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Date of publication:2006-1   Press: Shanghai Translation Publishing House.   Author:Mr Pham Burke Veitch   Pages:401   Words:366000  

Mr Pham, Burke Veitch, America Harvard University Powell M. professor Cabot America literature, membership of American science arts, served as chairman American society, eight volumes of literature in Cambridge America chief editor.
professor Burke Vecchi has won many educational and academic awards, including the James Russell Lowell prize and the Modern Language Association of early America research and American literary criticism's lifetime achievement award, he also served as many professional committee and the publications and university press member committee, received research funding foundations and the Humanities Center (Guggenheim Mei Long, Institute of Social Studie, Paris higher, behavior science center, National Humanities funded, Ford, Woodrow Wilson), and give lectures all over the world.
he works, in addition to this book, mainly there are "self", America Puritan Origin "USA Puritan imagination", "American prophet", "ideology and America classic literature", "Reconstruction" and "the scarlet letter America literary history duty" etc..
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In the first chapter and the fourth chapter introduction: the purpose of Cotton Mather and the type of the second chapter and the ritual music third chapter Puritanism verbal vision fifth chapter mission: from Edwards to the war of independence, the sixth chapter continuous revolution: George Bank loft and evolution of the myth of the seventh chapter of Hester Prynne regression eighth chapter "Pierre", or America literary history of the ninth chapter, Emerson's individualism and liberalism. The tenth chapter difference of ideology in the era of notes mainly English Chinese comparison table @##@ names The author of this book starts with an overview of the firm (first, two chapters), and then describe how to create the pilgrims perform one meet their needs, rhetoric (Chapter third), as well as a detailed analysis of USA first epic author Cotton Mather's life and works. (Chapter fourth). The two chapter is about the transformation of the Ming and Qing Dynasties began after revolution to Jackson when teaching rhetoric from the mid eighteenth Century. The main character is the great awakening leader Jonathan Edwards and national historian George Bancroft, whose works provide the main source of start-up of New Republic decades myths shape. The author then turns to the more the myth of the literature dealing with the complex. In Hawthorne's "the scarlet letter" (the seventh chapter) introduces the symbol method America consensus of classical program. In Melville's "Pierre" (Chapter eighth), can be seen on the symbology of the most profound criticism. In Emerson's Prose (Chapter ninth), the author explores the development of the most influential American way - one theory -- the. Author choose them because they express three different directions of traditional American in literature. The author summarizes the American scholars and critics debate -- about the consensus and differences in the last chapter, inclusive and Subversion -- these arguments records the culture and thought of the past few decades.
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