The Yellow River Yu Tian Lu

Date of publication:1999-2   Press: Huacheng Publishing House   Author:Jing Min   Pages:396   Words:300000  

Jing Min, writer, journalist. Born in 1961 in Jiangsu Province, Wuxi City, Nanjing Communication Engineering College in 1979 and was admitted to the people's Liberation Army, the army for more than ten years, in 1993 the work of local jobs. The published literature works are: "Jiang Jieshi", "the tragedy of the two world wars Chinese theater commander documentary" tender trap, "insider", "rain" acerbity.
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The mother river, your milk flowing how long can first chapter it is a holy river second chapter disaster surviving a civilized footsteps seemed to ring the third chapter suspended river, a pale at the mention of the eternal topic of the fourth chapter of pan or cure the symptoms, Mao Zedong era thinking about the fifth chapter Guangshan hills, you feel the dry wind. The sixth chapter cry, once the prairie stretch as far as eye can see Chapter seventh step by step; "Huanglong" would devour the Yellow River chapter eighth tiger rumors and a "family" of the recession, the ninth chapter people ah, poor, destitute and environmental refugees who will drink tenth chapter witch lead to drink out of tenth chapter countless hands to stop killing the twelfth chapter: photochemical smog "dry up" on the Yellow River Diversion Project, ye breaks. The final chapter please maintain the Yellow River as the river @##@ dignity. Since ancient times, the Yellow River state theory: cure. The Yellow River is the ancient rulers of the heart. From the pre Qin period to 2000 years before the founding of the PRC, the Yellow River breaching of the dike is 1500 times, 26 times large diversion, flood scope is 250000 square kilometers. Each time the breaching of the dike and diversion meant that many people to be drowned or become destitute and homeless. The Yellow River thus became known as the "evil river". After the founding of new China, Mao Zedong personally advocate the governance of the Yellow River, "the disaster situation basic reverse three years two gap". But the ecological imbalance is bad. In 1972, the Yellow River first stop, 1997 is occurring flood flow, flow means that for every 1 km loss 10000000 yuan, Shandong Province alone on the loss of 13500000000 yuan, a great river breeds the Chinese civilization as if into the life of the countdown...... The author of this book based on interviews, along the study comes from the first hand materials for years, bold exposure errors the river, from the angle of the cultural history of civilization China question situation, raises the status of China's Ecological Warning and call.
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