Research on city culture and civilization

Date of publication:2005-6   Press: Higher Education Press   Author:Rao Huilin   Pages:350   Words:260000  

Rao Huilin, male, born in 1932 in Hunan County of Taoyuan province. Dongbei University of Finance and Economics Professor, city economics doctoral tutor, vice president of the society of city economy and China discipline construction professional committee chairman. Beginning in 1981, engaged in the work of City Economic Research and teaching, Dalian City in 1985 won the "outstanding educator" title, in 1993 by the national Ministry of finance "advanced workers" title in 1995 by the national financial system, "the State Council has outstanding contribution expert" special allowance. In China "social science", "economic research", Journal of economic aspects of the city more than 200 research papers. By various papers and research achievement award 24 times. The publication of the individual monographs and edited books include: "Research on the development strategy of the modern city" (1987), "city economic theory and practice" (1997), "city economics" (volume, volume) (1999), "city economic theory research topic" (2001), Chinese "City management" (2003). Among them, "modern city development strategy research" by the former State Education Commission outstanding works prize (1992), "city economics" won the twelfth Chinese Book Award (2000).
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In the first chapter of cultural existence -- soundless and stirless, constitute a conclusion in this chapter second chapter -- broad and profound cultural system as the shadow follows the form the first day the fundamental concepts of the second festival culture carrier third festival culture, colorful section culture second cultural differences third day culture towards a conclusion in this chapter third chapter cultural functions -- Taking "intangible" Yu ", the" visible "the more intangible" strong first quarter culture education second festival culture do third day culture handed down this chapter is a conclusion of the fourth chapter the spirit of the city culture and Civilization -- moral support, ideal traction first day city spiritual civilization of apricot core section second city spiritual loss third city spiritual civilization ideal conclusion in this chapter fifth chapter of city management culture and Civilization -- work diligently for the people, keeping pace with the times the first city management section second city management the management behavior culture and civilization third city management system and civilization fourth city culture and civilization in this chapter, the sixth chapter city industrial culture and Civilization -- the Yi Xing Li, the seventh chapter city construction coordination innovation culture and Civilization -- Xingshenjianbei, refine on under Article The eight chapter city culture strategy -- look far ahead from a high plane sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height, the ninth chapter City Culture -- advocating education, through the ancient and now the tenth chapter city culture industry -- emerging industries, the sacred mission of the main references @##@ postscript The book is divided into three parts, in the first,, of culture, cultural function of the cultural system, explores the unique theory, and then focus on the spirit of the city culture and civilization, city management culture and civilization, city industrial culture and civilization construction, city culture and civilization, and for how to develop city culture development strategy City, the development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries, puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions on the heuristic. This book focus on city culture construction in city mayor, cultural work in senior management, city and ask: researchers, as well as professional university city planning, culture, school teachers and students to have the reference value.
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