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The book culture theory of the content can be divided into four points: 1 the redefinition of the concept of culture, to distinguish these three concepts, social, cultural, and identified a clear target for cultural studies. A review of the 2 cultural anthropology theory history, as the theoretical origin of culture of shen. 3 in examining the commonness and individuality of human culture, the most common cultural studies in the category of culture, cultural creativity -- selective inheritance, culture, cultural exchanges and assimilation of deepening the reform step, and then put forward some new theory category, such as culture, cultural choice and naturalness, personality culture, individual culture mode. The 4 book in the last chapter, summarizes all the theories range from two angles of science and value, and do everything in one's power range in answer to the human culture as a scientific system and the relationship between value system. There are two aspects of positive culture results: 1 in the space permitting, to illustrate the theory system, the book cites a number of cultural anthropology, ethnology, archaeology, sociology, psychology, history and other factual information, and the China culture, American culture, Japanese culture, the culture of India is carried out statement, so that the reader can entirely on the individual culture compared with 2 for closer to Chinese culture, we are dedicated to the three chapter discusses the spiritual culture of ancient and modern technology Chinese China culture.
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Cai Junsheng was born in April 1939, Hebei Jingxing people, researcher. The main academic specialty is the study of prehistoric society and culture, is now engaged in philosophical anthropology research. 1964 July graduated from the Philosophy Department of Renmin University of China in August, 1964 has been working in the study of philosophy China Academy of social sciences.
the main representative: "the formation of human civilization and primitive society" (Monograph), "civilization Leap -- the formation and development of the social information" (Monograph), "the history of primitive society" (Translated), "marriage and family of origin" (translation).
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New chemical foundation theory introduction chapter culture the concept of the concept of culture history of second section of society information section third symbols -- social information load forms the second chapter culture theory the first festival of Cultural Anthropology -- evolutionary theory second Germany, Austrian spread school third fourth French Sociology School Festival British functional school fifth USA historical school the sixth day White and Steward sent the conclusion and Levi Strauss's structuralism third chapter culture (I) -- a diachronic development section third institutional culture unity second section of technology culture generality diachronic development first festival culture -- the commonness and individuality of the diachronic development prospects technology culture and system culture fourth the fourth chapter section information era culture (II) - cultural selective personality culture production section Chinese feudal culture of the formation and characteristics of second day European feudal culture formation and characteristics of third Japanese feudal culture formation and characteristics of fourth section of the ancient culture of India formation and characteristics of fifth chapter culture shape States (III) -- the cultural creativity and inherited personality culture development section from the Renaissance to the formation of the second day America modern culture from the five four new culture movement to the socialist reform and opening up sixth chapters form of culture (IV) -- the cultural exchange and culvert, human cultural convergence development the seventh chapter Chinese traditional spiritual culture the first section China traditional spiritual culture of second day Chinese traditional spiritual culture -- the Confucian Culture Festival third main Chinese traditional spiritual culture, "soul" -- the ancient philosophy eighth chapter of contemporary new technology cultural characteristics of the first section from the traditional to the modern concept of productivity -- the new change of second new factors -- network culture and its significance of third quarter economic the integration of modern technology and cultural background -- some of the features of the ninth chapter of our country society transformation period basic factors of production and cultural constraints on the first day the transition of China's development of factor of production in second day old culture gradually get rid of restriction for the creation of a new era in section third for the development of science and technology to create a more favorable humanistic atmosphere of tenth chapters as a scientific body system As a cultural and value, evaluation system of cultural content index index name appendix
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