly lead the reader to understand the other, after the history subset, touch the Qin Han watt brick, absorb the essence of Kong Meng.

"Chinese" is also called "Sinology", Chinese traditional culture and academic refers to Confucianism as the main body, is the combination of the essence of the essence of the Chinese traditional culture and contemporary culture of academic essence. It includes the Chinese thought, philosophy, history, geography, politics, economic, academic, and painting and calligraphy, music, mathematics, medicine, astrology, construction and many other aspects of knowledge, is one of the Chinese people should also be aware of the. In recent years, "Guoxue" one word is educational and academic circles about quite a lot, its commanding position increasingly prominent. In fact, "Guoxue" refers to the original state universities, as knowledge that emerged in the historical period of Western learning, cultural transformation in the early twentieth Century. At that time, European and American academic into China, the number is "western"; its opposite, people put the Chinese inherent knowledge called "sinology". However, Chinese education after thousands of years later, but in the cultural revolution of the four olds were plunged after the reform and the open policy for western wind and cold, especially in 80, 90 young minds, Sinology has become a dusty used. Chinese culture in a period of time, the prospects of the trend of a population. However, it is gratifying that in recent years, with the enhancement of our national strength and regression of self-confidence, traditional Chinese culture shows the full flourishing situation of Renaissance, the academic space is gradually expanded reproduction, and its influence is spread around the world. By the end of 2011, the global scope has been built Kong Zi college 358, widely spread of Confucianism and Confucianism as the core of the ancient Chinese culture, become China and other nations in the world peacefully the main cultural media friendly. At the same time, "Three Character Classic", "Thousand Character Classic", "disciple gauge" and other classical Chinese Studies and read them aloud, sound began to reverberate in the motherland of the campus. "Guoxue hot" again, and to this day, it is more and more strong reflection of the Chinese people to face up to the reflection of traditional culture. In short, Sinology is fertile ground for psychological root, is the rest in the survival under high pressure, the land of peach blossoms, is Dinghaishenzhen is full of temptations in society, is the core value idea of Chinese nation, is the high summary for thousands of years the Chinese way of thinking, behavior, life style and mode of production, is the mother's milk sons and daughters of the Chinese nation, is the spirit and soul of the blood. Of course, Chinese culture is also a kind of origin from the primitive mind and inheritance in the history, reality and is continuing to live in civilization, harmonious culture. Ancient, to arouse the cultural consciousness, restoration of cultural self-confidence, to realize people's cultural identity, to enhance the cohesion of the Chinese nation, has the vital significance; ancient, can also improve people's moral standards, raising personal cultural accomplishment, reengineering gentleman and my fair lady. The book starts with the basic knowledge of Sinology, avoid pedantic, the selection of the value of traditional knowledge in the intravenous drip, with concise language clearly presented to the readers. Specifically, this book has the following characteristics. 1 the overall situation in mind, the academic connotation of frame structures in the most basic to the readers. This book try to avoid similar books a lot of knowledge accumulation but let the reader cannot see the wood for the trees ills, from people, books, school, from the four aspects from the shallow to the deep, from perceptual to rational knowledge, beginners guide to in-depth study of Sinology gradually understand. 2 carefully selected, the most basic, the essence of the Chinese sense of dedication to the readers. Chinese culture is broad and profound, Guoxue classics voluminous, this book will focus on capturing the most fundamental and essential content, imperceptibly guide you approached the philosophers, understanding after the history subset, touch the Qin Han watt brick, absorb the essence of Kong Meng. The 3 pictures, picture and text books complement each other, greatly improve the readability. Carefully selected nearly two hundred appropriate, clear illustrations, blending with the perfect, can greatly improve the readability of the book, let the reader in a relaxed and pleasant reading approached the sinology. The book written in the beginning, associate professor Geng Yuanli of Liaoning University has designed the framework of the book, and developed the basic entry; at the same time "to network" provides many beautiful ancient books picture as the illustration for the book, also express our sincere thanks to! Because of the limited level, and the country is a five thousand years of Chinese civilization, covering the broad and profound knowledge, master it have enough feeling, not enough depth study, data preparation shortage is obvious. Therefore, the book is a wrong leakage improper place, ask the expert reader comment. In April 8, 2012 @##@ editor The copyright page: illustration: Qin Shihuang won the Qin Shihuang (259 ~ 210 years ago), surnamed win, political (positive), also known as Zhao Zheng (Zhao Zheng). King Qin Zhuangxiang's son was born in the Zhao capital Handan (today's Hebei Province, Handan city). The history of China's first unified dynasty of Qin Dynasty's founding emperor. In 247 BC, chin at the age of 13 that the throne, at the age of 22, began to "affairs of state", to regain power from our hands, reuse of Li Si, Wei liao. Since 230 BC ~ 221 years ago, has destroyed the Han, Zhao, Wei, Chu, Yan, Qi Liuguo, at the age of 39 completed the unification of China industry, in order to establish the Han nationality as the main body of the first unified multi-ethnic centralized strong state - the Qin Dynasty, and capital of Xianyang. He thinks himself before the credit is better than the Three Sovereigns and five emperors, ministers agreed to name changed to "emperor", "emperor", claiming the Qin Dynasty emperor. In 210 BC, he died on the way in the East patrol dunes (today's Hebei Province, Xingtai city), at the age of 50. Qin Shihuang is a controversial figure in the Chinese history. Legend has it that his character violent, guaen thin righteousness, suspicious, advocating violence and power. But from a historical perspective, he of the unification of China made many unprecedented performance. First is the unity of the world, although the prosperous past efforts, but before he was not put out a big country, six are in off his hands, thus ended China experienced hundreds of years of separatist infighting. The second is to take the book with the text, with the rail car and other measures, unified the national culture, the impact of the mostProfound. Since then, China has different dialects and customs, but a common culture, especially the words, the Chinese national integrity and civilization plays a key role in. Henkel rent Liu Bang Liu Bang (256 ~ L95), the word Ji, Pei county Feng 邑人 (now Jiangsu Fengxian County), the Han Dynasty's founding monarch. In the late Qin Dynasty in the peasant war by Xiang Yuli Wang, so the country in the fight against Xiang Yu when the country as "Chinese", its capital Changan. Later, in order to and Liu Xiujian Luoyang "Han" phase difference, known as "the Western Han dynasty". According to Sima Qian's "historical records" record, Liu Bang good wine and good color, make the world hero, bohemian. But when the end of the Qin Dynasty of chaos, Liu Bang rose in the wilderness, three feet Jian from the world, to become the first from the social lower emperor in Chinese history, completely breaking the previous a hereditary pattern. Eternal dream of the Qin empire he had destroyed, brave invincible West King Xiang Yu Chu eventually defeated in his hands; Han Xin, Peng Yue, the generation of Yingjie for their drive, serve the battlefield. He had a "wind song": "since fresh gale Yun, I come to my native LAN avenues radiate from the square!" It is a generation of American song. After the establishment of the Han Dynasty unified China, he commandeered by the Confucian scholar, world widely for. In the ruling ideology, Confucian based, supplemented by the Legalists, the abolition of the Qin Dynasty of harsh laws of criminal law; in politics, after bearing the centralization of state power and the system of prefectures and counties; in the economy, the abolition of the caustic method, reducing the land rent, exemption corvee, releasing slaves, liberating the productive forces; in cultural undertakings hand, the establishment of large-scale "National Library" 天禄阁, Shiqu cabinet etc.. His political system and on later arrangement so Han lasted for over 400 years of history, this is a unified dynasty in Chinese history the longest.
Catalogue of books

The first part figure
A, imperial

Yao Shun Yu Zhou Ji Chang

King Wu of Zhou Ji Fa
Qin Shihuang Ying Zheng Han Emperor Liu Bang

West King Xiang Yu Chu Han liuche Emperor Guangwu Liu Xiu

Wang Mang Cao Cao Liu Bei < br Sun Quan
Northern Wei emperor Daowu Tuo Ba GUI
Suiti Yang Guang
Tang Taizong Li Shimin Wu Zetian

Huang Chao Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin Song Huizong Zhao Ji
Song Gaozong Zhao.
Gen Gi Khan Kublai Khan Tiemuzhen
< br >
Ming Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang Zong Zhu from check
> Li Zicheng Xuan Ye in Qing Dynasty (Kang Xidi)
the Qing emperor Hongli (Qian Long)
Dezong Zaitian (Guang Xu)

therefore Duke Guan
Shang Yang

Li Si Xiao Zhang Liang
Zhu Geliang

Zhou Yu Guan Yu he
Li Linfu

Zhaopu Kou Zhun Fan Zhongyan

Qin Hui Yue Fei Zhang Juzheng
> and Shen Lin Xu
Hong Xiuquan

literature, Kong Zi '

Dong Zhongshu Sima Qian Qu Yuan

Tao Yuanming Wang Xizhi Li Bai
Sima Guang

Tong Gu Yanwu Cao Xueqin
four, all
Su Wu
Wang Zhaojun
Cai Lun Jia Si Xie

Xuan Zang Li Zu

Sun Simiao Lu Yu Wang

Bi Sheng Zheng song Yingxing's

Li Shizhen Huang second classics
A, the Department of

"the four books Shuowen Jiezi"
history collection of the oracle inscriptions "twenty four histories"

"historical records", "Han"
"Three Kingdoms"

"old" Sui Shu " Tang Dynasty "
" new book of Tang "
" history of song "
" Ming Shi "is
" Qingshi Gao "
"xuzizhitongjian length"
"Ming Shi Lu"
"mirror Chronicle"
"Tang Huiyao"
"song to be"
"Zhenguan politicians"

"literature tongkao"
"in Ming Dynasty"
"bibliography" Q & a
"RI Zhi Lu"
"Ming Confucianism case"
Tang Dynasty" in
"Tang 6 code"
"Qing Hui Dian"
"the Ming and Qing Dynasties historical"
Zhuzi "Lao Zi"

"Chuang-tzu" "Mo-tse" "Han Feizi"

"Lie Zi", "Lu spring and Autumn"
"Yan Zi spring and Autumn"
"book of Lord Shang"

"" Guiguzi "Gongsun long"

"grandchildren strategics"
"Huainan Zi"

"Lunheng" figures "
" God out of "
"YanShiJiaXun" Zhu Xi book "
" Zhou Zi book "
the" collection of Lu Jiuyuan "
" "a teaching record
" Diamond Sutra "
" liuzu Tanjing "
" five dollars lantern "
" Taiping Jing "/ >" " Qi Min Yao Shu "
" agricultural book "
" Huangdi Neijing "
" Treatise on Febrile Diseases "
" Qian Jin Fang "," compendium of Materia Medica "

" nine chapter "
" Meng Xi Bi Tan "
" Heavenly Creations "
." natural history "book of mountains and seas"

"Wenxindiaolong" "selected works of Zhao Ming"
"jade Tai Xin Yong"
"Wen Yuan Ying Hua"
"Tang" epitaph compilation of
"entire Donovan" full text "And the complement each other, can greatly improve the readability of books.
the book is required reading Chinese, learning Chinese readers to understand and love Chinese culture as the hope can subtly lead the reader to understand the other, after the history subset, touch the Qin Han watt brick, absorb the essence of Kong Meng.
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