• Curriculum and culture

    Viewing a post modern, this book is a new interpretation on the relationship between curriculum and culture: the deconstruction of the curriculum culture proposition, through to the contemporary Western criticism and reflection of culture and the culture of curriculum, this book explicitly proposed the curriculum "as" cultural proposition, so that the course by cultural tools exist to the subject of culture,

  • Narrative research on TV Chinese culture

    This book attempts to approach to cultural attitude and cultural criticism, from different cultural models is to select the human diversity, the wisdom of the results of such a concept, in style and wisdom Chinese combing traditional narrative unique aesthetic culture, the aesthetic culture Chinese narrative tradition gives TV independent art spirit,

  • Chinese and Western culture

    Western culture in the materials into a furnace, with the soul China Culture -- ancient philosophical context, to China ancient religion, education, science and technology, literature, art, folk and other content as the foundation, focuses on the basic characteristics and spirit China traditional culture, at the same time related content brief introduction of western culture, through the west,

  • Pandora's box

    The awakening of female consciousness, "Pandora's box: the awakening of female consciousness" the author tries to explore the differences as women's physiological and psychological quality, analysis of women's economic status and living conditions, women's political participation, women and social culture and morality, marriage and family problems, and from the perspective of male and female blend to explore the female,

  • Science in action

    How to follow scientists and engineers in the society, the author of the book, Bruno La Tour is one of the representatives, the leader of the Paris School of social science knowledge of. In this book, La Tour tried to find scientific is actually how to "work". The book with the re understanding of scientific practice and its relationship with the community for the purpose, using a large number of different from the scientific development,

  • International Sinology (fifth series)

    This book is the Fifth International Sinology. Comprehensive study on the system of two sinologist, Western Sinology in the early history, contemporary Japanese Sinology, history of Sino Western cultural exchange, cultural influence in the world, Chinese Sinology research progress, culture in Macao. At the same time the Sinology research institutions also introduced. The book is rich in content, profound theory, informative,

  • Chinese feminist 4

    "Chinese feminist 4 (summer 2005)" set the sea both inside and outside the feminist academic achievements, "woman" "boy" "feminist text reading" feminism "Keywords" and the action research, is the best female Chinese Marxism academic reading, pay attention to gender relations and human cultural reconstruction the reader necessary situation. ",

  • Western Wolf

    This is a wolf as the core, concentrate on the western culture and literary and artistic characteristics of the book. In the book of the wolf, the wolf is not natural, but the wolf culture, is an important gene in Western culture. Read this book, as if with the author made a historical adventure. First to Indian, Rome She-Wolf myth,

  • Culture and international relations

    International cultural relations is an important research field of contemporary international relations. The book will be "international cultural relations" field of study, the discipline characteristic and the basic method, on major international cultural relations face Chinese and world, concept definition and analysis. The authors try to seek a new perspective and analysis model, and discusses how to,

  • Zhang Lei's academic and cultural thoughts and creation

    Zhang Lei's academic thought of culture and creation theory of culture, Bashu

  • Look at the end of the twentieth Century culture

    Look at the end of the twentieth Century survey, in twentieth Century at the end of the culture, culture ISBN:9787806168592, author: a comparative study of Shanghai Chinese and western philosophy and culture committee,

  • Reflection and reconstruction of culture

    "Reflection and reconstruction of culture: cross century cultural philosophy" mainly discusses the cultural philosophy, the turn of the century, the spirit of human culture, philosophy and rational spirit, China reconstruction of cultural transformation, the turn of the century, cultural and philosophical review. ,

  • China National Cultural Security Report

    This book is the author of the 2003 annual national philosophy and Social Science Fund Project "one of the open conditions results China national cultural security" research. Chinese national cultural security, is a different theory, practice and policy is a new subject, no one on the subject,

  • Academic Symposium of the Sixth National Book

    The discussion will be more emphasis on calligraphy status of national culture, the relationship between calligraphy and other subjects. Calligraphy art, is largely a product in a certain historical, cultural background, the background also determines the nature and direction of development of calligraphy art, calligraphy research should focus on the generation, movement and,

  • Introduction to Chinese modern culture

    A research project of the book doctor fund of the State Education Commission "seven five" planning, project name, was "China modern cultural history" (1840 - 1919). Considering the system to write the history current conditions are not very mature, our ability is limited, therefore the blog title writing style. The book is divided into fourteen chapters. ,

  • Multi Modernity

    From the 9.11 disaster to Wang Hui China modernity theory, in the book the first chapter and the second chapter, the author will discuss the multi modernity of the two layer of the connotation of the norms, which, the first chapter mainly through combing the Kantian enlightenment heritage of traditional to China intelligentsia "liberal - New Left" debate and its respective behind the motivation for a global response to the theory; in the second chapter,

  • Ancient literary theory of humanistic pursuit

    Ancient literary theory of humanistic pursuit, Yuan Jixi, Zhonghua Book company,

  • Bread and roses

    And the realization of women's rights to explain, "bread and roses: introduction and implementation of" women's rights explanation: since twentieth Century, the rise of women and the unprecedented development, research on the development of women has become the humanities and social sciences research object, the agency wrote "female reading" books for readers to cater to this one the development trend of organization. "Bread and,

  • Cross cultural communication

    "Teaching English professional series high school: cross cultural communication in the traditional" text structure as the key link, to "case" interpreted as guide, taking into account the theory of system, the actual needs and learning interesting, intercultural communicative competence in order to cultivate learners, as well as the independent thinking and critical thinking ability. On foreign workers,

  • Introduction to China traditional culture

    "China traditional culture" based on the objective conditions China traditional culture on the development process, the outline of its, show their language, brilliant achievements in the field of ancient literature, art, philosophy, religion, ethics, history, analyzing the cultural characteristics and the national spirit, the difference between Chinese and Western culture exchange, reflection,

  • The inertia of the system culture in

    The inertia of the system, the cultural impact of ISBN:9787507413854, author: Li Baochen,

  • The cultural productivity

    Analysis of the cultural management system of value, the liberation of the cultural productivity: the cultural management system of value analysis, ISBN:9787208053984, author: Huang Kaifeng,

  • The modern way of life and traditional culture.

    "A modern way of life and traditional culture course" college elective course teaching material. The author of the book from two aspects of traditional culture and modern life style, the ancient and modern, culture and living together explained, in order to improve the students' ideological quality and the quality of life. "A modern way of life and traditional culture,

  • Ancient Chinese Literature Search research, volume sixteenth

    This print is a comprehensive academic journals, to carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, to seek truth from facts and the style of study, encouraging bold explorations in academic problem, strive for innovation. This print is published on Chinese traditional culture of academic papers, from both a monographic study on the comprehensive research of disciplines and subjects. Within the,

  • Flavin on three

    Imagination cultivation; creation and re creation; steady and prudent critic,,

  • Thought and culture (Fourth Series)

    Thought and culture (Fourth Series), ISBN:9787561739662, author: Yang Guorong editor; East China Normal University Chinese modern cultural institute,

  • Populist

    "Populism" is the early Communist Party leaders China Li Dazhao written a book with the anti imperialist anti feudal thought important works. The book under the guidance of Marx Lenin theory, using the theory of class struggle, discusses a series of problems faced China revolution at the beginning of the new democratic revolution. The farmer,

  • Prison notes

    Prison notebooks (Italy), Ge Lanxi Cao Leiyu, Chinese Social Science Press,

  • Ashima's cultural reconstruction theory

    In this paper, the stone forest Ashima culture as the basis, creative transformation and reconstruction on the stone forest Ashima culture as a pioneering research, trying to promote the modernization of ethnic minority regions to provide a is a typical example of cultural transformation and reconstruction of culture, promote the transition of modern urbanization in minority areas and provides a reconstruction,

  • Advanced cultural construction in the new century

    Advanced cultural construction in the new century, Xu Ming, publishing house of Shanghai Academy of social sciences,

  • Twenty years of research Chinese culture

    In twentieth Century China cultural studies and cultural debates in the last 20 years is an important stage in the history of the development China culture, will play an important role in. The book for the first time in 20 years China culture research and discussion to review and summarize the comprehensive, system, tries to clarify the cultural debates,

  • The theory of public choice

    The book was revised and expanded greatly on the 1979 edition of "public choice". In addition to the main theorem is proved using special section, there are eleventh chapters. The topics focus on public choice literature over the past 40 years, such as the rise and fall and rent-seeking, expansion, the national government,,

  • Study of Heston

    "Heston research" content: foreign series of modern writers study by Shanghai foreign language education press invite domestic research of a writer's most authoritative experts and scholars compiled. "Heston research" is composed of the following four parts: a biography, writers, two, analysis of representative works, three, the writer,

  • Wanjiang culture and modern Chinese

    The source of Peking Opera, modern industry and new culture, the collection includes ancient Anhui culture, Anqing immigration research, Fang Yizhi and Fang School of Tongcheng, song, Ming Tongcheng culture, Hui Cheng Changgeng Huangmei Opera, the modernization, the research of Chen Duxiu, Anqing in twentieth Century nine special intellectual. Introduced the Wanjiang culture and modern Chinese Peking Opera, modern industry and new paper,

  • Research 洛学 and real learning two

    Zhao Jinzhao two Cheng brothers and practical research, ed., academic press,

  • Cultural symptom of our time

    This book contains the well-known scholar Qian Liqun, Chen Pingyuan, Wen Rumin, Sun Yushi, Xie Mian, Zhao Yuan, Qian Zhongwen, Jin Yuanpu, Liu Xincheng, Luo Dahua and other speech, involving many aspects of literature, history, archaeology, law, education and other social science. Their speeches, wise thinking, full of rational glory, and wind,

  • To see the world and face the China

    "Sun Zhongshan and the world" international academic seminar papers, book was held in July 2004 in the Zhongshan University, the Whampoa  military academy "in celebration of the 80 anniversary of Sun Zhongshan and the world" International Symposium on the set in Guangzhou, is from the 98 papers before the general assembly in the selection of 46 articles and become, paper centers on Sun Zhongshan and the world and Whampoa  military academy two themes, including the great,

  • Civilization and Its Discontents

    "Civilization and its discontents" English norms, standards, fluent, suitable for all the college students, graduate students and English self learners with learning sciences. "College Students' English Library" is a set of Chinese oriented college English series of books, all this are annotated readings, help through the study of classical culture, improve humanities,

  • Interpretation of Chinese

    China culture reading, reading: "China Chinese Cultural Reading 2" was a prose and essayist, published two papers in the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan and China America press. Author of many years of teaching Chinese abroad and China culture, understanding of them deep. It is understood, clear and sharp, a readable strong,

  • The modern transformation of the traditional culture China

    The modern transformation of the traditional culture, China Zhou Changzhong, Shanghai Sanlian bookstore,

  • Huizhou culture and the construction of Harmonious Society

    Huizhou ancient "southeast Zou Lu", "Cheng Zhu said, this is what" "literature of the state", "the sea" and the world cultural heritage, reputation. Huizhou ancestors and creates such a massive material civilization and spiritual civilization treasure in this special land, investigate its reason, have a stable and harmonious social environment is,

  • International Sinology (Sixth Series) (Paperback)

    "Sinology" is hosted by the Beijing Foreign Studies University research center of Overseas Sinology, a comprehensive academic journal edited by Mr. Ren Jiyu. The aim is to introduce Sinology research in domestic academic circles all over the world history, achievements and the latest progress, to broaden the research Chinese traditional culture. At the same time, and actively promote the domestic science,

  • The intellectual and creative

    Thinking day scholars, intellectual and creative thinking, the Japanese and Chinese scholars: ISBN:9787500453321, author: Hua Zhen Huang, Zhang Shiying,

  • Bibliophile (Tenth Series)

    This article from the editor as well as to the modification, the editor was rather hesitant, rack one's brains, constantly changing the manuscript, compact size, to empty, more articles,...... But finally because the knitting width, number is limited, there is still a lot of article failed to use, also can no longer be pushed to the series -- because this series so far,,

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