• Cultural Studies (Ninth Series)

    "Cultural Studies (Ninth Series)" on the western theory is introduced to the topic of direction. "Cultural Studies (Ninth Series)" we do "sub culture" and "the culture of fans" two topics. Do the main reason of these two subjects, because in recent years China's youth sub culture and the culture of fans has been the rapid development,,

  • The theory of imagination

    "Theory of the imagination: Northrop Fry's cultural criticism" content brief introduction: readers now see this book very remarkable book "theory of the imagination: Northrop Fry's cultural criticism", once as Jiang Yuqin's Doctoral Thesis Defense Committee received favorable comments from. She is to write a PhD thesis, not only,

  • Cross cultural communication

    Cross cultural communication ", higher vocational business English, English teaching materials planning, cross cultural communication" in the content, target, training and education of higher vocational talents knowledge and ability structure requirements, fully embodies the theory knowledge for sufficient degree, to cultivate students' cross-cultural communication skills to. The first chapter on the basic knowledge and theory,

  • Scattered on the grass root culture

    "Grass-roots culture" content brief introduction: grassroots culture, folk culture, popular culture, primary culture. Qin Geng with the "grassroots culture" the focus from the relationship between popular novels, stories, songs, folk literature and folklore, juggling and grassroots, religious culture to make a comprehensive research on the focus from,

  • The wisdom of torture

    Contemporary cultural theory we interview collection, "the wisdom of torture: collection of contemporary cultural theory we interview set" publication, first of all to thank the PhD dissertation, Department of foreign languages of Tsinghua University professor Wang Ning I. As an internationally renowned literary theorist, Professor Wang Ning academic exchanges in the world in the contemporary scholars I contact can be said to be the most,

  • Cultural genetic theory

    The progress of human society, the development of science has a very close relationship with the cultural inheritance, based on "cultural inheritance" proposing the concept of cultural inheritance in explicitly, from a philosophical point of view of the essence of cultural problems. The author discusses between the human subject and object of the understanding of the relationship, relationship value, relationship,

  • Chinese Cultural Soft Power Research Report

    "Chinese Cultural Soft Power Research Report (2010 Edition)" content brief introduction: in today's world of increasingly fierce competition in comprehensive national strength. All countries, especially between the great powers, all in a variety of ways to show their strength in hard and soft strength charm. More and more facts tell us, the soft power of development of any country are,

  • Research on Intercultural Communication (Second Series)

    "Research on Intercultural Communication (Second Series)" is the research center of Harbin Institute of Technology College of foreign languages and intercultural communication and intercultural communication to Chinese first regularly published in domestic and international, sponsored by the international cross-cultural communication research institute and the higher education press the intercultural communication studies. "Cross cultural communication,

  • The Britain and

    Reflection and reconstruction of Qiang culture after the disaster, "the British help: Qiang culture in post disaster reconstruction reflection" content brief introduction: series, around the same theme launched the series is also. Chinese center minority research Minzu University of China launched "Application Research" series of Humanities and Social Sciences, is the first to the community that a mind: we believe that human society,

  • Chen Zhu said Ancient Chinese Literature Search

    "Chen Zhu said Ancient Chinese Literature Search (version)" article by Sima on the theory, yin and Yang, Confucianism, ink, name, law, moral six. The six most important. And because of the limited space so. "Chen Zhu said Ancient Chinese Literature Search (version)" discusses the order, as the "Hanshu • Yiwenzhi", in the book are recorded in the "Han Zhi",

  • The study of cultural globalization

    "Research" cultural globalization is about the study of cultural globalization monograph, the book includes: cultural globalization and China higher education, globalization of culture inheritance and development of traditional sports culture of minority nationalities, China Confucian culture fusion, to the contemporary world civilization in globalization of culture China advanced culture construction,

  • Cultural Essays

    "Brief discussions on" content culture: the real you is not kick up a cloud of dust, say something profound truth, to let a person cannot read as standard. But Mr Zhou Youguang's book is everyone works. This says what credentials? First of all, this book looks simple, but there are several big characteristics, first, explain profound theories in simple language, the language is very bright,

  • Cultural Studies (Tenth Series)

    "Cultural Studies (Tenth Series)" content brief introduction: "cultural studies" series tenth series brings together the Nanjing University "Chinese city space production" interdisciplinary research team stage. Includes five topics: as a basic problem of space, modern and historical memory space power, contemporary Chinese empty,

  • Ministerial leaders of historical and cultural lectures

    "Ministerial leaders of historical and cultural lectures: Shi Jian volume (volume one) (photo 2)" the editor will lecture after refining scrutiny, catalog as set. "Ministerial leaders of historical and cultural lectures: Shi Jian volume (volume one) (photo 2)" collection of Li Xueqin's "in search of the origin of Chinese civilization",,

  • Native culture

    Native culture, ISBN:9787541637926, author: Lu 茸定 with,

  • Study on the history of British Sinology nineteenth Century

    "Sinological history Serie: main contents of the study of" Sinology in the UK in nineteenth Century: "Sinology" a word meaning is the study of the Chinese language, history, culture, this study specifically in the domestic habits of foreigners, so special called "Sinology", also sometimes as a "world Sinology", "international China science",,

  • The national spirit

    "National spirit" is "the science of Humanities Series" youth one. National spirit is the spiritual support for a nation's survival and development, is the essence of national culture, is to promote the students to realize the ideal, spirit pursuit of life goals, is the promotion of young students to grow, healthy growth, overall,

  • Humanization and human

    The new culture in the modern view, "" humanization "and" human ": an introduction to the new culture" in the modern view content: in the era of globalization today Chinese, construction of civilization, a new culture is born at the very rare opportunity, but also faced with hitherto unknown challenge. In the increasingly become "economic man", "technology", "paper", increasingly losing,

  • China pain

    National character criticism and politics of culture dilemma, "Chinese pain: national character criticism and politics of culture dilemma": the early part of the twentieth Century China elite and the western society, western culture and value identity of the contact, but in the kinship and social organization, and they can only belong to Chinese society. The contradiction between cultural identity and ethnic identity, give them,

  • Science books and records

    Scholars and books are closely related and cannot be divided, together with the bulk of the collection, from one point of view reflects the evolution China modern cultural history. According to the academic library purposes, divided them into science book collector, scholars, the writings and the exhibition treasures four, through the historical study, for the reader to show,

  • The Cultural Art Tour

    "Cultural and artistic journey (Ding on set)" is Rao Zongyi, Ikeda Oku, Sun Lichuan's dialogues. Talking for a period of one year, Sun Lichuan plan, compile, participate in conversations at the same time, also a large number of relevant background information load one's pages with references to resources, reading comprehension. Ikeda Oku and Rao Zongyi started from the review of youth learning pace, chase,

  • Study of the intangible cultural heritage

    "Research" cultural heritage intangible is about the research of "intangible cultural heritage" monograph, the book includes: "the Xuzhou Bangzi survival status and protection and development", "drama class intangible cultural heritage project industrialization operation of Xuzhou local opera -- excellent cultural industry developing plan",,

  • Offend culture

    "Culture" is to offend Hu Yeqiu public intellectuals conscience, critical cultural phenomenon on the dusty, a harsh criticism and discussion, make a careful and detailed analysis, pierce to the heart of the matter, be overwhelmed with admiration for his interesting. Hu Yeqiu's words in funny, witty, critical appearance under the package a wide range of refined meteorological and careful rational thinking,

  • Introduction to ancient culture China

    "Introduction" ancient culture China generally adopts "pattern of total score", simply release the concept to pick up below, then on "survival" soil "mainstream" characteristic "philosophy" "religious" "official" and "education" "history" "Literature", "art" and "technology" and "language" and "basic necessities of life" and so on, at last ",

  • Cultural Studies Reader

    "Cultural Studies Reader (set of 2 volumes)" includes: "cultural studies" and "Reader: Chinese volume Cultural Industry Studies Reader: Western roll". Culture is the soft power of contemporary world competition; cultural industry pioneer, sword, international cultural game to the social development. In twenty-first Century Chinese, paper,

  • Deification and variation

    A "common and very" culture of thought, this book mainly include: the introduction, the dress and Etiquette: "Li Sao" clothing Center said, the myth of the structural significance of change -- a "study, often with very" view of the normal and very: production, change structure change meaning -- the GaN Bao "Soushenji" thought, immortal quest -- from,

  • A comparative cultural studies

    "New" comparative culture is outstanding teachers in teaching the national key university and local colleges and universities forefront, especially in recent years, returned overseas scholars cooperation under. They have compiled the teaching and scientific research and teaching experience. Author undertook a number of research projects of national and the Ministry of education, a,

  • Into the cultural landscape heritage of the world

    This book examines the world cultural landscape heritage of frontier problem, put forward eight kinds of "cultural landscape heritage construction outlook", namely, to maintain sustainable development evolution of the city cultural landscape, reflects a rational use of the land of country cultural landscape, the formation of landscape cultural landscape rich aesthetic conception, revealing the human civilization,

  • The introduction of new culture

    "Introduction to culture studies new" has the following main contents and characteristics of the system: first, strong. This book is a systematic exposition of cultural theory and cultural concept works, it starts from the concept of culture, the cultural development and related genres, method, characteristic, function and so a full range of research and development,

  • Zhoushan Putuo and the East Asian Seas cultural exchange

    "Brief introduction of Zhoushan Putuo and the East Asian Seas" content of cultural exchanges: Putuo has a long history, profound human, as early as four thousand years ago in the Neolithic age human beings have evolved. Putuo is one of important transit East Asian Maritime Silk Road station, 852 km from the port of Nagasaki in Japan, South Korea, Inchon port 897 km away from the. In history,

  • Changes in cross cultural advertising and public culture

    1910-1930 "Declaration" cross-cultural advertising research, "changes in cross-cultural advertising and public culture: 1910-1930 cross culture advertising research" wants to discuss is prevalent in cross-cultural advertising, the source of modern China has strong cultural expansion and promotion mechanism changes Chinese traditional culture. "Changes in cross-cultural advertising and public culture: 1,

  • Cultural dialogue

    Chinese culture and intercultural communication, "Cultural Dialogue: Chinese culture and intercultural communication" to explore how Chinese culture in a more appropriate way for external communication, culture and intercultural communication path and communication behavior what differences exist, how culture through the language carrier for spreading and students in cultural asked dissemination function other issues. Covering,

  • The theory of cultural economy

    "Cultural economy and cultural industry: the national strategy" was completed in 30 years of reform and opening up, China of the people's Republic of China was founded 60 anniversary. The establishment of the new Chinese, opened a new milepost of Chinese civilization and the development of human civilization, advanced and scientific system has laid a foundation for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,,

  • Classical roots

    The author first study the atmospheric physics and science, literature and art, the folklore of dr.. He said the astronomical, tract geography, poetics, solution of myths in the book with you to the museum, impurity, fine to rhetoric, heaven and earth, become integrated with, Gu Xuexin, dissolved into a furnace. This book to talk with you about the dragon, talk about heaven and Earth Dragon, on line four,

  • Folk inheritance theory research and rural life method

    "Folk inheritance theory and research method of rural life" as "the father of Japanese folklore" Kunio Yanagita's two book "the introduction of folk inheritance theory", "rural life study" the Chinese version. The "folk inheritance theory" is Ryuta Kunio systematically ethnology theory works of folklore, the meaning, characteristics of the book,

  • Also read three thousand years (Second Series)

    "Famous product read three thousand years (Second Series): introduction," China cultural history: classical content Chinese classical culture attract people's attention are gems of the cultural treasure house of the world, flashing a bright light, Chinese classical literature is showing a colorful, magnificent picture, including poetry, prose, fiction and words,

  • Multi ethnic and cultural exchanges between China and the West

    The new study of Chinese and Western literature based ", ethnic and cultural exchanges between China and the West: new research" of Chinese and Western literature revolves around and influence of the Christian for diverse society China minority, minority area on the function of multi nationalities, especially in the West cultural exchange in modern times are discussed, including the foreign missionaries and Chinese frontier,

  • The modern transformation and the period of the Republic of China Ningbo public entertainment

    The modern transformation and the period of the Republic of China Ningbo public entertainment, "1912-1949 years: Ningbo city and modern transformation of the public class", "the movie: a new modern culture and entertainment", "the theatre and Opera: the coexistence of the traditional and modern culture and entertainment", "new old coexist folk entertainment", "recreation, conference, entertainment and fundraising," people ",

  • Civilization and cross culture

    "Introduction of civilization and cross culture": the evolution of human civilization, the human homes -- the earth has been changed, the human labor and wisdom now, in the relationship between people and nature, people have to break the laws of nature, beyond the nature to human, constraint for nature contradiction balance development. The human thirst,

  • Eight land

    "Eight square land" brief introduction: cultural taste, the taste is to goods. Such as wine, let it slowly flowing in your tongue, from the tip of the tongue to tongue, play your taste buds to taste the taste of long. Culture is the taste, but we need to calm down and listen to slowly appreciate and experience. ,

  • The 2010 traditional houses with regional culture - eighteenth Chinese residential conference set

    "The eighteenth traditional houses with regional culture: China houses Symposium" content brief introduction: traditional houses is an important part of China ancient architecture, it is not only with the idea and method of architecture, also involved in sociology, history, anthropology, cultural studies, ethnology, folklore study,

  • East West

    The process of prehistoric culture of Northwest Chinese, "East West: the process of" prehistoric culture of Northwest China for archaeology, history, anthropology, history of metallurgy, the history of science and technology and other related disciplines of scholars and students reading. Big northwest China is one of the birthplace of China's modern archaeological, occupies a special position in the history of the development of China archaeology. East wind.

  • Culture exploration step

    "Culture exploration step" content brief introduction: Mr. Cao Guoqing is the Jiangxi Province Cultural Department leadership, in the protection of cultural construction, cultural heritage and cultural studies are using the thinking and experience the unique. "Culture exploration step" included the part about the cultural construction, the protection of cultural relics in three aspects and some of the GaN culture,

  • China's cultural industry development strategy theory literature review

    "China's cultural industry development strategy theory literature review": thinking, mainly about the research on development strategy of China's cultural industry and cultural industry "going out" strategy, cultural industry "going out" strategy, the economic background of the "going out" strategy, strategy of development of cultural industry, to safeguard national cultural safety,

  • Cultural brand

    "Cultural brand" includes introduction, introduction to cultural brand, brand, brand management, generation culture culture culture brand protection, brand communication, international cultural trade in the perspective of culture brand, postscript. ,

  • Cultural marketing

    The scope of "higher education" eleven five "national planning materials, cultural marketing" in China's first comprehensive, systematic definition of cultural industries and cultural market; the cultural market is divided into cultural goods market (books, newspapers, periodicals, audio-visual, software, art, cultural relics, flowers, pets and entertainment supplies),,

  • Cultural Security

    "Cultural Security: the core values of society evolution and propagation angle" includes: culture based on safety and "deep impact", the social core values change, the era of network public opinion and social core values, double game under the background of national culture security. ,

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