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Date of publication:2007-7   Press: Life, reading, New York   Author:Sa Yide (USA)   Pages:528   Words:390000  

Therefore, Orientalism is not only a cultural, academic and research institutions in the passive reflected the political object or field; not concerning East text complex set; and not on some attempt to subvert the "Oriental" world of evil "western" imperialist conspiracy expression. It is the regional political consciousness to aesthetic, economics, sociology, history and philosophy of a distribution of text; it is not only the basic geographical (world from the East and west two unequal parts), but to the whole of "interest" system of an elaborate plan -- it through academic discovery reconstruction, language, psychological analysis, description of nature or society to describe these interests system created, and which can be maintained; it is in itself, rather than to express an apparently different from themselves (alternative or new, the) world understanding -- in some cases, manipulation, control annex -- even desire or intention; first and foremost, it is a kind of discourse, the discourse and vulgar political power had no direct correspondence, but were not balanced exchange process is created and in the exchange process in power and different form, its development and evolution a certain extent subject to the political power (such as a colonial institution or the imperial government agencies), academic power (such as comparative linguistics, comparative anatomy or any The modern political science form the dominant subject), power (such as the orthodox culture and classical taste, text and value), moral authority (such as "we" and "do what what they" can't do or do not like "us" as to the understanding of this kind of idea exchange between). In fact, I mean, Orientalism is itself -- not just express -- modern political and academic culture is an important part, therefore, rather than with the East, rather than with the "we" world. Since the Orientalism is a cultural and political reality, then, the data are not what are the possible vacuum; on the contrary, I think there is evidence that, on this topic, have thought, said, or done something has shown a clear academic clue (it is probably occurs within the this cue). Concrete structure in between overall effect and the actual text of the superstructure of the rather subtle differences can be found even meticulous planning. I think, most scholars are willing to accept such a concept: the text exists in the context; text and text are linked with each other; a gauge, pioneer, rhetorical style limited Walter Benjamin (Walter Benjamin) has advocated "according to the 'creative' size on the creators of excess heavy taxes imposed" this a method of implementing -- here, the poet is considered on the basis of their own experience, from his own pure mind to create his works. However, it was not willing to allow the politics, ideology, system constraints in the same way, acting on a single author. Researchers in the humanities will believe any of the Balzac (Honore de Balzac) explained this is an interestingFact: influence people by Balzac in "human comedy" by Jove Roy Saint - Hilal and Cuvier argument, but also affect the ingrained monarchy concept in Balzac's body was used to blacken his literature "genius" and thus was considered not careful research value.......

Sa Yide (Edwardw. Said, 1935-2003) is one of the literary and cultural critics the world influential. Born in Jerusalem, in the British occupation of Egypt during studying in Cairo western school, accept the British and American education, 1950 years to study in the United States, he received a PhD from Harvard University in 1963, professor at Columbia University, teaching British literature and comparative literature. Representative works: "start: intention and method", "the world, text, critics", "Oriental Studies", "culture and imperialism", "the intellectual theory", "the question of Palestine" etc.. Edward said and famous music critic, opera scholar, pianist, and intellectuals participate in Palestinian political movement for Palestinians in the western world, the most eloquent spokesperson.
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Acknowledgments Chapter 1 introduction of range of oriental studies a understanding of the Oriental Imagination and expression: two regional structure of east east three plans of the four crisis second chapter Orientalism and re structure of redrawing the boundaries, to define the problem, secularized religion two Sylvester • Sassy and Ernest de • • N: abode and research rationality of Anthropology and Linguistics laboratory three Oriental: necessary conditions for dictionary compilation and imagine four pilgrims and pilgrimage, Britain and France, the third chapter of Oriental Studies at present. A hidden and significant in the eastern two style, specialized knowledge, imagine the vision: secularization of three modern English oriental studies the height of the four recent phase indexing @##@ postscript "Oriental Studies" the book and the contemporary history of unrest and hubbub is completely inseparable. In the book, I accordingly emphasizes both the term of "Oriental", or "western" this not the concept of ontology sense of stability, the two all by human effort, in part to confirm each other, partly in recognition of each other. "Orientalism" in 1975 for the beginning of the Lebanese Civil War description, the war ended in 1990, but the violence and ugly human bloodshed but continues to the present day. We experienced the failure of the peace process in Oslo. Terrible suffering, the second Palestinian intifada erupted and the West Bank and Gaza invasion was again the Palestinians there, Israel was a routine collective punishment actions using F-18 fighters and Apache helicopters against unarmed civilians. Dutch act bomb attack phenomena fully shows the terrible destruction, it's certainly not what than "nine one" event and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq more frightful to the ear, more doomsday predictions show significance. While I was writing this article, and the Iraq illegal and unauthorized invasion and occupation of the ongoing, the attendant is fantastic material plunder, political unrest and become aggravated aggression. It was considered that is called the clash of civilizations part, endless unable, hopeless. But I don't think so.
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