• To explore the Chinese traditional design way of thinking

    "Exploration" China traditional design way of thinking is a methodology, example, at all times and in all countries cultural integration of theory and practice books. The evolution of some of our traditional products comb Chinese culture and traditional design, specific design, the traditional design theory, design method, design the way of thinking, and this,

  • Modern Prince

    Ge Lanxi (1891-1937), a famous Italy political leader and theorist, is the founder of the Communist Party of Italy. Author of "prison notes". This book is about the politics of gramsci. Analysis on the party, the party involved in the structure, the distribution of power, legal problems in the book. ,

  • Cao Weidong Habermas

    "Cao Weidong Habermas" is Habermas for nearly half a century, especially the new paper in recent 10 years of real political criticism of the formation of "political discourse mode". Starting from Habermas's ten volume "political essays", on the basis of the analysis of Habermas's political concept of historical background, combined with its communication,

  • "Dong Yong story and its cultural structure

    Folklore Research for the Cowherd and the girl weaver, the legend of white snake, Meng Jiangnu, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai four big folk tale has made some achievements, such as Gu Jiegang's "Meng Jiangnu story research", Huang Rui Qi by Renmin University of China Publishing House of the "story of Meng Jiangnu", Luo Yonglin in the national inter by,

  • In 2005 China literary Chronicle

    This book is the only important events and important phenomenon in literature is included in addition to object selection, writers and works to provide special angle of view and the abundance of information, observation of contemporary literary circles are indispensable. Included in the "news focus" of the events in the book, called "big" in "Wen Qing; fax" in the article, also from the,

  • History of Mexico

    "Cambridge Concise Histories" is the University of Cambridge press, since twentieth Century eighty or ninety time only then launched a set of illustrations version of national histories. Authors of this series are Britain, Australia and other countries, American history professor or well-known experts. They introduced the country's politics to readers with straightaway language,,

  • Reconstructing humanistic spirit (one or two volumes)

    One of the book Mr. Tang Junyi masterpiece, also known as the "Chinese and western humanistic spirits back to the new". Tang on the traditional history culture for thousands of years Chinese, streamer exogenous thoughts of world culture, ancient and modern Chinese and Western to ease some cultural values of the conflict, to rebuild human spirit, creating a through and comprehensive development and integration,

  • The cultural history of illustrations

    With the advent of the era of interpret the images, more and more people like to more use of book illustrations and prints. Illustrations can not only make clear explanation of a manuscript or printed matter, also the manuscript or printed matter also has the function of decoration and beautification. This is the history of the illustrations of the book. It is from the ancient,

  • On Cultural Construction

    Dr. Wang Nengxian's speeches and publishing, which is a part of both academic value and practical significance of the works. Two "ten years" made him as a scholar and leading cadres of rich life experience and unique research achievements. Wang Nengxian has worked in the Ministry of culture and the culture management cadre college,

  • Modern mass culture theory to

    "Steering" post modern mass culture theory of content brief introduction: people living in the city, is daily and hourly influenced by popular culture influence character by environment, mass culture shaping people's emotion, thinking and thinking, to provide state of the life style of people, become a natural part of people's daily life,

  • The 1000 most basic cultural knowledge can't know

    "The 1000 most basic cultural knowledge" can not know the person you easy access to a wealth of knowledge, broaden your life environment, concentrated at all times and in all countries culture 1000 outstanding Chinese and foreign cultural knowledge. Whether it is a gathering of friends, or in a social situation; whether be concerned with love and romance, or business communication; understand these common sense,

  • The construction of contemporary culture system China

    The construction of contemporary cultural system, Chinese ISBN:9787801812254, author: Hong Bo, Zheng Juntian,

  • The new culture

    Brief introduction of "new culture": in China Sixteen Party Plenum, with Comrade Hu Jintao as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, based on China's national economic and social development as a whole has begun to enter the industry promotes agriculture, urban with rural new stage, look far ahead from a high plane, size up the situation, seize the opportunity, decisive decision-making, puts forward construction,

  • Innovation

    Keywords age,,

  • Research on Wang Guowei's Literature

    Wang Niansun's "reading magazines", is the Qing Dynasty Pu Xuezhi masterpiece. For the history books and writing, Han, son Chu, selected works of doubt, hard to interpret the textual research, has certain achievements. Long Shilin heavy, often for the sake of proofreader on. This book is a school to read classics monograph, by reading notes,

  • The cultural industry

    What is the cultural industry? It plays the role of what in modern society? How to change? "Culture industry" one book, advantages of the research methods of political economics and sociology of culture, cultural studies, communication studies and social research methods combining theory. Outlines around a series of cultural products produced,

  • China Yue Culture Studies

    The origin of the formation of the hexagrams and sixty-four hexagrams? What is its philosophical and cultural basis? The focus for the scholars, appear a variety of theories. But because of the shortage of the literature, a lot of argument is not strong evidence. Because the modern archaeological achievements, with outstanding advances in digital hexagrams and easy the relationship. ,

  • Research on popular culture

    The author thought of culture research, we should take a positive attitude, should have a comprehensive and dialectical spirit. Cultural studies need not be exclusive of literature research and the traditional aesthetic, aesthetic and literary studies traditional no rejection of cultural studies. Because, there is a close relationship between them, promote each other, rather than,

  • Display culture

    The visit of production, "revealed" invite the reader to visit the cultural culture. Today in order to "visit" form and culture sites increased rapidly, this book makes a reflection, and provides a new perspective of tourism, leisure and cultural heritage for us. The author will display all kinds of places are placed in the wider social, economic and cultural,

  • Culture

    Culture: the effect of 86 cultural wonders, the history of ISBN:9787807242956, author of "science" magazine edited by: Jiang Qinghe Sun Shoufang,

  • Justice and human desire

    From the view of traditional Confucian culture in the female marriage life, book knowledge and the interest of both. China ancient "history" is "his story", completely by male control discourse, has nothing to do with the female, "stories of women" can only allow men casually narrative. The ancient women in the cracks of the patriarchal struggling, many taboos makes them difficult. Book selection,

  • Paris, capital of the nineteenth Century

    This book is Walter Benjaminde "arcade research program" several draft, inspired by the German thinker, literary theorist Walter Benjamin Aragon novels, decide by the research on City Landscape -- Paris arcade alienation, to show the 19 World "capital cultural event" scenery. In the draft of this article,

  • Confucius and China Road

    "Confucius and China road" is an academic treatises on the Confucius, based on strong Chinese skills and Chinese famous scholars of close contact, which makes his Confucius research has distinct features of the times. The book discusses the research background, Confucius Confucius life, Confucius Confucianism and other related content. ,

  • Campus culture

    The theoretical implications and practical operation, this book to the theory of campus culture for clues to the campus culture, organization as latitude, in addition to the introduction, from the content is divided into the theory meaning and practice two. Part one focuses on the multiple angle of view, historical development, cultural forms, features reveal, purpose is to clear thinking and concept, background, clarify the principle, to the campus,

  • Ji Xianlin academic essence (third volumes)

    Sino foreign cultural exchange volume, this book introduces the cultural exchange, cultural exchanges between China and India on history, material culture exchange between China and foreign countries etc.. ,

  • Introduction to traditional culture

    This textbook for TV university students use, while the vast majority of students is work, while learning, they are not the same as full-time students, not the whole time out to learn, can only be ". Such learning conditions, make them difficult to use mind to break the traditional teaching purpose, object, content,

  • The story of human liberation

    Historical works at all times and in all countries of the multitude, but really readable, appeal to the masses of popular history books have not seen. Van Loon book is in western history, so far in the west is still excellent popular history books. The author of this book readers, not by the fact itself,

  • Postmodernism and cultural theories

    Peking University academic lecture series,

  • Analysis of cultural production and product

    He Qun, cultural products, cultural products, cultural management, cultural production and theoretical analysis of culture, higher education press

  • Reflections on Enlightenment

    Reflections on enlightenment, from late seventeenth Century to eighteenth Century more than a hundred years ago, to the center of France, the enlightenment thoughts hurricane swept the Western European society, a revolution in the history of mankind's greatest. Since then, the rational light enlightenment became a spirit of the sun shone human society, its influence,

  • Cultural explanation

    "Cultural interpretation" in "human world", and said to the ancient and modern, no paper by endoscope, explicit and implicit, see folk psychology, solution culture said. If the general asked me now is suspected to be believed, is happy or sad, I can not say. Ten years I think trying to break the culture of mystery, is actually in the riddle. I can't seem to,

  • A culture - conversation about science?

    In recent years, the two cultures from C · P · snow called "" (Science and Humanities) two camps fighters launched a fierce debate, however, few of them try to make constructive dialogue. In this book, Jay A labinger and Harry Collins for some of the world famous scientists and,

  • Culture and Poetics (fifth series)

    This book is the Ministry of Education Key Research Institute of Humanities and social sciences of Beijing Normal University art research center is committed to the introduction of a set of series fifth series, by the famous literary theory home Qing Bing editor, deputy editor in chief Wang Yichuan and Professor Li Chunqing, also gathered a lot of famous scholars home literary theory research field at present, such as Cao Wei,

  • Cultural Studies

    "Cultural studies" of "cultural studies" is not as understanding is "the study of culture". As a special phrase of "cultural studies" has a more limited meaning, it is produced in the twentieth Century 50 British knowledge, thought, the pioneer is Williams (R.Will,

  • Literary criticism and cultural criticism

    Literary criticism Construction series, 27 papers in this book are selected from the "International Symposium on literary criticism and cultural criticism," paper presented. The three issue and the meeting unanimously, included in the book "the paper mainly relates to the development of contemporary literary criticism", "western Marx doctrine and literary studies", "the study of popular culture and cultural criticism",,

  • Construction of China of contemporary humanistic spirit

    An important part of Chinese contemporary humanistic spirit is the contemporary world of the human spirit, just from the history and reality of Chinese, only to see that change things, perhaps can also guess some changes of direction, but on the whole it is still on the social structure and social change in descriptive reflection, only standing in the world,,

  • A one-way street

    This book is one of the masterpieces of Walter Benjamin, a set of images. These images are the times in which he lived in the real things, such as stamps, gas station, breakfast room, Chinese antiques, gloves, clock, construction site, posters, beer hall and so on, of course, dream. Walter Benjamin of these things is not to find a,

  • Introduction to China traditional culture history

    China traditional culture, is our diligence and wisdom of the ancestors created, accumulated in the past years of cultural treasures, which records the history of five thousand years of Chinese civilization, showing our traditional national once glorious and broad and profound. This is our ancestors left to future generations, but also left the world's rich heritage,

  • Power, body and self

    Foucault and feminist literary criticism, Foucault's thought of including feminism Bush contemporary humanities produced effects can not be ignored, especially on the postmodern feminism has great influence. Study of Foucault's theory from the perspective of feminist criticism, especially Foucault's discourse theory, power theory and theory, can be said to be a new topic. This,

  • There are China Christian literature history

    The book's first clear and carefully put forward the concept of "China Christian Literature", from the two aspects of the Protestant and Catholic Chinese Christian literature development, moral character and aesthetic pursuit of historical outline, the connotation of the excavation and the value judgment, and will China Christian literature as Chinese modern literature,

  • Chinese books and culture.

    "Introduction China books and Culture Forum 6" content: "Chinese books and Culture Forum" a total income of 21 papers, books and culture "Chinese Series 6" a supplement, research on Chinese ancient classics; the criticism on ancient famous; in terms of ideology, cultural perspective on the ancient view of body, music theory and research,

  • China culture essence

    "Chinese culture essence" from the first group (collective) live angle compared to the Chinese and Western different culture tradition and way of life, and then puts forward China society is an important judgment standard of ethics, and based on the deep study of the China religion, pointed out that the ethics organization of society, so as to realize the Chinese social change,

  • The national cultural security theory

    The book includes: the basic problems of cultural security theory, market and cultural security, globalization and cultural security, information and cultural security, the development of cultural industry and the cultural security section. ,

  • Cultural common sense all code

    "Cultural common sense all code" (Classic Edition) brings together at all times and in all countries thousands of basic cultural knowledge, including philosophy, literature, language, text, books, art, technology, music, dance, art, sports, leisure, scenic, historic, food, clothing, education, title, customs, festivals, history,,

  • Keywords Western Literary Theory

    "Key words of Western Literary Theory" with a word in the form of the western literature and cultural criticism theory of key words and new words to explain, contains a total of 83 papers, all be concise and to the point explication of concept and background, development and evolution of every concept of the process of combing carefully, and force,

  • Just and metaphysics

    "Just and metaphysics" by Mr. Mou Zongsan wrote "historical philosophy" to the late Eastern Han Dynasty, since then no longer politically, so in turn the academic. The academic stage China history mainly has three: one, the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the two day in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Buddhism in the northern and Southern Dynasties, three, Song Ming confucianism. Wei Jin metaphysics by Qin and Han's theory of human nature, the,

  • The destruction of rationality

    The non - rationalism road -- from Schelling and Hitler, in the Second World War as the background, from the ideology of German Fascism made "for the past" the ideological liquidation. In this book the writer German Fascism and the rise of the second world war crimes dating back to the non rationalism ideological doctrine, for since twentieth Century of irrationalism in the west,

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