Language cultural history - Language Most Foul

Date of publication:2006   Press: Wheat field   Author:Ruth Wajnryb  

Ruth Wei Lee (Ruth Wajnryb)
growth in New South Wales, after they had some different places have different life, now for several languages fluently about the sewer level.
as applied linguist, Dr. Lee will be in the best of spirits, for almost all things, work is very abundant, also discussed issues related to the language in the press.
she had a son and a daughter, and a dog named honey.
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export into dirty
leader is dirty
dirty as well as
aggressive annoying
shit heard
in the name of God.
son of a bitch
I will be dirty.
bootleg liquor and star
cross-cultural dirty

bibliography @##@ wedge Whether or not divided at all times and in all countries, who will be foul mouthed,? Creative cursed to develop, if only because we can't do beat annoy us people? If verbal attacks is a universal behavior, that why some languages (such as Japanese) there is no intolerable to the ear words? Once only football (or delivery room) curse words, now go, make some elegant people frightened, but others don't seem to be very mind. Ruth Wei Lee to interesting perspective to explore the evolution, origin analysis of some colorful words in our language. Wei Jinli is not in English study paradigm, "bad" whether a word also appears in other languages, as well as the curse words what cultural differences. Why in some countries, suggesting that someone with his camels have super friendship is not about to get in trouble, but if the family mother's moral level contemptuous, will let you be kicked out of the country? This is a humorous, unique book, exploring various forces to words offend, insult, shocked, amused, exaggerated, vent, transfer the profound emotion. Anyone interested in language of the people -- or have accidentally kicked pain toe people -- is not to be missed. "Cultural history".
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  •   Really interesting book, writing is also very humorous, worth a visit, and about this kind of books is very good, very good!

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