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Chinese is a great country of four civilizations in the world will be preserved ancient civilization. This fact is indisputable performance of Huaxia civilization strong vitality and unique charm. Her secret was born, Chinese culture is a "and advancing" open system, the core is to overlook the spirit, the courage to forge ahead of the future never complacent, even in the difficulties and hardships in the circumstances, always believe that one day will "calm", get a break, and indomitable, wave upon wave action to change dilemma, open up the future. At the same time, have a strong sense of history, funeral chased away, into the future, keep the road, more open, future is bright. In ancient Chinese people's actions, is also reflected in the various books of the multitude. And this, is what we planned and launched the "contemporary masters bound zixuanji" background, but also for the revival of national culture, promote advanced culture and make modest intention. We in the editing of this book style, take a roll, roll is optional, and resume of the author, and the author photos and calligraphy, for the readers to see the people, know the will of God, to realize the fine writing, publishing audience quality awareness, excellent reading.
Author brief introduction

Zhang Dainian (1909-2004), the word quarter with, not the Department of Yu with. 1909 May was born in Beijing, Hebei province of origin Xianxian County. Father Zhang Lian, Guangxu (1903) Jinshi, edit the investiture Hanlin academy. Brother Zhang Songnian is China modern philosophers, on Zhang Dainian's academic road choice has a direct impact on. In 1928, Zhang Dainian was admitted to the Tsinghua University, she soon dropped out, and for the Education Department of Beijing Normal University, was admitted. The university graduated 1933, published academic papers, was hired as the assistant of Department of philosophy of Tsinghua University, engaged in professional philosophy teaching. "77" after the incident, Tsinghua University moved his residence, Beijing, closed book. 1943 teach in private China University, hired as a philosophy lecturer. After the victory of Anti Japanese War, Tsinghua University in Beijing in 1946, back to the Philosophy Department of Tsinghua University in 1951, was promoted to professor. In 1952, the regulation of national universities, was transferred to the Peking University professor of philosophy, has been engaged in teaching and research work China philosophy.
Zhang Dainian's academic research is mainly divided into three aspects: one is the China philosophy interpretation of history; two is to explore the philosophical problem; three is the study of cultural issues. In different periods, different focus.
Zhang Dainian book: "Zhang Zai -- China eleventh Century materialist philosopher" (Hubei people's press, 1957 version), "a brief history of Chinese materialism thought" (China Youth Press, 1957 edition, reprinted in 1983), "Outline" philosophy Chinese (business press 1958 edition, Chinese Social Science Press 1983 Reprint), "the basic rule of the development of China ethics" (Science Press, 1958 Edition) "in Chinese philosophy" (Shanxi people's publishing house, 1981 Edition), "historical Chinese philosophy history" (SDX Joint Publishing Company, 1982 version), "Introduction to the theory of method Chinese philosophy history" (Zhonghua Book Company in 1983 version), "Xuan Ru Lin" (Hunan people's publishing house, 1985 Edition) "and set", (Hunan people's press, 1985 version), "exploring truth and kindness" (Qilu press 1988 edition), "culture and philosophy" (Education Science Press, 1988 Edition), "research China ethics" (Shanghai people's press, 1989 version), "Chinese classical philosophy concept of" (China Social Science Press, 1989 edition) "Chinese cultural tradition of" ($ (a), Zhejiang people press 1989 edition), "Chinese culture and cultural debate" (co authored), (Renmin University of China press, 1990 edition) "ideology, culture and morality" (Bashu 1990 version), "Zhang Dainian zixuanji" academic works, (Capital Normal University press, 1993 edition), "collected works of Zhang Dainian" (co the 6 Volume), (Tsinghua University press, 1989 1995), "Zhang Dainian complete works" (8 volumes), (Hebei people's publishing house, 1996 edition).
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The glorious future dialectics Chinese culture basic spirit culture integration and innovation of cultural development to carry forward the excellent traditional culture of Chinese Chinese culture Chinese intellectuals and the humanistic spirit of China culture of the new system
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