The broken and culture.

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The second chapter the monarchy and the Republic: at the intersection point of social changes in modern bourgeois revolution, the monarchy and the Republic's struggle, is essentially a restoration and struggle repeatedly monarch. Throughout the modern history of the world, to replace the social changes of feudalism fierce in capitalism, the fierce struggle with the bourgeoisie feudalism, reflected in the restoration and fight repeatedly turned deadly, and restoration in modern social changes and repeated to fight “ &rdquo rules can hardly be avoided; and. The fierce modern bourgeois and feudalism struggle, determines the long-term and repeated struggle process, extensive and profound social content. Since the human society overall stroke, over 300 years of modern bourgeois revolution, the temporary restoration and how many times the feudal dynasty of the know! Specific to the British and French Modern: the British bourgeois revolution from 1640 l701 years, after 61 years, the the Stuttgart Dynasty multiple short restoration; the French bourgeois revolution from 789— in 1848, after 59 years, during which a Bourbon Wang Zhaoduo shortTemporary restoration. Chinese modern bourgeois revolution with English, French bourgeois revolution form although more or less the same, but the extensive and profound revolution but to thousands of miles, but the results are different. England and France after more than half a century of fierce bourgeois revolution, firmly establish the modern bourgeois democracy (although says from the content difference of constitutional monarchy and Democratic Republic of capitalist), was a great and good development of social conditions in China; however, Xin Hai after the revolution, the restoration and repeatedly new results are, China entered a feudal warlord, separatist period. … …
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The preface sympathy and understanding: Interpretation of _AN times rated hole trend of thought in the western culture the first chapter: _ five four times rated hole thought and the new culture movement 1· object of study 1 (1) of proposition (2) determined period as defined in the 1· 2 (1) of this thesis point selection (2) topic the significance of 1· 3 (1) academic history research. (2) the foreign research. (3) a brief conclusion 1· and the main contents of the 4 chapter structure (1) (2) of the logical process of the focus of the study and the innovation point of the second chapter of monarchy and Republic: at the intersection point of the 2· social change; 1 to Confucius idol for the Qing Dynasty necromancy, not to welcome back the orthodox (1) the &ldquo towards the holy; ” plan abortion (2) after “ the traditional &rdquo to “ ”, the authority; 22 to clear the way for Confucius idols of Hongxian monarchy, Yuan Shikai hit the foot (1) restoration imperial cloth (2) Chinese and foreign reactionary culture union chorus Zun hole song (3) Confucianism to the restoration of the monarchy in 3 2· Zhang Xunjie Confucius idol attack, not to welcome back the Qing Emperor (1) the types of social basis, the same (2 Confucius Idol) as Zhang Xun's restoration of the amulet, lost past Emmanuel 2· echo in the thought of the 4 Confucianism countercurrent (1) against the Confucian classics, opposed the Confucianism as the state religion (2) criticize reactionary “ Chinese special conditions on ”, expose the statue of Kong Fu made 5 Brief plot 2· conclusion the third chapter discarding the old and young new: at the intersection point of 3· culture evolution; 1 focus and struggle, the starting point of the Cultural Revolution (1) Confucius Cultural Revolutionary Road (2) “ transvaluation of all values of ” (3) “ two ” Confucius, two kind of criticism the spirit of 3· 2, the quintessence of Chinese culture and the transformation of national character (1) advocate the country is vintage (2) preserving the national essence is conservative (3) the crunch time 3· 3 (1) of the new culture school of science and democracy, if the journey of two (2): 3· Chinese turning Marxism Leninism culture development the fourth chapter; the 4 Conclusion: East and west at the intersection point of 4· of Chinese and Western culture; 1 in the world and cultural background of the old and new cultural battle (1) times of culture difference and morphological differences (2) cultural compromise theory and Conflict theory (3) go hole Road Home: the Neo Confucian origin of 4· 2 at the end of the Cultural Revolution: by reference to imitate western Russia (1) “ referring to the western ” mixed with socialism (2) choose the road to Russia, European and American model (3) in the ideological field enhanced Russian Road (4 Analysis of the causes of the Socialist Cultural Road) 4· 3 brief conclusion in the fifth chapter I Theory: traditional and modern, a longer the fresh topic appendix a main reference appendix two expert reviews postscript postscript @##@ Publishing The five four period is extremely important in the modern history of China age, especially for the evolution of China culture. The rise in the five four period of Confucianism, history of the social ideology and culture changes in modern times, under the direction of new democratic culture germinating. To evaluate the hole for historical growth trend, in the five four period set off a surge high and sweep forward of the broken and cultural torrent, the formation of the Confucius and theory as the representative of the China inherent cultural historical question the trend, Confucius and the theory of historical destiny in the five four period also undergo an unprecedented era of test. The five four period is not the researchers attention on Confucianism, it is a modern salvation and enlightenment significance has rich and profound ideological and cultural connotation of the cultural movement. It has since the Yuan Shikai restoration era, to "Youth magazine" published to mark the next stop in five four; the new culture movement ended, with the rise of the controversy between science and metaphysics as a landmark. Evaluation of Confucianism the five four period and the new culture movement since suitable coincide, content correlation. Want to break up with Confucius road as the representative of the China feudalism culture belief, value system of this cultural movement, to Confucius and theory of history for the re understanding, it will be saved from the feudal ideology; to foster the spirit of democracy and science, a fundamental transformation of the psychological structure of national culture, the Marx doctrine for the armed with theory as the Russian Road, as the methods and ways of cultural transformation, open bright prospect for development Chinese new democratic culture. Objective evaluation of hole thoughts of the broken objects and set in value, and the new culture movement is completely consistent. But there is a distinctive cultural character in the starting point for the discussion of the problem, it is the cultural subject in a very specific and involves the global, in the modern value of the level of re trial Chinese traditional culture on the development of the new culture movement cues and rich content. The five four period on Confucianism, based on hole number of holes as the focus, to distinguish between new and old opposition, in three different areas in three interrelated clues for reference: one is closely linked to the early years of the Republic of transmutation of social subject, in the field of society and Politics (mainly political thought of old and new field) the struggle against Confucianism, and the restoration of the monarchy, to prevent the social and political status of the reversal; two is the transformation of its focus on Chinese culture, to explore the road of culture evolution China morphology and development, further to the psychological structure of national culture of the bottom layer of the old and the new struggle; three is in the background of world culture development, through the comparison between Chinese and Western cultures and explore the transformation method China culture, establish the direction of advanced culture of modern cultural form and direction of China. Seeing from the space, although they are developed in parallel, but, if from a logical point of view, they show intrinsic progressive deep relationship. The five four period, people active thinking in these three clues like notes around rhythm, a surging culture. Through the wave Jue LAN GUI cultural torrent representation, we can get a glimpse on hole trend of thought and the New Culture MovementThe relevance of the all. Therefore, if you look at the new culture movement from the assessment on hole thought angle, just opened up a new research path. In the five four period, the great cultural knot due to rise on Confucianism and forms a new opposition, and provision of the problem domain of an oversize. As a cultural conservative, and the evolution of new, cultural conservatism and the introduction of open, democratic and scientific, the Marx doctrine and the socialist road, Chinese inherent culture and modern western culture, Chinese national psychological structure formation and transformation, and so on, are polymerized in the traditional society to modern society by the evolution of the social historical theme. In the solution of the problem in the theory of thinking, thinking more heavy weight, terminology is also increasing; polar opposites also exposes a controversy is inevitable in the extreme and extreme weakness. Historically, for proving knot large problems, the need for a process, not in a very short period of time to be a comprehensive solution. Therefore, some fundamental problems in the theory of being solved, such as the development direction of Chinese culture, structure of Chinese cultural and psychological fundamental transformation and so on, already have a scientific answer, just need to practice test and prove it; while some meso level and concrete problems are also discussed further. The five four period after the relevant China culture development and social issues to explore, actually opened in the evaluation of hole thought origins of the problem domain. In this thesis the solution permits, according to Marx's theory of history and cultural theory as the guide, using historical standard as the basis, the research object is the analysis of theoretical study and form of historicism, positioning and gives historical, cultural. This paper does not agree with the history of specification or political history standard as the basis of new culture movement, because in this paradigm and domination, the five four period is extremely important assessment hole number of holes culture movement was buried is gone, so it is difficult to thoroughly to give the new culture movement to resolve the history of culture, it is difficult to to thoroughly understand the ideological and cultural development of the five four period of body, not to speak of understanding and study of the five four period; study abroad against the set for evaluation of Confucianism and the new culture movement &ldquo ” philosophy of history; mode and &ldquo &rdquo mode; cultural philosophy; that all history, super subjective, theoretical model, are not really know the history behind the historical movement, cultural movement of the true. "Broken and cultural torrent" seek truth from facts to innovation in accordance with “ ” principle is proposed for the first time, in addition to five four times rated hole thought and evaluation of hole hole concept of cultural movement, and take it as the topic of panoramic research, also with the evaluation of hole hole cultural movement as the starting point, discusses the the benign interaction relations development trend on hole expansion and the new culture movement; in the study, based on the original data, based on Marx's theory of history and cultural theory as the ideological weapon, tracking the academic developments at home and abroad, the new idea of cutting five four New Culture Movement: This paper does not agree with rising global in the overseas researchers “ wholesale anti tradition on ”, think both on hole number of holes or the cultural movement of the new culture movement does not exist “ totally anti traditional ” theory and practice, the so-called “ totally anti traditional ” just a subjective setting up virtual concept; do not agree with the researchers “ double variation of enlightenment and salvation, salvation overpowering enlightenment theory ” salvation and enlightenment, that is the dialectical unity between a historical, called &ldquo &rdq; variation Uo; and “ &rdquo, is because the overwhelming; separates the inner link of national salvation and enlightenment, in opposition to the subjective, two; don't agree on “ broken can not stand, destroy the prevailing theory, and the resulting derivative ” “ revolution too, bid farewell to revolution, that ” for &ldquo "” damage; harsh criticism, the lack of real historical goal in the five four period, also Its loopholes appeared one after another. in theory; don't agree with &ldquo interruption; salvation enlightenment, the new culture movement is divided into two sections of ” and &ldquo derived; Yang Qian after suppression of ” and “ inhibition of Yang later on, ” think both on Confucianism or the new culture movement, which is a continuous development of whole culture, history, cultural theme One principle runs through it all.; different meaning quite popular “ Yang Li (Da Zhao). (show) on ” Chen, think should exclude non historical concept given the historical figures, including thinkers to seek truth from facts of the historical evaluation etc.. This article believes that, the biased views is the philosophy of history with “ ” and “ &rdquo cultural philosophy; mode of innate, scientific methods to overcome it. As long as the use of historicism.
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