The worship of Miao culture bovine

Date of publication:2005-8   Press: Chinese history   Author:Luo Yiqun  

This is the first theoretical monograph Miao cattle worship culture system.
the Miao cattle worship culture expounds multi perspective, discusses the cattle worship culture's ancestral images, reproductive image and agriculture imagery, and worship culture and art, folk songs, dance and drama to Miao cattle, the deep cultural interpretation.
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Wu Shengyi, the word: 子默, No.: peach blossom a little. Good mountains, good water, good thinking, not for use, often indulge in the wildest fantasy. For many years Buddhism and Taoism, Zen, Chinese medicine, in five rows, hexagrams, Feng Shui, astrology, numerology. The insipid meal, Fang Zhong, martial arts secrets, science, psychology, parapsychology also ponder two have. Exploration and thinking in the flying saucer, black holes, and four-dimensional space-time of life in the fields, some still can make out a good case interpretation and cultural answer. In recent years, research areas: corporate culture, folk culture, cultural industry management. New book: "the enterprise culture of hope" (Westview press, 2004 September), "corporate culture" (Guangming Daily Press, 2004 August).
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the main reference the literature
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