• Cultural Economics

    The main content of the book include: cultural economics, culture, culture measure of the value of products and services, cultural capital, cultural heritage, cultural needs, cultural consumption information etc.. ,

  • The theory and practice of public cultural services

    "The theory and practice of" public cultural service content abstract: the development of public culture is the internal requirement of service type government functions, implement democratic administration, is to preserve and protect the citizens cultural rights and interests, the inevitable choice to meet the demand of multi culture, is to develop advanced socialist culture, to build a harmonious society the,

  • Chinese books and culture (Fourth Series)

    "Chinese books and culture (Fourth Series)" mainly tells the story of Jin Kaicheng: "China traditional culture in four important ideas and make the past serve the present", whitening the "don't ask people ask ghosts", Wang Xiaoqiu's "Huang Zunxian and modern cultural exchange between China and Japan" and Guo Yingde's "literary fantasy -- in late Ming and early Qing Dynasty,

  • Cultural industry base

    "Culture industry" content brief introduction: the cultural industry is an emerging industry, and developing at breakneck speed as the sunrise industry of the strong momentum of social industry chain; the culture industry talents, with the rapid development of the cultural industry, has become the social need, so more and more schools have additional cultural industry,

  • Thought and culture time of change.

    Dialogue culture study book, "thought and culture time of change: Dialogue culture researches" the main content description: Cultural Studies in action, a magazine refraction in an era of state of mind, a TV show in the spirit of an era of climate, a lawsuit to reveal an era of knowledge production. ,

  • The theory and method of modern Japanese Folklore

    "The theory and method of modern Japanese folklore" three volumes, select the father Ryuta Kunio of Japanese folklore and his disciples had important significance in the method and content of literature. The third volume "modern Japanese folklore theory and method" featured two dozen elite representative works, the thesis is to tens of japanese,

  • Agitate

    Agitation: "Cultural Forum" in 8 (editor Yin Minghua) included "the thirty-first Cultural Forum:" heaven and earth "scientific spirit", "we need to solve problems courage -- Dialogue party secretary of Fudan University professor Qin Shaode", "the World Expo, a life encounter", "culture industry" the road,

  • Ecological Dong ancient custom cultural existence theory

    "Eco Dong ancient custom cultural existence theory" to discuss a group calling itself the "thousand" (refers to "the dwelling environment with branches Mucha conceal") national cultural cognitive behavior and in the process of civilization of "man and nature to create", "man and the living environment of the generation" and other related ontology propositions are thinking and chase,

  • German cross cultural communication and management

    The book is full of Devin teaching materials. This book to culture and cross culture theory to lead the readers understanding of cross-cultural issues, through the introduction of cross cultural training measures, the display may be involved in the Sino German business in an important cross-cultural enterprise knowledge management, and how to use this knowledge in economic life. ,

  • Culture construction cases (Second Series)

    "Culture construction cases (Second Series)" content brief introduction: since the reform and opening up, China's cultural development, new cultural formats, cultural patterns, cultural activities emerge in an endless stream, which is the urgent task of strengthening the research of cultural construction, also greatly expanded the empirical study on the cultural construction of space. Some closer,

  • The Bermingham school's cultural ideas and popular culture theory study

    The main content of the book include: from literary study to cultural study, the Bermingham school's cultural ideas, from cultural study to popular culture, popular culture study of cultural intervention. ,

  • The general theory of world civilization

    The Chinese civilization, Chinese modern civilization theory, "the world civilization theory: an introduction to the main content of Chinese civilization and modern civilization" Chinese general: simply shake the modern western civilization strong challenges and Confucianism, the Chinese civilization is faced with the modern transformation of the mission. How to treat the two kinds of Chinese and Western civilization, the status and characteristics of the relationship? How will Chinese traditional civilization,

  • The new perspective of the academic exploration

    "The new perspective of the academic exploration" brief introduction: bamboo and silk books was originally the ancient literature, the research and literature closely, is a natural. As for the academic history of this subject, all through the ages and silk relationship is far, this is because the early discovery of the bamboo slips of instruments such as the academic history, and less interference. But in the 20,

  • Cultivation and harvest

    "Cultivation and harvest: Mr. Tao Lifan seventy years birthday." the main content is: a collection of Professor Tao Lifan's colleagues, friends and students for Professor Tao Lifan Zhu Shou and to celebrate the 40 anniversary of communication from the academic papers and memories and Mr. Tao's article. "Cultivation and harvest: Mr. Tao Lifan seventy years old birthday period,

  • Reach the acme of perfection

    Reach the acme of perfection "(" the essence of the temple) system described in ancient books of the generation and development process, the temple (Temple of the reach the acme of perfection "essence") version, printing technology and graphic arts, the the Imperial Palace library storage conditions. The book is followed by the Qing imperial institutions engraved, carved book referred to as the "temple",

  • Study on urban culture China (second volumes)

    "Research Chinese urban culture" (second volumes) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University is a national cultural industry innovation and development base, specializing in the research on the theory and application of urban culture of high-end academic sinica. Its location is: Condensed academic resources, lapping theoretical problem, support the academic innovation, and promote the subject construction, attention,

  • Age and nationality

    "Age and Nationality: the basic theory and research methods of" cultural conflicts in global communication pattern of adhering to historical materialism, based on analysis, the related research on domestic and foreign academic research on interpretation of Marx's classical writers, combined with the text information, communication from the history of human culture, especially,

  • Forestry Economics

    Forestry economics, wrote by Shen Yueqin, "forestry economics" teaching material by Chinese and America scholars jointly prepared, based on summarizing the theory and methods of forestry economics, fully absorb the domestic and foreign theory and the latest progress, combined with China's forestry practices, from the forestry production factors, forestry production, forest products market, property rights and forestry,

  • Jian Zhen and empty

    The agency of Sino Japanese cultural exchange, witness, Jian Zhen and empty - the Sino Japanese cultural exchange witness, ISBN:9787801869746, author of the agency,

  • Culture

    "Culture: city development engine (path and Countermeasures of the cultural construction of Ningbo") in Ningbo as a case, discusses the important role of culture in the city development, opportunity and challenge of city culture development, way and countermeasures. In the "culture: city development engine: path and Countermeasures of cultural construction in Ningbo,

  • "Journey to the west" and the East Asian popular culture

    "Journey to the West 'and' East Asian popular culture: South Korea, Japan, to Chinese center" content: since ancient times, "made a great contribution to form the novel Journey to the west" on the East Asian cultural and emotional resonance. Excellent literary works has enduring vitality. The work lasted for hundreds of years of life that,

  • Theoretical and empirical studies on the changes of cultural landscape

    "Theoretical and Empirical Study of the" cultural landscape change is the crystallization of human land relationship. Cultural landscape changes are "stacked" and "mutation type" two kinds of historical trajectory model, cultural landscape with a vertical pass degeneration, zonal, meridional recursive recursive degeneration degeneration and non zonal variation of four kinds of spatial distribution. To drive the above rules generated,

  • On cultural issues in the process of Globalization

    "Cultural issues in the process of globalization of" brief introduction: academic research on contemporary philosophy and social science has three key words or key words, namely: globalization, culture and development. But the fine microscopic, core of the three theme word is "globalization". Problems of contemporary "culture" and "development" in the final analysis because the whole,

  • Cultural differences and the value of integration

    China basic education reform process for 100 years in various ideas, "cultural heritage and theory innovation of basic education, cultural differences and the value of integration: Chinese basic education reform process for 100 years in various ideas" is one of the cultural heritage and the theoretical innovation of basic education. "Cultural heritage and innovation of theory, cultural differences in basic education and value integration: China base 100 years,

  • Cross cultural studies

    To China image method, this book is about Chinese image of cross culture communication and the Western cultural hegemony. In the modern world order, regardless of modern Russia, India or Japan, are not possible in the orientalist discourse representation and identity outside China itself; image China these countries, not only means the country and China bidirectional,

  • Blue Book of Xiamen reform of the cultural system and cultural development in 2011

    "Blue book" Xiamen reform of the cultural system and cultural development in 2011 is the Xiamen city cultural system and cultural development work leading group office of the editing and publishing of sixth blue book, is also the Xiamen city of Fujian province and the only six consecutive years of editing and publishing the book on the cultural construction. This is a book to promote the Xiamen city culture,

  • Cultural industry policy incentives and legal guarantee

    "Culture industry policy incentives and legal protection" content brief introduction: the establishment of scientific research institute is one of the purposes in order to integrate multidisciplinary academic resources, through research and academic exchanges and cooperation between the different disciplines of scientific research personnel, in order to make new ideas. "Incentives and legal guarantee of" cultural industry policy is a book,

  • Open the door of cultural management

    As "the first person" cultural studies, Mr. Jia Chunfeng said: "the door open culture management: Theory and practice of" corporate culture research has a strong pioneering, basic and applied, not only is the author of rack one's brains, have succeeded in carrying out an assignment of wisdom, also readers, especially the business related departments and enterprise culture,

  • Consumer culture and contemporary design

    The theory of consumer culture, consumption culture and contemporary design culture, Beijing arts and Science Electronic Publishing House

  • Research on popular culture China

    "Research China vulgar culture (Sixth Series)" published related research Chinese vulgar culture results, as well as domestic ethnic Chinese, the comparative study between cultural traffic, including "two kinds of classical Chinese novels from the folk songs of the Ming Dynasty" correction "bibliography of Chinese Dictionary 'see' some missing" "the upper reaches of the Yangtze River area the minority nationalities,

  • Introduction to creative learning

    "Introduction" creative science, this book includes: creative theory, creative social function, creative formation and promotion of creative industry overview, etc.. ,

  • Chinese books and culture (fifth series)

    "The main content China books and culture" includes: feudal fantasy, my teacher, Mr. Qi Gong, the Imperial Household Agency Book Ling Tibetan song books, the Spring Festival custom, lei on Old Summer Palace design history contribution, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" textual research on several issues, wine and Song society, return to the textual research: west,

  • Salt culture studies (fifth series)

    "Salt culture studies (fifth series)", this book from the national scientific research institutes, universities and industry experts, scholars of academic and translation article. ,

  • Comparison of Chinese and Western culture

    "Brief introduction" content: comparison between Chinese culture and Western culture in modern times, the rise and decline of western ancient oriental occurred almost simultaneously worldwide phenomenon. Some ancient civilizations, such as Chinese, Egypt, India, and even the Iraq experience have confirmed this point. From the perspective of cultural scholars, comparative study,

  • Medical drama

    Language and cultural appreciation, Zhang Yan and Zhang Guoying editor of "medical drama" a total of 10 units, covering medical ethics and occupation culture in a wide range of topics, each unit is composed of the introduction, video scene, terminology, perception and reflection, culture in focus and oral practice and other components. This textbook in network multimedia CD-ROM, implementation for teachers,

  • A culture of harmony theory

    "Harmonious culture" content introduction: no one is thinking activities and the lack of academic atmosphere of the university campus, even if it is beautiful, in the material and modern, in spirit is desolate and barren. Europe's oldest university is the origin of academic. Association of University and academic is not only reflected in the literal sense, more important is,

  • Non material cultural heritage protection of the International Conference on

    "Intangible cultural heritage protection of the International Conference on the 2004 essays" the main contents include: the "intangible cultural heritage protection of international academic seminar" at the opening ceremony, the "intangible cultural heritage protection in international academic seminar" speech on the opening ceremony, the "intangible cultural heritage protection and research of international academic,

  • Comparison of Chinese and English culture

    "In contrast English" grasp the university English teaching essence, advocating practical English teaching, selection of authentic, Xian Liang lively, advancing with the times, the pursuit of unity, the basic language and course interesting multi-channel, multi angle, multi-level efficient transfer of language information,,

  • The world cultural industry park

    The world cultural industry park, ISBN:9787511503763, author: Li Ji,

  • Cross cultural communication

    "Intercultural Communication" in line with the principles of practical and effective, the editor based on many years of teaching practice, beginning around two themes of communication and culture, from semiotics, linguistics, sociology and communication science and other aspects of cultural influence on communication, through the analysis of selected cases, explain profound theories in simple language, knowledge in fig.,

  • Cross cultural communication

    "Intercultural Communication" is divided into ten chapters. The first chapter "Intercultural Communication Overview" describe the importance and necessity of intercultural communication, the intercultural communication origin, concept, theory, has the effect of writings, academic activities and related disciplines; the second chapter "culture" mainly introduces the definition of culture, class,

  • The Godhead and regional

    Study on Taoist belief world between the Han and Tang Dynasties, the book is divided into two parts, four chapters and fifteen sections, discusses the two problems of Godhead and regional ancient beliefs in the world Chinese from different angles, of which a considerable part of the content was as a single article published. This book relates to any special materials, were first history 源学 discrimination, and then thoroughly as possible,

  • Ningbo scenery (9 volumes)

    Ningbo Ningbo "scenery, scenery: field investigation of intangible cultural heritage in Ningbo city Beilun district (9 volumes)" according to the Ningbo Municipal Press and Publication Bureau issued a "non material cultural heritage survey measures of Ningbo municipality" (Yong Wen Guang Xinfa [2007]32) the spirit and scope of regulations compilation, including folk literature, folk music,

  • In 2009, the Heilongjiang Cultural Development Report

    In 2009 the Heilongjiang cultural development report, "report the development of Heilongjiang culture in 2009 Heilongjiang cultural development report" in 2009, with a preface, text, comprehensive report development achievements, reform and innovation, research suggests that the papers, memorabilia and postscript is composed of seven parts, the content involved in 2009 of Heilongjiang cultural industry development situation, more to theory,

  • Traditional culture and traditional culture

    "Traditional culture and traditional culture" is divided into "the theory and method of" culture and "China cultural style learning" in two parts. It should be said that in the "traditional culture" part, mainly focused on the cognitive meaning of cultural science discipline, is the traditional culture, cultural awareness in the process of the formation of the cultural differences, cultural conflict, the,

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