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Gun, Yu as owners, but the relationship between the two is not necessarily true blood relationship between father and son. Like the "Legend of ancient myth ShanHaiChing" like, "a student B" records, may just represent the B and B belongs to the same family, or otherwise referential meaning. For example, "ShanHaiChing home by" said: "Huang Disheng Luo Ming, Luo Mingsheng white, white is for gun." Not that he is Huang Di's "son", and may be said he belongs to the Huang Di family. Again, "ShanHaiChing 'home after" records: "Vulcan drop in river water, Sheng Gong Gong, Gong Gong Sheng operation device. Surgery is the first jolt, soil is complex, to the river. Gong Gong Sheng tu." This may be a and farming related myth, means "primitive method of farming" farming live. "Records of the historian. Huo Zhi biography" said: "among the land, with much land and few people, rice and fish soup, or slash and water cultivation." Takigawa Rtaro (Takigawa Kametaro, 1865-1946) "research" lead well virtue (Nakai, Nakai Riken, 1732 a 1817) as saying: "the grass cover seedlings, and all students, burning with fire, the seedlings and grass all ember, is filled with water, the grass seedlings died long to fat, this is called the primitive method of farming." Takigawa Rtaro's own "note" said: "the first to burning grass, then plowing, planting seedling, filled with water, the soil and seedling length, to remove the weed, rail." The slash-and-burn cultivation, farming method is compared with the original. Who is the Chu Vulcan, Gong Gong is a myth in the water, the earth is a land of god. "Down in the fire water, Sheng Gong Gong" fire farming should be followed by water cultivation, river water for irrigation. "Students of Gong Gong", in May is tools; because "operation is the first mountain", Guo Puzhu: "the head flat." Seems to be digging with hoes ", so" is a complex soil". And the introduction of the flow of river sediment, soil or water from income, often containing fertilizer, to farming, so that "Gong Gong Sheng tu". Therefore, a Vulcan student Gong Gong, Gong Gong Sheng Tu said, should be Southern China Chu agricultural myth, rather than between the three with real blood kinship.......
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Objective: from "us and them" to "you and me" modern mythology and ancient said, through this case study - "Shangshu · Lu punishment" interpretation (excerpt) from "the novelist made" to "the myth of the mansion" - China modern mythology creation of "classic" ShanHaiChing status to the field return to the text - China mythology theory reflection of the hundred years of the flood myth review "interpretation of application and myth totem" Theory -- Taking the myth and the myth of "Customs" deformation case study of Folk Literature: ask what field? Folklore and Hakka culture research -- from folk culture study of universality and linear perspective of Hakka hometown -- Reflection on China modern folklore of a starting point and point Zhong Jingwen folk literature and art thought of "the traditional folk narrative format" Criticism -- Yi epic "Origins" "text suitable record" for example since the late Qing Dynasty Tanci research survey and loss -- "book" and "lack of the desk" hundred years shunt "Folk Culture Youth Forum" memorabilia author and host @##@ brief postscript "Youth Forum of folk culture: Chinese folk culture academic history as" the main contents include: from "the novelist made" to "the myth of the mansion," into the field of texts, hundred years flood myth research review, "totem" theory and the interpretation of Chinese, "Customs" textual research, the Folk Literature: to the field for what, folklore and the research of Hakka culture, Hakka research, reflection.
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