Propagation and Enlightenment

Date of publication:2004-9   Press: Hunan people's Publishing House   Author:Qiu Ruohong   Pages:349   Words:273000  

Science is an important flag China control advanced molecular salvation and ideological and cultural enlightenment. And a number of men and women with high ideals and the wisdom mind of national prosperity, national rejuvenation molecular ambition, actively spread the western modern science knowledge, efforts to carry out scientific enlightenment, called for the creation of China scientific career, which led to the formation of modern scientific thought of development, Chinese, vigorous growth and surging. Modern scientific thought is advanced ideological trend of patriotism, anti feudal, advocate the main enlightenment, it not only for the establishment and development of science and technology of China laid important foundation, but also promoted the political, economic, educational, cultural, academic and other wide field Chinese society from traditional to modern. Of course, it is also a serious one-sided ideological trend, such as do not handle the revolution and advocated science relationship, not to the people in the popularization of science, scientism and with strong color and so on, all of these have a negative effect on. Today, the author of this trend, gives us enlightenment in many aspects: first of all, should inherit the modern thinkers' understanding of function and value of scientific giant, efforts to promote the cause of rejuvenating the country through science and education; we should unremittingly to popularize scientific knowledge, disseminate scientific ideas, promote scientific spirit; in particular, to adhere to the scientific and the combination of democratic, scientific spirit and humanistic spirit of the principle of unity, promote overall social progress and coordinated development, and strive to build a prosperous, democratic, civilized socialist modern country.
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Qiu Ruohong, male, born in 1966, Anhui Yuexi people. In 1986 and was admitted to Anqing Teachers College Department of history, after graduating from middle school. Graduate in 1994 and was admitted to the College of Hunan Normal University, master, was awarded a doctoral degree in history. Now with the administrative management associate professor of political science at the Central South University, master's tutor, mainly engaged in the research China modern thought and culture history, and published over 20 papers, written in the "reference" and other 3 academic books.
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Abstract: the first chapter is the introduction of early modern science communication and thought germination, early modern science communication and "barbarians technology" trend of thought (a) science communication in early modern period (two) in early modern science communication "barbarians technology" thought in two, during the period of Westernization Movement and to promote knowledge of Science (a) the dissemination of scientific thought in the period of Westernization Movement (two) advocated the contention of Gezhi science debate with Si Chaosan, of (a) the western plains said (two) forming conditions and logo, Wu Xu era of scientific thought and scientific thought of scientific enlightenment of Chinese during the period of the second chapter Wu Xu (a) the formation of the system of scientific thought and scientific thought background (two) formed within the system conditions (three) scientific enlightenment thought mainly sign science thoughts formed in two, the reformists, (a) the dissemination of scientific knowledge (two) introduced the scientific method (three) the outlook of modern science enlightenment three, reformers thought of saving the country through Science (a) Kang Youwei "material and save the theory" (two) Yan Fu's "western view of salvation" (three) Liang Qichao, Tan Sitong thought of saving the country through science four, promotion and Haihua: Wu Xu Science Sustainable development thought. Third chapter Xin Hai revolution period of scientific thoughts, scientific Xin Hai revolution intensified a tide of sustainable development background and performance (a) the development and new intellectuals in the new education. (two) establish broad scientific organizations and research institutions (three) to spread scientific and large founded two, Xin Hai revolution the basic contents of scientific thought responsibility of all kinds of newspapers and magazines (a) reveal "saving the nation through science" banner, the great function of promotion of Science (two) to promote science education, advocate the promotion of practical skills (three) the dissemination of scientific rationality, opposes religious superstition and folly (four) to the scientific axiom derivation revolution, the revolution by axiom fourth chapter five four period of scientific thought and agitation (on) a period, five four scientific thoughts soaring conditions and performance (a) scientific thoughts rising historical conditions (two) science thoughts rising manifestation of the two, "New Youth" to send humanitarian ideologist scientific propaganda (a) science and Democracy: Humanistic thinkers of the enlightenment the flag...... The fifth chapter five four periods of development and scientific thoughts surging (lower) and reflection of the sixth chapter of multi perspective reference
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