The traditional and the modern

Date of publication:2006-4   Press: Peking University press   Author:Chen Lai   Pages:295   Words:253000  

This book represents the author discusses its culture, its main content is around the value of traditional Confucianism in modern society, a deep reflection on cultural discussion and social science research in recent years. The author reveals the "anti tradition and anti - anti Traditionalism" conflict, seek to resolve the tension of tradition and Modernity in modern times, must Chinese culture especially traditional Confucian values still has its significance in the modern society, analyzed and criticized comprehensively to totally anti traditional culture.
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Chen, born in Beijing in 1952, graduated in 1981 Peking University studies, Professor of Department of philosophy of Peking University in 1990. Doctor of philosophy. The Peking University philosophy professor, doctoral tutor, vice chairman of the national Chinese philosophy history society, international China philosophy association deputy CEO, and Tsinghua University, Hong Kong University Science & Technology, Wuhan University part-time professor. The main works include: "Zhu Xi", "Zhu Xi's philosophy of chronological research", "there is no place -- Wang Yangming the spirit of philosophy", "Neo Confucianism", "ancient religion and Ethics -- Confucianism", "the source of culture in the ancient world - the spring and Autumn period, ethic and religion social thought", "humanism", "Horizon of modern China philosophical pursuit -- the new science and new mind" etc..
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Introduction: Humanistic Vision 1 Chinese modern ideological retrospective and prospective 2 to resolve the "tradition" and "modern" tension "-- five four" culture reflection 3 "five four" trend of thought and modern cultural movement in 420th Century 5 radical modern China culture and Confucianism dilemma 6 Liang Shuming's early cultural perspective 7 Feng Youlan the concept of cultural establishment and the development of 8 new science and modern thinking on Confucianism and modern East Asia 9 world 10 Confucian ethics and Chinese modern 11 modernization in the view of the theory of Traditional East Asian 12 distress consciousness and interdependence of 13 Liang Shuming and Maks Webb Chinese cultural view 14 value, authority, tradition and Chinese Philosophy in 1590 said of an aged person. "Ancient Chinese Literature Search" -- "Ancient Chinese Literature Search heat" and traditional culture research question 16 Chinese culture value and status of the postscript: the turn of the century the traditional edition postscript
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  •   From the academic point of view, feel more like the "previous modern Chinese philosophy pursuit", the latter part of the article as ideological essays.

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