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The book of each article and writing more related to the previous set, and as indicated in the title, content mainly includes two aspects: one is the "Literary Mathematical Criticism", basically is the "fiction"; two is the classical works of "novels", or the question the old saying, or put forward and test solution solve a specific problem. Although the two are mainly is the fiction of the theory, but the former is partial to the literature the universal principle, the latter is a novel theory of specific things, it is divided into two parts. The article about the literature of the "Mathematical Criticism" research, thinking of "three" plot literary mathematical problems taught in Qufu Normal University in Shandong continued, first tone, and tone in Hebei University of Shandong Normal University during the period of today, including "Literary Mathematical Criticism" the argument and analysis and is trying to "journey to the west" in order to study the application of the object. The paper mostly with the various sections in the same period in, content is focused on specific problems in the ancient writers, works on. The content is at best a very wide, but experts may seem complex, but also focus on some considerations.
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Du Guichen, born in 1950, Shandong Ningyang people. Professor, doctoral tutor of Shandong Normal University. Works include "Chinese ancient short stories", "history of the traditional culture and the classical novel", "Ming poetry" (Commentary) and more than 10 species, in Chinese "social science", "literature review", "literary heritage", "Journal of Peking University (PHILOSOPHY AND SOCIAL SCIENCES), published papers papers.
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The preface Preface: Mathematical Criticism Theory China ancient literature "dependence" tradition and the mathematical beauty -- Also on China Ancient Literary Mathematical Criticism "Literary Mathematical Criticism" -- to Chinese of Ancient Literary Mathematical criticism centered on China ancient literature "three things" Discourse "oneness of heaven and man" and the ancient stories of three point type layout -- Taking "the romance of the Three Kingdoms" as an example of application of "journey to the west" "dependence" intention and Shao Yong studies the relationship between "journey to the west" mathematical mechanism theory -- from the mysterious figures of literary criticism "journey to the west", "Monkey King" on "journey to the west" in the "seven" mode "journey to the west" of "seven" mode "journey to the west" in the "seven seven" and "Nine Nine" "Sun Wukong" name "the best gold hoop stick solution said" that "a number of hidden" say "one hundred and eight thousand" Tang Seng "Zijin alms bowl" "three and one" s and Lu Xun s novels narrative art -- on the Modern Literary Mathematical Criticism Chinese Lu Xun literature and the classical tradition -- Taking "Diary of a madman" as an example Editor: novels on the romance of the Three Kingdoms of Luo Guanzhong "the romance of the Three Kingdoms" copyright problems -- a discussion with Mr. Zhang Zhihe "the romance of the Three Kingdoms" author Luo Guanzhong is Shandong Dongping people -- Luo Guanzhong native place "Higashihara said" the external evidence and evidence of nearly a hundred years "Three Kingdoms" academic anomie an explicit example -- on "" ghost recorded books of "Luo Guanzhong" materials for suspension or doubt "the romance of the Three Kingdoms" into a book's newly "the romance of the Three Kingdoms" Xu Shu GUI Cao story -- and the origin of the vernacular of Bianwen relations as well as the "three studies" view and methodology of "the romance of the Three Kingdoms" in the literary characteristics and properties "Liu Bei fell Dou" on "the romance of the Three Kingdoms" from Shandong and "boat borrow arrow" to "borrow arrows with thatched boats" Mao Zonggang "" the romance of the three Kingdoms "I see the scholars" scholars "on Wu Jingzi" accounts "and into the" Museum "-- from classical literature" problem consciousness "speaking of classic position of research and methods review" by the (scholars) caused by a storm "-- and Meng Xingren, Meng, Fan Jingxian Students discuss Qiludeng "Qiludeng" of the ten major strengths worth reading education novel -- "Qiludeng" "Qiludeng" structure from "Qiludeng" and "a dream of Red Mansions" look at their age. At two Ms. Wu "Qiludeng" research -- from mainland China's "Qiludeng" research about the other on Confucianism on China ancient novels short stories of the song and Yuan Dynasties of song and Yuan Dynasties "Sanyan" on the "marriage stories to Awaken Men" of "Doupeng Xianhua". Three is the origin of Wu Song and Ren Minghua "novels of gifted scholars and beautiful ladies tiger" order
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