The silent language

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For overseas law enforcement may lack we sort of invisible room for accommodation. We cannot find a workaround that legal bearable in foreign countries, even if found, we hesitate to move forward, dare not use, because this phase back and contact our own system. We really like and usually insist is to let others to change the system, to make them like the system we Americans as "reasonable". Of course, everything has a point contact accommodation. Confused in the overseas travel and work of person is not know, room accommodation embedded in what kind of situation. It is more difficult, the local people could not describe these rules. Furthermore, within a few years, a few elastic contact system may become very flexible. For example, the Arab's attitude towards women is very fast, for thousands of years to retain ideas have ceased to exist. 4.12 to change attitudes USA technical technical personnel ready to aid, must be reminded them: avoid introducing those who violate the change obvious norms. They may ask: "so, where can I help the local people self-reliance, while not violating their dominant and recessive specification? In what fields, I can really control what is going on?" The answer is in the technical field. In this way, you can be an easy job to introduce change, also does not violate the remaining two system specification. In the process of design and manufacturing, such as automobile engine fuel, oil and metals, antibiotics and pharmaceutical products, we Americans continue to move forward, no setbacks; similarly, the technical progress as we quickly countries also suffer from similar transformation. The introduction of any changes must be in the technical field, otherwise, the introduction of the reform must be the new system. For example, in many Latin American countries, the flight went in the carriage and automobile front, carriage and automobile has not yet universal would have to travel by plane. In these countries, the construction of the airport is easier than building a road network. This jump technology development has also been used to Africa.

Author: (American) Edward Hall (Edward T.Hall) translator: He Daokuan Edward Hall (Edward T. Hall, 1914-2009), cross culture communication (Communication) study founder, a broad field of study, anthropologists, culture scientist, psychological consultant experts, government and business analysis be well-known, far and near. His footprints all over the world, the original national and modern national cultures, have field visits and profound experience. He is a transverse talent and the combination of theory and practice, the study field, scholars both multi discipline of consultant. The life of Holzer swift innovation, diligent in writing, a prolific writer, author of "silent language", "hidden", "-- dimension beyond culture", "life", "dance of Spatial Relations Handbook" and other books. He Daokuan, Shenzhen University professor of English and communication, the government subsidy expert, former vice president of the China intercultural communication research, deputy director Chinese Communication Association, Shenzhen Association for the senior adviser, engaged in cultural studies, anthropology, communication studies for more than 20 years, with more than 1100 words in translation. Works include "Chinese civilization" (in Chinese English Bilingual Edition), "creative guide" (English version). TV teaching films have "practical English". As more than 40 kinds, is divided into: "thinking training", "culture", "the tree", "beyond the cultural understanding of media", "Mcluhan", "Mcluhan: a new era of digital information guide", "exchange of helplessness: communication history", "Mcluhan", "the Messenger: media and Thought Freedom: the era of technology epistemology", "communication", "bias Empire and communication", "mobile phone: stop calling", "real space", "the flying Apsaras dream: analysis of Mai Kelu Han Shujian", "communication and social influence", "new political culture", "Mike Lou 汉如 is I understand," said: "media ecology: ideological evolution and multidimensional vision," "technology monopoly: culture to technology", "surrender", "the essence of imitation of Levinson", "games people: Culture", "the game components of invitation to Sociology: a humanistic perspective", "Erasmus: Erasmus and religious reform".
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By early twentieth Century, the brewing fermentation during the two World War, after the Second World War, the dissemination of accelerated development in American. After twentieth Century, anthropology from the natural history, colonialism and social Darwinism fetters, experienced in the cultural relativism and functionalism of "scientific development", become one of the cornerstones of communication studies. Edward Hall (Edward T.Hall, 1914-2009) across the anthropology, psychology, communication, intercultural communication (Communication) is the founder of science. However, he is always the center of tight anthropology. Holzer created the theory system of grand, put forward advice, this is inseparable with his academic background and occupation career. He is a transverse talent and the combination of theory and practice, the study field, scholars both multi discipline of consultant. For decades, he was engaged in teaching, scientific research, psychological analysis and technical advice, as anthropologists, culture scientist, psychological consultant experts, government and business analysis be well-known, far and near. His footprints all over the world, he on the original ethnic and modern national cultures, have on-the-spot investigation and profound experience. In twentieth Century the Great Depression of the 30's to make him out of his study, deep into the America several southwestern Indian tribes to do fieldwork, to carry out government aid programs, in order to ease ethnic tensions. He studied the New Mexico West African Americans, Latinos, Navajo, Hopi, Truk, western Mediterranean Arabs and the people of Iran. In twentieth Century 40 years during the war, he answered the call to service, and to the southwest Pacific area to study on indigenous peoples. In 50, he was summoned to USA State Department's foreign service institute training foreign aid workers. Holzer at the Columbia University industry pushAif Linton (Ralph Linton) under the door. After several years, he worked in University of Denver, University of Colorado, University of Vermont, Harvard Business School, Illinois Institute of Technology University, Northwestern University, university teaching, teaching anthropology and psychology, has done research in Washington psychiatric school, gradually out of the different from most anthropologists and psychiatrists way, opened up a new field the new cultural theory. He mining biological foundation of culture, dissects the ten message system culture, the schematic diagram of culture teaching similar periodic table of the chemical elements of drawing; reference and beyond the stratification theory of psychoanalysis and anthropology, in accordance with the perceived degree created the visible, invisible and technical culture three points method of linguistics, phonology; lexical and syntactic rule of three, with the conceptual elements, set and model to describe the internal structure of culture.
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The first part time voice 1.1 American time 1.2 other concept of time the second chapter what is culture? The third chapter cultural vocabulary fourth chapter three levels of culture 4.1 explicit learning 4.2 stealth learning 4.3 technical learning 4.4 explicit consciousness 4.5 hidden consciousness 4.6 technical awareness of 4.7 dominant emotion 4.8 invisible emotional 4.9 technical emotion 4.10 to change attitudes to change himself 4.11 hidden form 4.12 degrees to change technology the 4.13 chapter fifth culture attitude change process is AC sixth chapter omnipresent set the seventh chapter elusive elements in eighth chapter Cultural Organization Mode 8.1 mode three type 8.2 mode 8.3 mode 8.4 order law mode of harmonious law ninth chapter time language: America accent 9.1 explicit time system: set, elements and model 9.2 stealth time system: appendix outline cultural studies two culture teaching space factor set, elements and model tenth chapters of space language of 10.1 different cultures and how to use the space of 10.2 cultural contact in 10.3 detected 10.4 spatial patterns of space to the transmission of information the eleventh chapter break free of the shackles of social scientists in Appendix A schematic diagram of appendix three culture change in three cases of the reference index @##@ translator. "Silent language" is Intercultural Communication (Communication), the foundation of the grand vision, insight, profound theory, new. Holzer according to the perception of culture was divided into visible, invisible and technology three levels, according to internal. Tectonic culture was divided into elements, sets and pattern. His system on intuitive and practical "culture teaching sketch map", explain the cultural change, put forward "culture is communication" proposition, stated that "time language" and "space language", and give a vivid interpretation, is intended to help people get rid of cultural chains, escape from prison cage culture. Cross cultural communication (Communication) father Edward Holzer forward as well have no predecessors, to future generations are elusive height, enduring charm. "Silent language" in the development of communication studies in enlightening, confidence to the people in the building of "harmonious world", it sweeps invisible barriers, enhance cultural awareness, people inspire the world mutual learning and respect.
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"Silent language" is not science, media and Society Series (translation)
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