The new vision of aesthetic culture

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"New Horizons" special capture of aesthetic culture, leisure, wild game, fashion, consumer culture, mass media, new media art, and literature, is the contemporary aesthetic culture should concern and should be given cultural interpretation and aesthetic judgment of the new social and cultural phenomenon; at the same time, for the emerging field of these links with the contemporary the public life has become increasingly close, and strives to academic study from the aesthetic cultures to make more in-depth. Based on the study of vision from the category, and strive to the combination of the history, which should give the longitudinal study and cultural interpretation from the "history" angle, in pursuit of aesthetic culture and the cultural phenomenon in contrast with ancient and modern historical connotation and modern significance; and focus on logical deduction and the depth of excavation is from the "metaphysical" perspective the show, aesthetic culture and the cultural phenomenon of the philosophy of life and cultural spirit.
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Study on the fourth day the inherent law of aesthetic culture study inherent contradiction third aesthetic culture face aesthetic culture research in section second of the analysis of the rise of the first section of aesthetic culture research frontier research issues of contemporary aesthetic culture in the background of theoretical construction of the first chapter of leisure section of aesthetic culture: aesthetic and Arts Festival third game different game concept research on leisure leisure aesthetic guide fifth New Horizons second festival leisure aesthetic interpretation of section third leisure aesthetic evaluation in section fourth leisure life state of the second chapter first day wild wild culture inheritance section second rustic aesthetic form third wild times value third chapter first day game game and second Cultural Festival. Party in the context of aesthetic fourth Touch Game "boundary" the fourth chapter first fashion festival aesthetic and Cultural Aesthetics: aesthetic features second fashion: Fashion Theory of static analysis section third aesthetic rules: dynamic fashion evolved into fourth sections: the value of aesthetic fashion a modern interpretation of the fifth aesthetic upgrade: fashion culture the fifth chapter the pursuit of consumption culture A consumer culture -- the aesthetic culture study section second consumer culture aesthetic characteristics of third day consumption culture needs aesthetic upgrade sixth chapter first history of mass media in the second quarter and civilian air spreading and accepting body space-time deviating from the third day after the modern consciousness of aesthetic text interpretation of chapter seventh of the new media art first new media art in the second section of new media art technology features third new media art aesthetic characteristics of the fourth section of the new media art and aesthetic meaning of the eighth chapter text and literature section ancient narrative and Contemporary Fashion Festival second graphic literature background in section third and the literary form characteristics of fourth section and cultural criticism of literature.
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The rise of the study of inner contradiction of aesthetic culture face research front section second aesthetic cultural studies of contemporary aesthetic culture introduction of it has a profound practical significance and strong momentum of development, but also the inherent contradiction can not be ignored in their own development, briefly said that there are three problems. One is the definition of difficulties. On how to understand and grasp the "aesthetic culture", researchers have their explanation, understanding the differences. For example, Chen Yan editor of "Chinese aesthetic culture history", Wu Zhongjie editor of "Chinese ancient aesthetic culture theory", "Chinese Zhou Xian of contemporary aesthetic culture research", Nie Zhenbin's "art living -- Chinese and Western aesthetic culture", Huang Lizhi's "China discourse -- the contemporary aesthetic culture history", Xiao Ying's "image and survival -- Aesthetic Culture Theory", their aesthetic culture definition showed their theoretical backgrounds. Several opinions of Li Shitao in "Retrospect and prospect" of aesthetic culture study in the paper generally summarizes the academic understanding of aesthetic culture. A thought, aesthetic culture is popular culture; another view, the aesthetic culture is the contemporary culture; still have a kind of thought, aesthetic culture is a neutral concept, is the aesthetic attributes or aesthetic value of culture; and the other is a consensus opinion is: aesthetic culture is the advanced form of the development of culture the product, aesthetic principles throughout the lives of people. Of course, some people think the aesthetic culture of the aesthetic culture system. Aesthetic culture definition difficulties, has discussed problems of asymmetric starting point. Two is applicable to a range of different. Some scholars advocate aesthetic cultural studies should through the ancient and modern, and comparison, which launched the monographic study on the history of aesthetic culture, aesthetic culture of ancient Chinese China ancient theory, contemporary aesthetic culture and contemporary Chinese and Western aesthetic culture and related fields. The characteristics of some other scholars to the study of aesthetic culture, that is to study the social culture phenomenon in contemporary is, is to explore the theory and practice of aesthetic modernity, not extended to the ancient and modern. This divergence makes research on spatial aesthetic culture with significant uncertainty, form the following it is research pattern.
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"New Horizons" aesthetic culture from the perspective of category learning, and strive to achieve the combination of the history, which should give the longitudinal study and cultural interpretation from the "history" angle, in pursuit of aesthetic culture and the cultural phenomenon in contrast with ancient and modern historical connotation and modern significance, and attention from the "on" point of view logical deduction and dig deep metaphysical. The content relates to the topic, wild game, leisure, fashion, consumer culture, mass media, new media art, and literature, the present popular aesthetic is a good guide.
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