• On the Chinese culture

    "Outline" Chinese culture is about the research of "Chinese culture" monograph, the book includes: a deep understanding of Scientific Outlook on Development theoretical connotation, the construction of the socialist core value system, establishing socialist concept of honor and disgrace, development of scanning, the world cultural industry media industry upswing talents etc.. "China paper,

  • In pursuit of cultural history

    In modern Chinese perspective, the author focus on history and culture Chinese modern thinking for a long time, to become an independent school in recent years research history of the concept. Book the first part is the theoretical discussion on the path of cultural history, cultural history study analyzes; study the second part is the case, combined with the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China Chinese cultural history important or features made a good solution,

  • Culture industry is the case

    "Cultural industry comparative case" is China first culture industry comparative case book, "industry of comparative culture" to raise the flag of. In the cultural industries development China, compares the concrete analysis of concrete problems of cultural industry case, regardless of the cultural industry and cultural industry practice of discipline construction has very,

  • 100 introduction to East Asian Humanities

    "East Asian humanities 100" series is sponsored by the East Asian publishers conference and determine the bibliography since mid twentieth Century, from the ideological culture of East Asia, classic books, which, Chinese, South Korea, Japan, the 26 volumes, 16 volumes China Chinese Taiwan, Hongkong 6; and is scheduled to begin in 2011 with,

  • The Chinese culture history

    "The Chinese cultural history (Third Edition)" in the grand design, novel theory, rich in content and style of rigorous and beautiful panorama of Chinese culture, the formation mechanism and the surge high and sweep forward development. The analysis of the formation mechanism of the Chinese nation culture from the aspects of geography, economy, social structure, soil, heavy,

  • The new cultural history

    Lynn Hun, "new cultural history" (Lin Hunt) is a way to celebrate founder Natalie Zemon David's academic achievements and the compilation of papers. "New cultural history" is divided into two parts: "part one" with criticism and appreciation of the cultural history of the double eyes look mode "; the second part",

  • Liangzhu Culture Theory

    "Liangzhu Culture Theory" in-depth and meticulous combing of the legend, rheology, propagation, origin of literature, art, culture, research, protection, inheritance and other comprehensive system. Can say, this is a to have collected, to collate the literature data, folk custom, butterfly lovers, the comprehensive situation of research, a comprehensive review of literature,

  • Modern Chinese culture in transition

    "Introduction to modern China culture of" transformation ": content of Luojia History Library" is the teacher academic research of Wuhan University soon. The first is the introduction of twenty professors. Future will be based on the situation, launched new collections. The discipline of history in Wuhan University has a long and glorious history. Early,

  • Spiritual home

    "Spiritual Homeland: a new culture of" divided into three parts: introduction to the culture; the Chinese culture: the culture construction theory. The former has been in for the cultural understanding of "life style" basis, the essence of culture is the "humanization", including the people's own people is "the human", from the,

  • Writer

    "Contributor" is the author of He Yingjun in recent years, various cultural project planning ideas and a representative of integration, the author has both scholar and poet of long, the author whether their sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height, atmospheric pound of phosphorus, or quite agreeable, warm tea clear wine songs, or smart, wise meaningful poetry exquisite creative, all,

  • Chinese character

    "Introduction China character" content: each of us from the starting point of his life trek all the way to, not worry about personal gains and losses, back bags a day like a day, so we can not see the direction of the front. In this long journey, some baggage one can put down, others may bear the,

  • The human culture of mystery

    "The human culture of Mystery (Illustrated Edition)" will lead readers to a wonderful human culture mysterious trip, since ancient times, human cultural history that a mystery has been attracting people to explore the pace, this exploration is not only for the rich and mysterious human civilization review and inquiry, or for the future,

  • Cultural empire -20 century of global America. 2

    In twentieth Century the global "America" research, cultural empire: in twentieth Century the global "USA" (volume one), ISBN:9787500477402, author: Wang Xiaode,

  • An outline of the development of modern culture China

    "The main content of" China development of modern culture is specific history: back road Chinese social modernization hundred years, we can not see, the zigzag road of the Chinese nation, with culture and modernity, both valuable experience, also has the negative lessons. All in all, today we can become,

  • The North American China Science

    Research and resources, "the North American Chinese Science -- Research and resources" is the first authored, in American scholars on the North American China study stage summary of the first collection, checking over the past few decades America China studies, for the domestic academia it is important to know the research dynamic USA Chinese. "Research overview,

  • The post Wenchuan earthquake reconstruction in poor villages and local culture protection research

    This book from the perspective of social anthropology perspective, that culture is a kind of expression, culture and people, closely related to society, the three together constitute the world we live in. The author uses CPS (culture and Society) model analysis, Maoxian, Wen in Lixian County of poverty of local culture in the village community changes before and after the disaster,

  • Chinese should those things to know

    Human life on earth, basic necessities of life are the four main activities, but now we related to these four activities of the things they knew very little origin. "Chinese should know what the origin of 1: basic necessities of life" it is because of this, introduced the dress, diet, Home Furnishing and traffic ancient people,

  • Four large stone story / Chinese cultural knowledge

    Four large stone story, "China cultural knowledge reader" series is by Jilin publishing group and Jilin publishing Refco Group Ltd organization of domestic famous experts and scholars to prepare a set of aims to spread the excellent traditional culture of five thousand years of Chinese culture, improve the knowledge people. Li Linlin compiled the "four famous stone story",

  • Dialogue noise

    Cultural transformation theory of Bakhtin, this book is the literary and aesthetic thought a more systematic and comprehensive introduction and interpretation of Bakhtin's book. The author expounds Bakhtin's theory of culture "dialogue theory" in the great influence, contemporary and then, the author analyzes the background and process of the formation of Bakhtin's life and thought, and his philosophical construction behavior. ,

  • A small country people

    "A small country people: China civil spirit autopsy report" content introduction: in national politics, economy China image image more and more positive, more and more powerful, spiritual and cultural image Chinese national in the world arena is still often appear negative, weak. One of the most prominent manifestation is, China,

  • Cultural industry and cultural marketing in Taiwan area

    "Taiwan cultural industry and cultural marketing" use area of cultural marketing basic idea, method and theory, to the Taiwan culture industry development and policy as the object of study, describes the background and characteristics of the development of cultural industry in Taiwan area, and the policy system influence the cultural development in Taiwan area and relevant experience of the,

  • Chinese should those things to know

    "Chinese should know that 2: and the origin of entertainment" when the material life to meet, people began to pursue the spiritual life. The ancient people's entertainment and recreational still exist today, such as in poetry, such as drama. But how do they come? "Chinese should know that 2: and the origin of entertainment,

  • Diagram of inter cultural communication study

    "Graphic inter cultural communication study" content brief introduction: since the last century since the 60's, the "global village" gradually from a concept into reality. As the communication of different cultures is increasingly close, culture conflicts increasingly frequent. Small to in interpersonal communication misunderstanding, the national war between each other, to a certain extent and,

  • The ancient Chinese and Western cultural exchange history

    "Introduction to the history of ancient Chinese and Western cultural exchange of Chinese and Western cultural exchange history". Chaos from the ancient period began until the Qing dynasty. Cultural development with the ancient China and western. Western noble prized silk, across the sea to religion, and that is called China porcelain, are ancient,

  • Eastern Jin and Southern Dynasties family cultural history.

    This film entitled "Eastern Jin and Southern Dynasties Family Cultural History Series" works, some special academic paper on the Eastern Jin and Southern Dynasties period family culture I recently wrote the book. The book is divided into two parts: Part One discusses the Eastern Jin and Southern Dynasties period of culture, of which the Wang, Chen County Xies, Lujiang Ho as the main body,

  • Sub Culture Reader

    "Sub Culture Reader" compilation of the important works in almost all of the research on the history of Asian culture, including three main stages of research on the history of Asian culture (Chicago school, Bermingham school and the post Bermingham period) the classic table of contents. Both the macro theory, but also pay attention to case study; not only paid attention to the western theory, also take into account the China phenomenon,

  • Cultural Studies (eleventh Series)

    "Cultural Studies (eleventh Series)" since Harbou Vahe "on collective memory", "cultural memory" Assmann of publication, collective memory, cultural memory problem has become one of the western academic circles, the excitement in the Chinese, academic subject of cultural memory and the collective memory problems but also very theoretical value and practical significance,

  • The ancient divination research and booklist problem solving

    "The ancient divination research and booklist problem solving (set of 2 volumes)" content brief introduction: disc bearing the Master Mr. Meng destiny, studying ancient divination science, began in the 26 years in winter, when the Central Research Institute of history and Philology from the "nine one eight" incident and the Beijing moved to Shanghai, both set to Nanjing. The things there,

  • The heritage of ancestors

    "Ancestral heritage: an introduction to the long cultural content:" ancestors left many valuable heritage to us, they pass through the deep accumulation of thousands of years, gradually infiltrated the sons and daughters of veins. They use the tough, prove the unique cultural value, influence, to enrich our lives. This set of books,

  • Tree

    Near series, "tree", is a famous aesthetic designer Mr. Tang Keyang and French renowned curator Mr. Basman on the "tree" interpretation, Tang explained the "tree" as the space and time of life meaning from the philosophy significance, while the bus is Mr. Mann is explains the "tree" energy inheritance. ,

  • Studies on the origin of Chinese civilization

    Yu Chao, Liangzhu culture study, "the origin of Chinese Civilization: Yu Chao, Liangzhu Culture on" content brief introduction: developed historiographic foundation is Chinese ancient unique cultural and social foundation. The traditional Chinese is a family oriented society, from Xia Shang Zhou or even earlier, home and family as the basic unit of the traditional social organization structure, in my,

  • Cultural industry and management

    "The theory and practice of the cultural industry management around the cultural industry and management", systematically introduces the main knowledge framework and knowledge system of cultural industry management. The book is divided into cultural industry and management and the theory of two. General including cultural industry overview, path, principle and mode of management of cultural industry, cultural industry,

  • Cultural broker

    "Introduction to the content of cultural broker": cultural broker as an occupation, is a reflection of national and regional cultural industry development; and the "cultural broker" as a formal and deepening the colleges and universities of professional education, is the foundation of the industry, standardize the development of. It is necessary to integrate the culture, art, economy,

  • Comparative study of Chinese and Western culture and Translation

    The book is Dr. Lin Wei for several years on the comparison between Chinese and Western cultures and the translation of research findings. Since the field range, the author selects a number of unique angles, using some special information, especially according to some characteristics of Hong Kong and Macao "one country two systems" and I lived abroad, study, work more than 10 years of experience,

  • China modernity and German culture

    Chan Shilian, "China modernity and German culture" large-scale, complete system, is divided into three parts and twenty-three chapters, nearly one million words. The book focuses on the cultural, political and other fields of modern China and Germany since the country, development of national and Chinese on Germany, political theory and ideological culture,

  • The world of humanity (Third Series)

    "The world of humanity: the regional traditional culture (Third Series)" is divided into seven parts, consisting of two papers, including the Wang Yangming "four teaches" the origin of Buddhism -- "no good without evil" non state theory introduction: "four teaches" relationship with Buddhism is a an important problem in the study of Wang Yangming thought,

  • Cross cultural communication course of new

    "Tutorial" Intercultural Communication for new learners of English for foreign exchange and language learning needs, cultural comparison is multi-faceted, introduces the basic knowledge and skills in cross-cultural communication problems in different contexts. Through the analysis of a case, make learners Lu aware of cultural differences and cultural conflicts, deepen their understanding of language, culture,

  • Remodel the culture of all - Beijing City, the reform of the cultural system of

    "Remodeling of culture: on" Beijing city cultural system reform process to the reform of the cultural system from a bird's eye view of China's reform and opening up 30 years, comprehensive research and interpretation of the cultural system reform in Beijing the basic idea, goal and task, an important and main experience, focus on the Beijing cultural and creative industry how to,

  • Cultural routes

    Between the tangible and intangible, "between" cultural route - both tangible and intangible, this book includes an introduction, "cultural route" concept and its development, cultural route theory etc.. ,

  • East and west wind

    "East wind and west wind (Revised Edition)" Ge Xiaojia, Luo Zhitian two authors wrote a Book review. The contents of the article or to Chinese culture, or involved in western culture, sometimes more and similarities and differences between the two, named for the "east wind and west wind", regardless of is the comments on the "west wind", or to "Dongfeng" discussion, have,

  • Cultural exile

    The Nazi era European intellectual Refugee Studies, "cultural exile: introduction content of European intellectual Refugee Studies" the Nazi era: 1933 April from the German university campus in the beginning of the "cultural purges" Nazi "is cultural homogeneity requirements" of the true, but also as the first signal to the Jewish ethnic persecution and appear. 2400.

  • Three kinds of culture

    In twenty-first Century, natural science, social science and humanities, book by snow "two cultures" inspired, according to the development of the reality, we divide the three kinds of culture, and for the first time systematically on the three kinds of cultural characteristics and its relations to be discussed, various problems may help us understand some important phenomena the modern society and the crux of the matter. ,

  • "And cultural" Capriccio

    "Culture" and "Capriccio" content brief introduction: Chinese culture has a long history and broad and profound, the text more underlines the mysterious and subtle infinite. Such as "days", "", "", "degree" and "universe", "the universe", "Yin and yang". "And" is the deep philosophic words of. The ancients cloud:,

  • The introduction of cultural industry

    "Culture industry" as the introduction to a Book of our cultural industry has long been engaged in research of a theoretical foundation, is in the "cultural industry" further perfect, fully absorb the domestic and foreign research results and the formation of academic assembly. The book is directed by the theory of economics, the law of the development of cultural industry,

  • Social industrialization and ecological culture of ethnic cultural relics form creation

    "Create" content introduction of social industrialization and ecological culture of ethnic cultural relics form: development and construction, cultural heritage forms and cultural ecological culture industry, is the cultural value, is the greatest respect for human rights, should become an important part of our national policy. To establish the culture shape,

  • Abandon the copyright

    The cultural industry in the future, IMAGINE THERE IS NO COPYRIGHT AND NO CULTURAL CONGLOMORATES TOO, "abandon the copyright culture industry future" brief introduction: if we recognize the copyright theory is neither feasible nor reasonable, we should take measures to deal with? People will immediately think, copyright protection of blockbuster, best-selling books and culture Star Investment, distorted cultural market, extrusion will be a large number of cultural products people,

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