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Date of publication:2006-01-01   Press: East China Normal University press   Author:Lin Yin   Pages:172   Words:172000  

This book was written by Ancient Chinese Literature Search famous professor Lin Yin, Professor Lin Zhang Taiyan, Huang Jigang own pupils, he served as professor at Beijing Normal University, Sichuan University, director of the Research Institute of Chinese literature of Taiwan normal university. The content of this book: the six classics in Han Dynasty, Qin, and Huang Lao Shu, Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties of Sui and Tang Dynasties metaphysics, Buddhism and Confucianism in song and Yuan Dynasties, the development of Neo Confucianism in the Qing Dynasty unified the syndrome, practical, all seven coding. The argument is not new, be reduced to fragments for vertical obstacle said, desiring a large. Very fluent in writing, as a structured narrative, be concise and to the point, brilliant and clinking, the thousands of years of academic thought the vestige, and almost all the academic contents cover all at one glance. Those who have been reading this book for both is the immortal masterpiece.
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Lin Yin, Zhejiang Ruian people, the people of biennial. Chinese University Ancient Chinese Literature Search research department, Peking University Ancient Chinese Literature Search door graduated Konkuk University, honorary doctorate of literature.
he Peking Normal University, Sichuan University, Professor, political University School of Taiwan Normal University professor and director of the Institute of Chinese research institute. Author of "Chinese phonology theory", "Introduction", "text exegetics summary", "Zhou Li note of modern translation", "Han the Three Kingdoms Wenhui" and other books.
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Outline of academic thought Chinese sequence (a) outline academic thought China sequence (two) emotional words (a) six (1) (2) of the "easy" (3) "book" (4) "poetry" (5) "Li" (6) "spring and Autumn" (two) (1) of pre Qin Dynasty Introduction (2) (3) of Confucianism Taoism (4) (5) the famous (6) (three) the study of Confucian classics in Han Dynasty and Huang Lao Shu (1) (2) of the (3) Huang Lao Shu Han Dynasty thinkers (4) (four) of the metaphysics in Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties (1). (2) a pie (3) (4) the school of broad-minded sent (5) talk after the Sui and Tang Dynasties Jin (five) development of Buddhism and the tradition of (1) (2) the introduction of Buddhism sect of Buddhism in Sui and Tang Dynasties (3) (4) (5) the response of Buddhist classics unity (six Song Ming Neo Confucianism) (1) (2) of the Northern Song Dynasty Neo Confucianism everybody (3) and Lu Yitong (4) (5) Yongjia School of Wang Yangming's Theory (seven) in the Qing Dynasty (1) of the syndrome of pragmatism (2) (3) the school leader master (4) (5) the historical school this school. On the "Outline" academic thought Chinese postorder
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