New exploration of the study of Chinese ancient history

Date of publication:1992-6   Press: Jiangsu ancient books publishing house   Author:Qiu Xigui   Pages:611   Words:413000  

Qiu Xigui, Zhejiang Ningbo people, born in 1935, graduated from the History Department of Fudan University in 1956, the same year admitted to the Hu Houxuan guidance "Oracle Shang history" graduate, graduated in 1960, assigned to the Chinese Department of Peking University assistant professor, associate professor in 1983 or 1978, professor. In 1984 was named "Chinese young expert with outstanding contribution".
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The discovery of the Qin and Han Dynasties exam written materials for reading ancient books talk about the importance to bu materials in the pre Qin ancient books collation work reading of books should pay attention to the archaeological data about water use "Shangshu Jinwen scholars collating" an important find reading "war book" the Yang strategists notes notes "Lunheng" notes on reading notes (nine) "offering bird" interpretation "food" "Luo" the week 匹休 tomorrow "......" New "Deng Li for the emperor, which way is" interpretation "find me in the hopeless situation" said "the river is not the small streams" say "eunuch emperor" say "in case of negative support insurance interest" to "Warring States" "touch transcript said Zhao Taihou" chapter typo talk about ancient writing materials of ancient Chinese research the importance of interpretation of the words two (release "," read "what" release "etymological dictionary") talk about "Ciyuan" "Ci Hai" phonetic "Ciyuan" preliminary exploration on revised in note Fanqie problems into problems of Chinese characters: the Naxi pictographs from Mawangdui No.1 tomb "task list" to talk about the ancient scribe some problems about the Shang clan organizations and patrician and plebeian two classes of oracle bone inscriptions found in the "Tian" "and" "Wei" and other official research -- on the "Hou" "and" "male" "Wei" and several princes of origin "and the" Warring States era property test of a cold and stingy husband changed fire -- the meson pushes burning legend research Mawangdui "me" and the volume before and after the lost books and "legalist" -- on the "on" or "white" to Shen Dao Tian Pian school attached to works: editorial letter said Yao Double disc, land @##@ name mast, mast with the fetters of process PI paint "Mask" of Tang tomb unearthed "The ancient literature research series" is one of the key scientific research project of National Education Committee Committee of the collation of ancient books. This project aims to reflect the new achievements of China's contemporary scholars of our country have made important ancient books. Multitude of ancient literature of our country, the research work also has a long history, dynasties have contribution. Especially for some of the more important ancient books, due to repeated collation and research in each era, it has accumulated a very fruitful results. But because these ancient occupies a very important position in traditional Chinese culture, Liang era scholars fork respectively based on their age, with the academic perspective, viewpoint and method of the typical feature for recognition; therefore, sorting and study a repeat, but from the historical development point of view, to repeat the work as a whole has bring forth the new through the old, step by step, is the traditional culture and academic is a full of vigor and vitality of the process of creative inheritance. This process is clearly in the future to continue. Earlier, around how to treat traditional culture, had the ideological debates fierce, the debate has become more and more clear consensus. That is Marxism Leninism, Mao Zedong in principle, not to move or retreat to inherit and carry forward our excellent traditional culture, but also the more open the more to carry forward the excellent traditional culture. Because the positive influence of excellent traditional culture can deepen the patriotic feelings, enhance the cohesion of the Chinese nation, promote the forming Chinese style and Chinese style, which is China characteristic to the construction socialism undoubtedly has great and far-reaching significance. This book is the author of the thesis in the ancient history and culture collection. The author in the text (including bamboo slips) a large number of papers, has another, for the album, but in the short term will not publish. According to the received the book to be divided into four parts. The first three parts seven. The first part is about the collation of ancient books, focused on the use of the unearthed literature reading ancient books. The second part is about the ancient chinese. The third part is about the ancient (business to Han History), besides the general historical papers, and studies of ancient legends and ancient history of thought in each one. The fourth part is about the only four articles, artifacts.
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