A China journalist in Denmark

Date of publication:2000-10   Press: Chinese International Broadcasting Publishing House   Author:Xu Yuanchao   Pages:154   Words:100000  

It is one of the smallest countries in the world, has the world's largest island in Europe's oldest Royal has absorbed a Oriental ancestry become members of the royal family 2% of the agricultural population, not only to feed 98% people, and...... In the fairy tale master Andersen's hometown, what the reporter saw? Is the reality, or the fairy tale? Economy is the fairy tale is Andersen didn't speak a fairy tale.
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In 1951 Xu Yuanchao was born in October in Wuhan, the ancestral home Zhanjiang, guangdong. In 1978 graduated from the Shanxi University Department of english. In 1981, admitted to the English "China daily", has served as the editor, reporter in the news and economic version, is after the reform and opening up is the earliest one of the journalists on China's energy industry. Interviewed many famous politicians, entrepreneurs, economists. In 1986 Australia
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The royal marriage across the Eurasian continent, the Danish Economy: from decline to a new prosperity tax: from the Nordic welfare model old solitary people to the Danish public housing system set up re employment competition mechanism of police in third eyes of the poor to buy foreign goods rich buy Chinese Prime Minister neighborhood lives in the fairy tale of the Danish bridge connects things Nordic is thoroughfare Carlsberg business international wind energy market in Denmark the most fashionable a recycled paper business card of garbage power generation waste agricultural council is the highest organ of the Danish agriculture animal husbandry industry is the priority among priorities Consulting Center for family farms escort to farm "national swine Commission" intensive family farm quality competitive edge characteristic the price system in Denmark: the biggest western mink producer service marketing service Gefion Fountain and Norse mythology Mei school to follow father let Peking Opera famous overseas for her Majesty the queen painting the Yellow River drums shake a Danish Andersen hadn't told tales
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  •   The Danish welfare system is very good, but the book is too old, now read without a sense of the times, the feeling is in the reading history.

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