A diplomat's eyes America style

Date of publication:2002-11   Press: Economic Daily Press   Author:Xie Fang   Pages:307   Words:220000  

The author is engaged in a America research scholars, but also an occupation diplomat's wife. Book with exquisite pen angle description USA society political trends, anecdotes, basic necessities of life, social customs, ethnic culture, urban construction, city slang, residents temperament, famous brand, society, the elite, the common people...... Reflects the American social customs and cultural panorama.
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Xie Fang, born in Hangzhou. In 1982 graduated from the Peking University Department of international politics. From 1988 to 1989 in Johns Hopkins University -- Study of Sino American cultural center of Nanjing University. Now the Research Academy of Social Sciences, management of Beijing City, associate, member China research history of Sino US relations will. The main works include: "USA entrepreneurship", "New York review". American published research papers.
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The Harvard Club dining in the Ivy League club high threshold, money does not have a diploma and don't want to have to go into. See American "elite" how textile social networks from a meal. Fifth Avenue on the discount of this trap, go shopping is "aizai". Lend you a pair of "eye", will American discount business advertising to see clearly, as clear as noonday. The metropolis fashion "not worn out, I wear the wrong". USA city have different dress style of simplicity: New York, Washington and Chicago, pragmatic, luxury Luo Peng alum. With what "outfit" go abroad once considered a decent dress to go abroad, now consider what occasions what "Wardrobe", to experience the dress to Do in Rome as Rome does. Interpretation of American society "Starbuck" exotic Jewish Food bagels what to eat, how to eat? "Food" and "kosher" food guide New York people live what the real Carter and affordable housing Bohemian "Village Street Sculpture -- let me happy, let me worry us and who" not convenient soft heart "a New York young people living rich dad, the father Claudia of New York's polite to balance overseas". "Sir, the best people in a town called" West Point "in the campaign days Tibet yak and other postscript
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