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Date of publication:2006-4   Press: Renmin University of China press   Author:Gao Xuanyang   Pages:416   Words:426000  

Popular culture has been in ancient and early capitalist society, but its popularity and in society in general and penetration, is obviously more than half a century. The globalization trend of contemporary economy, more make the popular culture become omnipresent political economic and cultural forces. This book from philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, linguistics, semiotics and other multidisciplinary perspectives, the popular culture is summarized research and theory, combining the phenomenon of different times and countries and regions rich and diverse, into the analysis of the observation and experience on popular culture. This book relates to the structure characteristics of popular culture, popular culture in the social life each domain forms, and popular culture and the mentality of the people and the spirit of close relationship, comprehensive and in-depth study of the nature of popular culture and logic operation. The author of the book in France and Paris more than twenty years, the most important origin in the basic theory of western culture, but also the most important birthplace of contemporary popular culture. Thoughts and life rhythm combination, the author not only with the most famous thinkers contemporary learn knowledge again and again, and to be in the space distance of observation and experience of popular culture, the popular culture sociology book the innovation research, has a solid theoretical foundation deep and lively data example.
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Gao Xuanyang, Zhejiang Hangzhou people. Life interest is the shuttle and thinking in the multidisciplinary text philosophy and the humanities and social sciences. Now the director of Shanghai Tongji University Professor, the French thought culture research center, Department of philosophy and social science. From 1957 to 1966 in the Peking University to study philosophy, bachelor's and master's degree. Be engaged in research work for many years in the study of world religions in Beijing Academy of Social Sciences and China. Paris is the first university in France in 1979, 1983 by the degree of doctor of philosophy. Once successively in the French national scientific research center, Paris tenth University and the Paris International Institute of philosophy, Soochow University Teaching and research.
editor with "Western Culture Series", "humanistic science series", "study and critique series" and "new horizons West" etc..
published monographs are: "Existentialism", "structuralism", "the Freud doctrine", "guidance", "new Marx doctrine of pragmatism and pragmatic", "Habermas theory", "hermeneutics on", "philosophical anthropology", "development of Philosophy in Germany", "Introduction to Philosophy" of Russell, "biography of Russell", "Freud", "Picasso", "Sutter", "theory of post modern art of uncertainty", "Rickel's Hermeneutics", "contemporary social theory", "postmodern theory", "Bourdieu", "Luhmann social system theory and Modernity" popular culture, "Sociology", "Foucault's aesthetics of existence" and "contemporary French thought for fifty years".
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The first chapter is the introduction: Popular Culture and the significance of the research of the first day as a social and cultural phenomenon, popular culture second festival of contemporary popular culture important section third pop culture sociology history section fourth pop culture sociological legitimacy fifth section on popular culture's basic theory and methods. The second chapter the definition of popular culture this section from the reality of the pop culture festival second pop culture definition flexibility third broad and narrow pop culture section fourth as a general culture and popular culture fifth pop culture general definition sixth pop culture modernity defined in the third chapter the characters of the popular culture and the basic structure of the first day pop cultural characteristics and structure of the second festival of popular culture symbol of the language features of third's pop culture time and the time structure of the special nature of the fourth festival of pop culture mass fifth pop culture, daily life sixth pop culture technical reproduction section seventh pop culture floating eighth pop culture of non the rational composition of ninth day pop culture possibility nature chapter fourth popular clothing The first section and diet fashion in the popular culture's key position in the second day fashion and pop dynamics in section third popular diets generally social significance of fourth section of the Taipei Coffee culture and its significance in Chapter fifth popular popular literature and music first day pop culture and art of the social and historical conditions of second day culture industry and popular culture third pop music fourth from classical music to modern pop music symbol structure evolution of fifth section of pop art and modern urban culture, the sixth chapter luxury lifestyle and pop culture section as a metropolitan culture of popular culture section second as "luxury" lifestyle of popular culture third luxury type and popularization of the seventh chapter as a symbol power pop culture first day pop culture and power the complex relationship between section second pop culture and biological power third pop culture symbolic power nature of the eighth chapter of popular culture and business the first day pop culture of commercial and consumer culture properties of second day consumption culture to like nature of the game in the third quarter of the global economy pop culture festival fourth commercial pop cultural diversity research article The nine chapter body and popular culture...... The tenth chapter advertising, media and popular culture, the eleventh chapter psychology, popular culture psychology, aesthetic taste and References
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