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Date of publication:2009-3   Press: Xu Guangchun, Henan people's Publishing House (2009-03)   Author:Xu Guangchun  

The main content of the Central Plains culture, Central Plains culture broad and profound, has a long history. Look from the surface, she's a regional culture, from the deep, she is not the general culture, but the root and trunk of the Chinese traditional culture, occupies a prominent position in the history of Chinese culture development. According to the different characteristics of the Central Plains culture content, can be roughly divided into the following 18 aspects. 1 prehistoric culture in general, Chinese prehistoric culture mainly refers to the general term summer prior to the establishment of civilization, which is characterized by long, rich content, wide field. 8000 years before the Pei Ligang culture, so the more than 120 cultural relics have been found in Henan, south of Henan Province, western Henan, which in Xinzheng Pei Li Gang site unearthed hundreds of ground stone tools and pottery, in Wuyang Jiahu Site, unearthed in the Neolithic site of the room 53 seat, 370 seat, pottery kiln hole kiln 13, and ash pits, tombs, urn burial, nearly 5000 pieces of unearthed cultural relics, especially bone flute unearthed in the world the earliest, save the most complete, rewriting the history of music in the world; the unearthed relics are American wine, formula after the copy, produced in 9000 before the ancient wine, caused the world a sensation. 7000 years ago Yangshao culture, unearthed a large number of pottery and polished stone, fully reflects the status of production and life of our ancestors of the Neolithic age. Before 5000, the period of the Longshan culture, Henan also found pottery animal relief and pan, pot, pot culture remains very rich.
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Plan as a whole piece of the Central Plains culture and the rise of central China from the Central Plains and dreams of history and reality of culture in economic development status and give full play to the role of culture in the period of economic difficulties unique role in accelerating the cultural construction needs to grasp several problems of cultural construction and Reform of the cultural system is a major strategic issue of image in the economic and social development in the status and speed up the cultural resources across the province to the cultural province about the construction of cultural province thinking of changing resource advantages into industrial advantages become cultural advantages into development advantages of overall planning of cultural province construction to strengthen the cultural construction of deepening the reform of the cultural system to solve the cultural industry development and reform of the cultural system problems standing at a new historical starting point planning culture development of a new leap of literary work to the cultural province contributions to the construction of moral construction in Marx's Chinese's latest results armed cadres and the masses to the formation of the whole society everybody consciously practice the socialist concept of honor and disgrace and a good situation to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation to firmly establish the socialist concept of honor and disgrace for the rise of central China to provide strong guarantee of harmonious culture is the ideological and moral to lead the social harmonious lamp tower Carry forward the culture of Party members and cadres to become saints Yide Mao Walker prosperity article so that the Central Plains culture to the world and actively promote cultural reform and Development Experimental Zone to province across cultures to intensify, accelerate progress, strengthen the brightness of the bigger and stronger to do long publishing industry to do video industry development of this article developed the hometown of Huang Di the entertainment industry is full of vigour of cultural industry innovation: the key of cultural undertakings development potential crack culture development problems to the great opera to create a famous brand "Henan Zen Shaolin music ceremony,": to create the bright Henan culture industry and tourism industry development of Henan culture "card" to create a rural culture industry development a new chapter to increase farmers' reading level is the most elegant can reach propaganda article build national long period of stability, encouraging, guiding ideology of defense to help realize the rise of central China, supervision and create a good public opinion environment good news and propaganda work to read "Three Character Classic" good grasp the correct guidance to improve the level of guidance to become bigger and stronger journalism news media for economic development and social progress to provide new impetus News media to cope with the challenges and promote play a role in the development of a correct understanding of the network, the development and management of network news link appendix: 2006 in Henan Province, the reform of the cultural system and cultural undertakings and cultural industries development "colorful" bright spot "frequent" 2007 Henan cultural event in 2008 cultural construction of Henan province energy for 2009 our culture -- to the world. Henan cultural card of Xu Guangchun of secretary of provincial Party committee counsel at the Henan cultural system ills "cross-cultural" excited "Creativity -- Cultural Construction of Henan province has brought the culture industry" to accelerate the rise of Henan: Henan cultural landscape and culture add radiance and beauty to each other a "culture card" new Henan: play a harmonious sound of spring -- a walk in the rise of central China the trend of the forefront, image of the new Henan is more open, modern, fashion show in front of the world the top Central Plains: cultural industry in Henan road @##@ qualitative change "Cultural power" content brief introduction: the power of culture in where? The power of culture in a profound. Life is a rich culture. Culture is deeply rooted in people's life, a profound reflection of life, reveal the life, beautify life, inspire life. The heart is the main vein of culture. Culture is deeply engraved in the hearts of people thought, vivid express people's emotion, describing people's state of mind, to show the pursuit of people, inspiring people's spirit. Cultural influence character by environment influence people, shaping people culture from the depths of the soul.
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"Cultural power" was published by Henan people press.
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