Zen and the culture and Literature

Date of publication:1998-8   Press: The Commercial Press International Limited company marketing department   Author:Ji Xianlin   Pages´╝Ü272  

The Western way of thinking is analyzed; in Chinese represented a way of thinking is the synthesis of oriental. Human and nature of the oriental culture advocates are friends, "the harmony between man and nature"; western culture advocating "conquer nature", the self proclaimed "God's favored one", "Earth" up and down five thousand years, and in one hundred thousand, change things culture is "Every dog has its day". Western civilization has been thriving and prosperous for hundreds of years, is a spent force potential, instead is the inevitable result of Oriental civilization. The authors predict that: This is a turning point will start from twenty-first Century.
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Poetry and Zen Buddhism and I research the original Buddhism historical origin of "a fundamental transformation editor aesthetics charm of Oriental Culture in foreign language outside the integrated" total order of Oriental culture and Oriental literature on Oriental culture Chinese culture "harmony between man and nature" of "a harmony between nature and man" and the ancient Muslim on the differences between Chinese and Western thinking culture and Chinese memories of Mr. Chen Yinque and Tagore talk about an old intellectuals, Wang Guo Wei's death from heart China culture appendix macroscopically: the construction of literary theory "to change policy
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I wrote my views on Chinese intellectuals in history in the above. The main purpose of this paper is to write history, even learn from past experience, a kind of idea I have no. If someone asked: "what now?" Because there is no become history, not in my writing range, so I do not reply. If someone is willing to infer, that's their business, has nothing to do with me. Finally I would like to solemnly emphasize: China intellectuals have a long tradition of patriotism, is the world's one country cannot approach somebody's greatness. Although at present there seems to be a departure from the traditional tendency, try hard to make every attempt to go abroad is exemplified, and some even naturalized as a "foreigner", forever not to return. My own view on this question is: This is only temporary phenomenon, long time will become. Even in the foreign people, even the people of domestication, they would still be "at the heart in the Han", still want to search, still love their motherland. Besides go back one more gradually up? We the people don't "with special respect", also need not "sit up and take notice". As long as our national affairs, the situation will be greatly changed. As for not to also do not want to go abroad accounted for the majority of intellectuals. If say they are very satisfied with everything in sight, it is not the truth. But patriotism in their heart of hearts has taken root, what also can't pull off force. Even the Taishan collapse in the former, the thunder shock on the top, they love our great motherland still. This I can guarantee. Just to cite one example as everyone knows, is enough. If didn't love their motherland, cling to old why to antique body, make painstaking efforts to write "essay"? The majority of the Chinese old, young intellectuals, I want to borrow a phrase once popular, I not know and like understand words: patriotism, not to discuss.
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