• Western civilization

    The book is divided into two parts with 6 chapters, including the city and the rational, the Republic and the legal system, packet and unified, centralized and human rights, the enlightenment and revolution, utilitarian and improvement. ,

  • Watch harmony

    The ancient Egyptian civilization of ancient Egyptian civilization, and harmony: the quest, ISBN:9787222028456, author: Yan Haiying,

  • Car culture

    Car culture, Su Chang, "car culture (Secondary Vocational School of automotive specialty programming textbook)" content mainly includes the development process, the world automobile China automotive history, automobile company enterprise culture, understanding car symbols, automotive celebrities, racing movement, the art car, car ads, automotive technology evolution,

  • Fishing family music, folk customs tour

    I love fishing folk custom tour, ISBN:9787811404715, author: Chen Dingliang,

  • Canadian taste

    Canadian immigration life notes, in this book, I told Chinese study abroad and immigration difficult. After returning to China, and many friends in chat, I continue to propagate this idea. However, over the past three months, I gradually to their own point of view a bit shaken. ,

  • The basic necessities of life in the country

    The basic necessities of life in Chinese, "China: basic necessities of life in the Chinese culture" from clothing, food, shelter, five aspects and human customs, select 119 entries, with a living language are described, each entry, there are "links" to assist, let the reader in the most lively in daily life. Read the cultural context. The word,

  • The Anglo American cultural tutorial (below)

    "Cultural tutorial (under)" a brief introduction: This course at Harbin University of Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing Language and Culture University, condensed, Guangzhou University, Hunan University, Harbin Medical University and Harbin University of Commerce experts, scholars and Ying Meiwen has long been engaged in teaching the teacher's hard work and sweat, in particular to a sense of,

  • The exotic culture trip

    Understanding the 23 national cultural symbol, exotic culture trip: understanding the cultural symbol, 23 countries of ISBN:9787801157034, the author: (United States) Martin J. (Martin J.Gannon) 1; Huang Huaguang, Xu Liyuan,

  • Korean fashion

    Mass culture of Korea is known as the "Korean wave" raised upsurge in Chinese. Movies, TV, film, music, youth novels came rolling in a can not be closed. Accompanied by "seeing", "Winter Sonata", "Miss Mermaid" and other Korean TV series in the Chinese hit, but also stimulate China swim,

  • East verve

    East verve, Shi Yanchun, the contemporary world press,

  • Sage 500 quotations

    Takasaki compiled the "saints quotations 500" featured the saints quotations, profound thinking, catchy, with eternal light and great strength to conquer the hearts. Readers can peep one spot and see the whole picture, to understand the cultural essence of Chinese civilization for thousands of years. The content is divided into twenty-one chapters, chapter are different,

  • In USA parents

    In America parents: "words American" series, Kroraina series, aviation industry press,

  • The comparative study of Chinese and Canadian ethnic and cultural diversity

    "China - Canada ethnic and cultural diversity of this comparative study" under the background of globalization on China and Canada in pluralism of national and cultural aspects, recent studies such as cultural, ethnic education, bilingual teaching as well as the economic and trade issues results. The book is divided into four chapters, respectively from the culture and education, language,

  • Anatolia

    On the basis of Europe Asia Anatolia extend, become the bridge between the two continents, it also absorbed the impact of the two, and thereby create its have a style of one's own culture. Now, where residents are Sunni Muslims, speak Turkish Anatolia, with multiple levels, a variety of cultural history. ,

  • Paris

    Paris urban civilization hall, Guo Ning, pan T, Shanghai Pictorial Publishing house,

  • Through the Buddha

    Through the Buddha, of course, to explore its broad,

  • The book of the century

    "The book of the century -- the New York public library bibliography expert authority, subject matter experts recommend a not distant world cultural heritage" is the New York Public Library in 1995 in the establishment of the centenary of the selected out of the "book of the century" bibliography. 175 of the "book of the century" bibliography included, including literature, science and self,

  • Handan idioms and allusions

    Handan idioms and allusions, ISBN:9787500496359, the court 清民,

  • European civilization fifteen

    "The European civilization fifteen say" author Chen Lemin, European cultural traditions in the tradition of homologous and shunt, criticism, have abandoned, but critically in innovation. Since fifteenth Century the scientific thinking and practice, the concept of freedom and democracy from embryonic gestation to germination and generation, this road in the spirit of "history",

  • An earthly paradise

    In 1890, "National Geographic" magazine published the first picture of it, marking the beginning of a great tradition. From late nineteenth Century to early twenty-first Century, "National Geographic" again and again to open the new world, "National Geographic" as one of the world's largest nonprofit scientific and educational organization, constantly in photography,

  • Berkeley standing in the hall

    "Berkeley standing in the classroom: an introduction to the characteristics and value of" China culture content: Chinese culture rooted in Chinese political, thought, education, economic, historical and social aspects of life, like a water wells, deep, how to fully express the nationality, that is to say the whole of this group,

  • Handed down Classic Culture Series

    Handed down classic culture series -- the world of mystery, Li Guofang editor, Chinese drama press,

  • Reading and classical counterparts.

    "Reading, with their classical counterparts", the main content of the book include: the times we have to face, to make reading become part of our life, reading, with their classical counterparts, three reading the problem, the information age recommended bibliography and the traditional fate. ,

  • Las Garth

    Dozens of glitzy casinos, a surprising amount of super performance, unique super landscape: all of these are guaranteed to make your Las Garth trip out of the ordinary, wonderful! "Fool series: Las Garth" one book is divided into 7 parts. In the first part, also chapter lists,

  • The German spirit roaming

    The German spirit roaming, ISBN:9787542618368, author: Zhang Hui,

  • The chrysanthemum and the sword

    Patterns of Japanese culture, the chrysanthemum and the sword: patterns of Japanese culture (English Chinese), ISBN:9787224080193 (USA), author: Benedict, Su Yongqiang, impenetrable compiler,

  • The Mayan word puzzle

    "The Maya word puzzle" is the first system introduced the Maya writing monographs, comprehensive study of the origin, structure and social function of Maya hieroglyphs, income of nearly 1000 various characters. With 10 articles with detailed annotations of the ancient Maya, and Xi Wen convenient operation names, place names and proper nouns in the control table retrieval,

  • Japan

    Myth and reality, Japan: myth and reality, ISBN:9787806453407, author: (Singapore) Li Jiongcai; Zhang Wei, Fu Guangming,

  • Investigation and research in the cultural industry development in Beijing

    The "investigation and research" in the development of Beijing culture collection development and culture industry related topics, the first hand data. At the same time, project teams to Gehua mansion, Daxing Star Industrial Park, 751 square, the center of Fashion Design Kyoto Shunyi film base, Internet propaganda and management office, Tongzhou,

  • A set of

    Latin and Chinese full version control, ancient Rome Love Elegy as an important representative of traditional ancient Greek poetry in Rome, has been handed down to posterity, after the European medieval anti religious wandering poets, humanistic lyric poetry, 17, eighteenth Century poetry, until the song De. Very high evaluation of Propertius's poetry of Gerd, and in his,

  • The silver age of Russian culture

    Yilin science books, nineteenth Century and twentieth Century make for nearly thirty years, Russia has experienced a large scope, profound ideological and cultural movement. The pilot is a new poetry tide, followed is driven by the new poetry prose, including drama, literature, music and painting, the whole,

  • A diplomat's eyes America style

    The author is engaged in a America research scholars, but also an occupation diplomat's wife. Book with exquisite pen angle description USA society political trends, anecdotes, basic necessities of life, social customs, ethnic culture, urban construction, city slang, residents temperament, famous brand, society, the elite,,

  • Deutschland

    "The culture of European series" is about European culture series of essays and photographs, it includes "Deutschland", "Italy sunshine", "romantic France", "Royal British", "song", "Austria", "quiet, Switzerland," Nordic "Linglong Benelux" 8 books. It has three,

  • European cultural history

    The author from the angle of literature, sculpture, painting, music and technology to examine the European culture, take interactive outstanding historical, will show the rich and colorful history of European culture to the readers. Theme of this book focuses on "and the evolution of" continuation, by analyzing the history and more profound understanding of structure of Europe today, and all aspects of the performance, said,

  • Social welfare and cultural

    With the development of cultural analysis of social welfare, the author of this book from the perspective of culture, study the problem of determining the is "why economic development level roughly the same countries chose different welfare system", the inquiry is a diversified mode of social security on the different culture "". The author believes that although the economic and political factors can lead to the demand of social security and,

  • The Chinese rhyme

    The Chinese rhyme, Ma went to press, Heilongjiang education press,

  • New Zealand

    Living in the twenty-first Century Chinese readers than at any time in the past all the more need to understand the world, understand the common living in other countries and National Earth Haruki. However, to fully understand a country, a nation, just understand the history, geography, politics, economy, it is not enough, must also understand its people,

  • Penglai folk.

    Penglai folk custom meta (set of 2 volumes), ISBN:9787560745855, author: Song Yaowu,

  • The British

    The book is divided into two parts, to show the social life and the character of British people rich and colorful. The first part introduces the English history and politics; the second part tells the story of the British society and culture. ,

  • On 36 problems of ancient civilization

    This book with understandable words about ancient civilization in one mystery. The book on the 36 mysteries of ancient civilization are fully described. Book with pictures, explain profound theories in simple language form to carry on the detailed introduction, as far as possible to meet the needs of readers. This book contains six suspension legend,

  • When Kong Zi met God

    "When Kong Zi met God" is through the Western civilized ideas and compare works set first, is to explore the soft power in China's transitional period, including the values, ethics, the construction of the rule of law and other elements of the analysis and reconstruction. In the current world, ancient human morality has been lost, like "the Analects of confucius,

  • Near the building. A book is more fragrant

    "Near the floor, book more sweet", the main content of the book include: Shahe's word, 100 year old groom fell in love, fan smiled at me and his "laugh at me 贩书", this man has changed my life, carved panels of King Zhao Xiong, listen to the teacher said, sitting on the Ningxiang Yang Lyon book city alone compassion. ,

  • Egypt

    This book is one of the "foreign customs series". The book includes the content can be seen the broad and profound understanding of egypt. This book focuses on the Egyptian geography, history, ethnic, religious, the main city, places of historic interest and scenic beauty, local customs and practices, social etiquette. Hope that this book will to interested readers to Egypt, or preparation,

  • Cantabile years - the ancient Greek civilization of

    Cantabile years of ancient Greek civilization of -- lost civilization, Gu 銮斋, Xu Shanwei, Yunnan people's publishing house,

  • American culture

    The world cultural overview,

  • Chinese folk literature, folklore twenty-six Masters

    The evaluation of 26 famous Chinese folk literature and folklore excellence. Among them: living masters and Xianyou masters, Han masters and minority masters, inheritors of masters and scholars famous etc.. ,

  • At the end of the Griess River and the young mystic hair pulls the bottom river

    At the end of the Griess River and the young mystic hair pulls the bottom river, ISBN:9787537175340, author:,

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