Study on the city of Athens in the classical period

Date of publication:2006-3   Press: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences   Author:Jie Guangyun   Pages:218   Words:185000  

Jie Guangyun, male, born in December 1964, Anhui Hefei people. Graduated from Anhwei Normal University, Wuhan University and Nankai University, received bachelor of history, the world history of professional master's and doctoral degrees respectively. Fudan University professional history of the world. As a reporter, director and television program planning. Former Anhwei Normal University Institute of sociology, social work professional director and research director of ancient and medieval history of the world. He is an associate professor of Anhwei Normal University Institute of social history, the master of the world tutor. Director Chinese Research Association of world ancient history. Managing director of the Anhui historical society. The main research direction for the ancient Western society and culture. Has published more than 30 papers, edited books and 5 academic books. Chaired or participated in the project of national social science fund and a number of academic research work, has won many teaching and research awards.
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Sequence of a sequence of two chapter 1 introduction of industrial and commercial center -- Classical Athens city and economic section of Classical Athens city and handicraft second classical Athens city and commercial summary chapter second democratic political stage -- Classical Athens city and the political section Athens city public space second section settings in the city of Athens democratic political institutions and the operation of the third chapter flourishing culture garden -- Classical Athens city and culture section Athens city agglomeration of scientific and cultural knowledge and talent in section second relies on the Athens city cultural activities of the fourth chapter in the expansion of the test -- Classical Athens city and the first section: Athens win the Persian war the city's comprehensive competitiveness to strengthen the second day war defeat: the city of Athens in the classical period of decline of more than fifth chapters on: a notable history common conclusion reference journals and books a Chinese journals and reference two English journals and reference books English directory @##@ postscript Athens is the most famous ancient Greek city-state Athens polis, is relying on the center, but the current domestic research in this aspect is seldom. The topic from a new perspective of history of Athens, nature has its academic value. The paper under the guidance of historical materialism, on the basis of detailed material, using the methods of interdisciplinary research, to the classical period of Greece Athens City investigated the history of comprehensive, system, thorough, Athens city demonstration is the frontier area of Attica, Athens economy politics, culture and military center, an important center also the whole of the Greek world. And finally, the same period Chinese, India historical event, city culture spirit of human factors on the ancient history of analysis. The structure is complete, the level is clear, full of academic value and innovation significance, people to read an open up a fresh outlook sense. The classical period, the relative prominence of industrial and commercial economy development of Athens, Athens city agglomeration of industrial and commercial economy, become the economic center of Commerce and industry. Established by many social reforms, Athens slavery the main democratic authority citizens assembly, the Council and the jury court, established in Athens City, establishment and operation of City Industrial and commercial economy developed and the city as the center of the democratic political institutions, and provided a solid material foundation and favorable social environment for the Athens the polis of ancient period of cultural prosperity. It is in democratic politics and business economy wide for the development of the vast background of Greek classical period, ushered in the cultural spirit. Development of outstanding Athens City, political, economic basis not only gather the classical cultural prosperity must, but also classical cultural prosperity garden. As the Athenian political, economic and cultural center of the city of Athens polis, is not only the existence and development of the core and the change of heart, with the city in the expansion experienced the rise fall.
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