Liu Zongyuan theory

Date of publication:2005-7   Press: Hunan University press   Author:Zhang Tiefu  

The book is divided in the philosophy of Liu Zongyuan, the religious thought of Liu Zongyuan and Huxiang culture and the relationship between topics of analysis, debate. Especially analyze atheism, historical view of Liu Zongyuan's unique insights.
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Zhang Tiefu, male, born in 1946, Hunan Yuanjiang people, junior high school education. By assiduous self-study in 1980 admitted to the Hunan Provincial Academy of social sciences. Served as assistant researcher, associate researcher positions. Has long been engaged in research work China history of ancient philosophy. Made a thorough study on Wang Chong, Liu Zongyuan, Liu Yuxi, Wang Fuzhi et al. The philosophy thought and the Song Dynasty buddhism. In writing the "China moral education study", "China academic history", "new century popular philosophy" and other 6 works, published more than 40 papers.
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The first chapter of Liu Zongyuan's political and ideological course section on road a new reform on the second day from Jane "inverse" see Wang Pi, six on the political attitude of Liu Zongyuan in the third quarter atheism thought Liu Zongyuan Wang Shuwen was banished after the background and the political content of the fourth section Tang Shunzong killed second chapter said Chinese ideology of Liu Zongyuan the first day of Liu Zongyuan philosophy thoughts on Liu Zongyuan in the second quarter and third Buddhist Festival Liu Zongyuan of Taoist school and Taoism attitude of the third chapter of Liu Zongyuan's philosophical thought (on) the first section of the Liu Zongyuan two philosophical views of dialectical second section Liu Zongyuan life history the fourth chapter of Liu Zongyuan (below) the first section of the Liu Zongyuan and Liu Yuxi's view of the world Liu Zongyuan in the second quarter, Han Yu sing fifth chapter research on the mountain section "exile" on the second day long said "we" section third "Longma in Hejian biography" textual references
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