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Steven Connor (Steven Connor), the University of London professor of English at Birkbeck College. Author of "Charles Dickens" (1985), "Samuel Beckett" (1988), "theory and cultural value" (1992).
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Introduction to the second edition to the first part of 1 context of postmodernism and academic institutions, the second part later in 2 Post Modernity: Postmodern Social Theory and legal theory of Jean Francois Liotafrederick Jamesongen Bodleya post-modern legal 3 architecture and visual art in the postmodern architectural photography 4 post modernism and destruction and irony literature space beyond its ontology may and the world of the novel: science fiction and the computer network novel the 5 modern drama dance pantomime music 6 modern TV, video and film television and video film 7 postmodernism and popular culture of rock music style and fashion in the third part, 8 - caution: denying and lofty 9 modern and cultural politics resistance space feminism and postmodernism postmodernism and post colonialism of post modernism, avant garde art and ethics possibility culture: Postmodern ecology reference index @##@ translation postscript "Postmodern culture: contemporary theory guide" the author in the post modernism; then discussed in law, architecture, music, dance, painting, science fiction, film and television, popular culture and other areas of new post-modernism; and critical interpretation of the latest ideas, let Francois Liotta Frederick Jameson, Jean Baudrillard, postmodernism theorist; finally discussed the postmodern style and cultural politics.
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"Postmodern culture: contemporary theory of guidance" by the western academia as modernism after discussing the most comprehensive guide book. Since the publication of the first edition in 1989, has been reprinted 7 times in 1997, the revised second edition of the publication, and we according to this translation.
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