• Chiwan Mazu culture overview

    "Chiwan Mazu culture Overview" content: Mazu is called "Poseidon" protection, navigation, blessing misfortunes is Mazu "good" combination of the holy image, are offering Mazu customs every year in China's coastal and some parts of Southeast asia. The worship of Mazu became a cultural phenomenon, it is not a religion, but religion. Located in Shenzhen,

  • Research on international cultural trade

    "Study" the International Cultural Trade Department of outstanding talent project in Beijing City, Beijing Municipal Academy of Social Sciences, "eleven five" project planning, Beijing City talent education project. "Study" the international cultural trade first outlines the international cultural trade theories and policy choice, cultural trade globalization trend and the protection of cultural diversity,,

  • Chinese Dream

    About a complex meditation and torture, "China dream: the main content about a complex meditation and torture": "Chinese dream" will occur in the future (I can be sure: China dream will come), but now is not the "dream", now people need is clear --. Why should we "China dream" now? Am I in the,

  • On the philosophy and culture

    "Philosophy and culture" is a China School of philosophy and Social Sciences Research Institute and the Henan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences jointly organized the "'philosophy and culture' theory seminar and the National Academy of Social Sciences Institute of philosophy work conference" held in Dengfeng city in Henan province. "New" philosophy and culture editors acquisition,

  • Chinese culture industry review (volume seventh)

    "China culture industry review (seventh volumes)" is "Chinese culture industry review" seventh volumes, this is the research collection of cultural industry a strong professional, hosted by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Ministry of culture and national culture industry innovation and development base. "China culture industry review (seventh volumes)" included ",

  • Cultural Security

    At such a time, security problems have been more and more from the traditional military security, battlefield and narrow National Security Council in the bottle "spillover", spread to people in the past could not imagine, the old textbooks can not explain, old-fashioned methods cannot cope with the dead and step. The revival of national consciousness in the world,

  • Chinese folk culture outstanding successor of a directory

    "Chinese folk culture outstanding successor list 1" main elements: first, the human side forward, while it is the spiritual wealth created in the heritage. This heritage is the cultural heritage. Forms of cultural heritage is very rich and complicated, identify common contemporary human distinction is divided into two categories, namely the material cultural heritage,

  • Explore the Agricultural Cultural Heritage and its dynamic protection

    "Agricultural heritage and dynamic protection exploration" included the group nearly two years of publication and the forthcoming paper, also based on the consent of the author on the consent, included the results of their research, the purpose of a comprehensive display of China's agricultural heritage research. "Globally important agricultural heritage,

  • To culture in the new century

    On market economy and culture, ethics, culture toward the new century: on the market economy and culture, ethics construction, ISBN:9787801491602, author: Chen Yunquan, Li Jingyuan,

  • The uses of Cultural Studies

    The book is divided into the introduction, six chapters and two supplementary materials. The introduction part introduces the main content of the origin of writing this book and book. The first chapter introduces the Stuart Hall culture research originality and openness, focuses on the discussion of the twentieth Century 70's Holzer at the University of Birmingham Center for contemporary cultural studies,

  • Mass culture theory

    As an introductory textbook, this book introduces the purport, description and analysis, minimize the hard value judgment, criticism is more interested in weakening the criticism school type. The authors try to keep calm and stand on the mass culture. In order to avoid discussing the skimming over the surface, the narrow focus in abbreviated materials, mainly,

  • UNESCO International Museum of global Chinese version in 2007 third.

    "International Museum (global Chinese Edition) (2007 Third Edition)" is divided into three parts, each part though not exhaustive, but the gender different research methods and in the field of cultural heritage in the future. The first part reviews the various ways of women's participation in social life, they show the,

  • Cultural symptoms and the spirit of literature

    The book of cultural studies, is a derived from literary criticism text interpretation, focuses on the symbolic analysis and discourse analysis, the specific historical subject is intended to reveal the mechanism of narrative discourse, and various symbol systems and production significance behind the specific social and historical period of the discourse construction and social construction. This text based,

  • In pursuit of prosperity of culture

    "Pursue" prosperity of culture as "Commemoration of the 30 years of reform and opening up series". The book outlines the 30 years of reform and opening up the cultural undertakings and cultural industries research achievements, the press and publishing, radio and television, literature and art, the development of network culture, the construction of socialist ideology, reform of the cultural management system, promote the culture of,

  • Chinese books and culture (Third Series)

    "Chinese books and culture (Third Series)" the main content: the preservation of cultural classics excellent in ancient China, the Chinese culture into the culture, civilization will be handed down from age to age, developing further education and social education function, is the National Library of sacred and important mission. From 2001 to the beginning of the new century, the National Library of rare books,

  • With harmonious society and civilization

    "The main content of a harmonious society and Civilization:" and after industrial civilization, humanity will become a what kind of civilization? "The harmonious society and civilization" and the author, are a reflection on exploring and trying to answer this question, scholars. He has put forward and the concept of civilization, is the human,

  • The formation mechanism of contemporary culture

    Series Name: Central Compilation and translation of academic libraries. Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences, series of works, from the historical point of view, culture production can be said with the development as the shadow follows the form of human evolution, human culture and basically follow the same track. Human beings continue to carry the cultural creation, through the "humanized" create blew cultural forms, but also in culture constantly mature, experienced",

  • Ancient culture common sense

    Traditional culture is an important manifestation of China excellent culture, is the essence of the national culture literacy place. The book as a common sense Chinese traditional culture of a textbook, and mainly expounds the content closely and modern life and the communication with the traditional culture and knowledge, and introduces the relative popularity of classical works contained in a,

  • Ji Xianlin on justice

    "Ji Xianlin on righteousness" brief introduction: 10, twenty years ago, many important ideas proposed by Ji Xianlin, such as the definition of the macro, the four major cultural systems point of view, the oriental culture and the western culture "Every dog has its day!" point of view, he to the unique Oriental "oneness of heaven and man" the concept of "new,

  • Continuation and transformation of traditional culture

    Continuation and transformation of traditional culture, Liu Shuxian, Liang Yuansheng, Chinese University Hong Kong press,

  • City theme culture and world city rise

    Series Name: City theme culture research series, a city without the city theme culture, will thousands of the city side; a city without the city theme culture, will be subjected to criticism: a city without the city theme culture, will have the characteristics of the crisis; a city no theme culture, it is not possible to achieve the goal of world famous city. A government secretary did not understand the city,

  • Research on Regional Culture

    China has a history of five thousand years of civilization, the ancient civilizations in the world, to become the only civilization prosperous nation, has its natural world rare horse power. The Central Plains culture, especially the traditional Chinese culture, broad and profound, extre mely subtle. In-depth study of Chinese history and culture, mining the excellent tradition of national culture, carry forward the advantages and,

  • Study on the successful intercultural communication

    This book to Sino US and Sino German communication as a starting point for comparison, from a new perspective of cross-cultural communication, a comprehensive introduction to the research results of intercultural communication research, communication data and to analyze, probe into the roots of Sino US and Sino German communication problems in communication, found in communication error,

  • Chinese books and culture (Second Series)

    "Chinese books and culture (Second Series)" by the National Library of rare books and special collections Department "Chinese books and culture" editorial editor, is "China books and culture," notes soon. The book collection includes Feng Qiyong, Dai Yi, Zhao Qichang and other 9 experts and scholars, whose contents include: how to read "a dream of red mansions,

  • The supply of cultural products

    "The supply of cultural products on the main content of economic analysis:" the development of cultural industry include: defining the connotation of the rise of economic and cultural integration of one one cultural industry, cultural industry theory logic research summary, research methods and research ideas, cultural industry, cultural industry and the cultural cause of the logical relationship, culture,

  • Cultural capital operation theory and Practice

    The culture industry is a rising industry, it is from the economic edge towards the centre of the economic, and this requires us to practice from theory height depth to explore the theory and practice of cultural industry -- the cultural capital operation. The book is divided into twelve chapters, mainly from the "human nature of cultural capital", to explore the cultural capital,

  • Revaluation of the cultural creativity of the people

    Fiske's theory of popular culture research ", the revaluation of the cultural creativity of the people: Fiske's popular culture theory to study" is about the research of Fiske's popular culture theory monograph, the book includes: understanding and definition of "mass" and "mass culture", two kinds of economic theory and the Frankfurt school, comparison, Fiske theory and Chinese context, Fiske theory,

  • Tradition and life (4 volumes)

    "Tradition and life: Research on the history and culture of China (4 volumes)" is divided into four articles, papers, articles, which were symbols of secular, self, through the seemingly scattered article, can grasp the essentials and main China historical culture to a certain extent, and can truly from the reality to understand the tradition,

  • Surging Cultural Forum in 3

    Agitation: "Cultural Forum" in 3 main contents: began to gradually enlarge the society in a market economy, has become a national, ethnic groups have important international discourse markers in the era of economic prosperity, the important means of capital has become the social development brings to solve disputes and contradictions of the multiplier effect today, to me,

  • Consultation Forum

    Hit "let the experts, scholars serve the people" slogan, "100 forum" why caused widespread controversy? Why the "100 forum" to writer Liu Xinwu choice is not the expert on the explanation of "a dream of Red Mansions", not the "Three Kingdoms" of Professor Yi Zhongtian on "Three Kingdoms", not "the Analects of Confucius" research learning,

  • Introduction to everyday life and cultural theory

    Book is a unique historical and critical perspective provides an article about the daily life theory introduction. The author explores the concept of daily life from Georg Simmel's cultural sociology, the history of the contemporary theory of 1930's project poll to Michel Deserto et al. ,

  • Cultural force

    Culture contains a huge force. This "force" is different from the physics of the "strength", therefore, people more vividly the cultural force known as the "soft power". In essence, the physical "strength", is used for human "nature and culture"; the "strength", is used for human "" itself. It is from,

  • Culture.

    "Culture" by way of contrast between English and Chinese anecdotes, tells many interesting cultural anecdotes. The book is intended to reflect the broad area of cross-cultural research, involving a wide range of. From the cultural impact of nonverbal communication, the cultural reality to the status of non mainstream culture. "Culture" readers anecdotes for high,

  • Theoretical and Empirical Study on Metacognition

    "Introduction to the contents of theoretical and Empirical Study of" metacognition: "metacognition" is a new concept put forward in twentieth Century 70's in the middle of research on children's cognitive development, refers to the individual's cognitive. Dr. Jiang Yingjie's "meta cognitive theory and empirical research" a book which is a rare about the yuan,

  • Cultural criticism and cultural identity

    "Cultural criticism and cultural identity" as the key research center for Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education -- Urban Culture Research Center of Shanghai Normal University professor Yang Jianlong for many years engaged in urban culture research, content involves cultural development, Shanghai culture, culture, academic culture, culture and education, fashion culture, the,

  • Studies on cultural competitiveness

    "Cultural competitiveness research (Chinese version)" is a monograph study of cultural competitiveness. The 10 chapter, mainly including cultural competitiveness of international competition in the new situation, cultural competitiveness theory of history development, cultural competence, cultural competence structure and elements of the law of development, cultural competitiveness price method and index,

  • New cultural consciousness

    "Cultural consciousness" new authors "after the new cultural development view" launched another monograph, fully expounded China Communists new cultural consciousness. The book is divided into three chapters: the first chapter is the theory part, focuses on China characteristics of the theoretical system of socialist culture, especially since the party's sixteen paper,

  • Rich cultural theory

    "Rich culture": in the past two years, Hebei province has organized and implemented the "Hebei youth social science experts fifty project", and plans to use a few years writing published "Hebei youth social science experts fifty project" library. At present, the soon to be published a "commodity circulation research", "economic theory", "Fu min,

  • Chinese New Culture

    Think of a new optical academic works (seven): Essays on the new culture, edited by Lao Siguang, Chinese University Hong Kong press,

  • The Sino Russian cultural dialogue (first series)

    "The Sino Russian cultural dialogue (first series)" written papers for the conference, put forward their own opinions and interpretations concerning the theory of cultural comparison. In order to further promote the Sino Russian cultural comparative study, research, Beijing Foreign Studies University China Russian Teaching Russian Center, Russian school in 2008 May 2,

  • The interpretation of culture

    The Interpretation of Cultures, the Higher Institute of Princeton University professor Clifford Geertz is the one of the "most creative and exciting force cultural anthropologist, leading character" is dedicated to the revival of cultural symbol system of knowledge movement, he enjoys high reputation in academia's "cultural interpretation" is the cultural anthropology research,

  • In the cross-cultural discourse interpretation

    "Discourse" in cross-cultural to discourse analysis as the starting point, in-depth reveal the unique individuality of Japanese people and unique expression, communication. Through the analysis of the discourse scene, different patterns, to cultural misreading and cultural connotation of example analysis, personnel exchanges in culture, education, language, from,

  • Culture is a long river

    "Culture is a long river" tells the story: culture is like a long river, source far, through history, to today, but also to the future. It is every little bit of accumulated vast rivers, it is by piling up the the Great Wall. Cultural construction is not just shout slogans, is not,

  • Culture and Poetics (total eighth Series)

    "Culture and Poetics" is a cover of literary theory, literary criticism, cultural studies and literature review papers, pay close attention to various problems in the discipline development, carried on the detailed discussion, has high academic value. ,

  • Chinese heterodox ethical culture

    "China heterodox ethical culture" for the first time to study the China heterodox ethical culture as a relatively independent system, from the synchronic and diachronic unity and discusses preliminarily the inherent logical structure Chinese heterodox ethical culture. And try to communication and coordination, integration of Chinese and western, and, through the beautiful words show the profound philosophy,

  • The foundation of intercultural communication.

    "Intercultural Communication Foundation" a book from the "basic research", "cultural context", "cross cultural interaction", "cross culture" and "cross culture communication ethical issues and the future" five aspects of intercultural communication in the past decades of development, the study, the results and theoretical study of the,

  • Comparative study of the culture and history of civilization

    "Comparative study of" culture and civilization of articles I nearly ten years published. From these articles, the reader can see I was a student in the University of Oxford, is where the academic thoughts especially Oxford semantic analysis of the influence of the philosophy of. The accuracy of philosophy atmosphere of Oxford attaches great importance to the concept of. Oxford scholars,

  • The cultural industry creativity

    "The cultural industry creativity" compiled by Wang Wanju etc.. In 2008 April L on the 2 day, Wang Wanju delivered a speech at the Hebei University, outlined the "whole point of creative cultural industry theory" and the logic of the system, proposes the establishment of "basic conception of creative cultural industry theory" of this new discipline. ,

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