With the development of Ideological and cultural heritage

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Dr. He Shiming in the family and education background, basic Christian, while studying at Zhongshan University era accepted Confucianism teachings. So he decades of Christian thought and Chinese culture research, put forward "Ancient Chinese Literature Search Hua theology" and "theology of the Ancient Chinese Literature Search" proposition. The book even a lecture given by Dr. He Shiming assembly, suitable for religious scholars and literary workers to read.
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Writing before the book was published (Preface) inheritance of Feng Dawen Christian thought and Chinese culture and development (order) Li Zhigang, Dr. He Shiming thought the inheritance and development of Li Zhigang: go over the matter of discussion before Li Lanfen Rock understanding of reason and faith Feng Dawen on to the essence of religion philosophy of religion on Yang Qingqiu Christian theological foundation: a liberal suggested Cao Weitong up or down? -- the Christian God "center" and "human centered" mode of thinking Zhang Xian animal theocratic and Humanity -- on Chen Lisheng reconstruction of Linzey animal theology global ethic of Confucianism under the resources of Du Weiming's humanistic spirit of Confucianism and civilization dialogue Du Weiming listening Philosophy -- to "Saint" "wisdom" as the clue Zhang Fengqian omitted on Zhou Dunyi thought in the Confucian moral metaphysics in the position of Zhang Yongyi's empathy with: see universalism of traditional Confucianism in late Qing Dynasty -- for the re interpretation of China classic from the Ming Dynasty to accept western learning mood (two) the golden rule Zhuzi Ge Zhaoguang western ethical tradition and Confucius will loyalty Wang Qingjie starting from "me". Male and female metaphor: Taoist female soft principle and modern feminism Righteous thoughts of Liu Xiaogan "equality of things": a philosophical classic Chen Shaoming master Han Shan "Lotus Sutra" on the understanding and interpretation of Feng Huanzhen
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1, Ancient Chinese Literature Search of Theology and theological of Ancient Chinese Literature Search: "Ancient Chinese Literature Search of Theology and theological Ancient Chinese Literature Search of" the idea of creating, in 1979 November "landscape" contained fifty years sixty years some indigenous Theology) the work already mentioned. But the analysis and support this argument, in 1981 four "" Christian Confucianism has the distinct. The so-called "Ancient Chinese Literature Search of Theology and the theology of Ancient Chinese Literature Search", in short, is to find Chinese traditional culture thought, what can be used to explain some of the Christian faith; and the Christian belief, what can make up for the lack of Chinese traditional culture, creating a feasible way. It is said: we this discussion, the main purpose is to explore the cause, Chinese inherent culture of the most primitive, to find and Christian faith all the same, similar and different. Discussion we only briefly and officer, we feel Chinese inherent culture and Christian faith, there are a lot of similarities, but the differences, too many. We can both mutual understanding, it in the China culture thought, new life, new energy solid can obtain Christ gave to the Christian faith, and the interpretation of the words, in Christian theology in the garden, but also new ways to expand, which can bear new fruit. This is mentioned in the preface and introduction we establish the Ancient Chinese Literature Search theology, the theology of the ideal and Ancient Chinese Literature Search. First, faith is still in a particular experience as a starting point, and by confirming the causal relationship and establish rational experience; secondly, faith will vary with the experience and knowledge. As we have seen Chinese religion, Taoism has experienced a development process from the outside inwards Dan Dan, Dan, the Quanzhen School of Taoism beliefs, a real significance of immortal towards heavier inner self-cultivation and moral value of spiritual pursuit. Buddhism has experienced from the empty case to case, by the consciousness only school to change Buddha Tibetan studies, in Buddha Tibetology, Buddhist faith by on the other side of the world's appeal to more heavy individual mood clean an ethereal pursuit. It is in this sense, we can confirm the belief, historical, restricted by historical conditions and historical development. It is because of the belief with history, we can make a historical investigation and analysis of the objective of the faith, and faith as the new choice. So, how can we understand the absolute faith? In my opinion, the absolute significance of faith, its transcendence, should be emotional and spiritual realm of belief in each subject, the subject is concerned, is that the main belief proceed without hesitation once that some beliefs and not limited to qualitative. Absolute faith, should not be on speaking, should not be understood as a being with a lattice forever, unlimited control experience of the world and social history and not be confined by the people. This is because, the era we are all different. On this point, Max Webb is described as follows: "we this time, because the rationalization of its unique and intellectualization, mostly because the world has been disenchanted, its fate is, the ultimate, the most noble of the value, from public life and fade into the woodwork trace, or their life into the mysterious transcendental field, or entered into between individual private contacts direct fraternity. Our greatest art whispers of love of gas rather than the majestic problems, this is no accident; the same is not accidental, but today, in the smallest group, between individuals, they have some same prophet of the Holy Spirit (paeunna) phase sense things in very weak pulse, whereas in the past, such was like a blazing prairie fire, burning all over the huge community, they will be together." This statement is not without reason of Max weber. However, the people of this time is not easy to ignite the enthusiasm of existential meaning of the Holy Spirit, not only in the cognitive too rationalization nature, but also is the result of people's multiple sexual orientation in pursuit of value. The orientation of the pursuit of value pluralism cannot agree to a particular, individual value idea upgraded to universal and absolute level imposed on society as a whole, it is rather the public, common to experience and knowledge to deal with, and the individual, special faith to each individual, special the mind, and in order to ensure that each individual equal access to free. Thus, as the "community" devotion to the lofty sense again also difficult to stimulate. This is unfortunate for the society. "Free" pursuit will pay a heavy price! What is the theology? It is onEmperor self description (Se|bstausleeung), that is to say, as God's self description (Selbstdal3tellunS) is a kind of God -- to learn? Or is it a speech about God, about faith as human behavior that is in a historical and social circumstances responsible speech? Which is the Christian theology? Baltasar said: "theology at first not merit, but rather a merit divine father, because 'he' like to show their real formation with language blind people, and makes people understand 'him, showing the Holy spirit." The Mertz expressly pointed out: "not every in the content talked a lot about Jesus Christ theology is...... 'of Christian theology'. Christian theology have to explain this belief claims. Because in our time conditions and challenges. It is necessary to faith hope to ask." The two paragraph has made it clear that the Christian theology "up" and "down" in two different ways of thinking. Here, it is necessary to analyze in detail a bit two theologians in different places. Christian theology first involves "salvation" (Sotgi (dogie) problem. Of course, the PAP and Maxwell are common knowledge to save the people, and the world is unlikely to be derived from all the historical and social pressure, only through God and salvation. Therefore, both the Jesus Christ was crucified and resurrected the fact, as God in history to save the human performance. However, the two theologians from different angles to understand the appearance of christ. In the history of PAP from God "vertical" to understand what happened, that it is God show events, such as the absolute three-in-one, the revelation of God's love. On the contrary, Maxwell is based on a true historical "plane" understanding of Christ's presence, that this is to accept the world's eschatological prophecy, is God's eschatological, so that the human history of freedom possible. In short, the PAP to Christ the redemption of mankind first interpreted as in God's love of history, and McIntosh directly as freedom of human history. Look at the "Christ" (Onis~logie) the differences on the issues. PAP have Christ as the emergence of the love of God plays three-in-one enlightenment, he intends to emphasize the divinity of Christ, that Christ as the son of God, in without reservation everything to father time, will receive the father for everything he specified. But Merck's seem to be more emphasis on the humanity of Christ, he and Rahner (Karl Rahnerl904 1984), the Christ on the development of anthropology has been completed, with particular emphasis on God's flesh adult, "Jesus Christ is all people, from among us as any others". Although the PAP and Mo's all know, people should not simply put Christ was crucified on the cross and then separated from the resurrection, but in fact, the former emphasizes is the resurrection of Jesus, while the latter emphasizes the crucified Jesus. PAP in Christ this event, see is the world through God with absolute love the people saved from sin to complete, and Mo's this more discovery, but it is the sharing Christ with others that are not the same, the history of misery. At the end of the trial on the issue, although the PAP and Mo's thought it must be a fundamental concept of the theology, but pasteurized especially care eventually things revealed, which concerns the absolute love of God three-in-one doctrine itself. In his view, this kind of God through Christ show love, has inspired of God sins victory. The trial is realized in Christ history completed here, and the cross is in the love of God in the trial court to the end of the world. The PAP is different, when the conflict Romer's focus on the contradiction between experience and reality of the time, he is talking about is not complete, is the God of the latter trial retention: implementation of salvation through Christ, is a kind of participation, is to the eschatological trial completed in advance. PAP and Mo's thanks to the world in different directions, naturally have different understanding of history. In the PAP, is Christ the eternal appearance in time is now, so, just like the sun rising in the history is filled with the eternity -- is completed in three-in-one self devotion in the divine abundance -- horizon. In fact, the PAP with completely three-in-one said to explain history, when he put history in God's immanence three-in-one in history, have three-in-one structure. Thus, history is also a three-in-one love planning, directed and completed the drama "theology". The PAP instead, when Merck's with his melancholy look the world of oppression, violence and suffering, history in his eyes is especially suffering in human history. However, history since according to God's eschatological prophecy to save the future, then, human suffering history should also be regarded as human beings should assume responsibility for the hopeful history. That is to say, history is a generation in the realization of human freedom in the history of. Due to the different historical understanding, Mo's and Pakistan have different interpretations of god. Romer's said, God is the past and future of god. He is the past God, because he did not let the innumerable unknown past, silence and forget to Nirvana, but to let the human touch them; that he is a future of God, because he has promised a new salvation in the future. Therefore, the belief in God means that in the past the memory of the ordeal and God's eschatological prophecy. Here, we can also through from the abyss of suffering complaint shout, eager to ask God in suffering and memories of history (how long?) To experience god. On the contrary, the PAP, God especially now god. The through Christ revealed himself to God, is the abundance of three-in-one, absolute love gift: according to now and has always in real history is implemented and the completion of the eternal self motion. Therefore, the real faith is not only in accordance with the now and is present in the history of three-in-one love of God only, but also as being in this kind of three-in-one love game. ① he thought, belief is people obey God to participate in the divine life and behavior.Therefore, with particular emphasis on the side of God PAP dominated the people freedom of duality, but little about freedom of self control (Selbstverfuegung) on the other side. PAP warn us that, the possibility of their sin is free only understood as independent, that is freedom as the absolute power of no shane. Because of human survival, development, and the end result of God, therefore, people can be in the unlimited freedom in his freedom. This issue also involves creating, obedience to God, in order to realize the will of God so loved God Co. On the contrary, Merck's emphasis on freedom of self control and self realization. According to Romer's human history is a history of suffering statement, which relates to the reality of human liberation. Also, people must take the Christian hope. That is to say, through self practice of Christian liberty, justice and peace messenger reproduced in society and history. Thus, all the people will become the subject of their history in the sight of God. In short, the PAP of three-in-one eyes on the love of god. Thus anthropology a god centered, and Mo's is committed to a main tendency of anthropology in society -- historical reality in the horizon.......
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