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Date of publication:2009-6   Press: Ocean Press   Author:Hao Zhaoyang   Pages´╝Ü352  

What is the culture? How exactly should the definition of the concept of "culture"? Objectively speaking, this is a seemingly everyone knows, but who also said not clear problem. Some people say, culture is human after long practice to create spiritual wealth, such as education, science, literature and art. Some people say, culture is a social phenomenon, is to create long-term human, product accumulation and the formation of. Also someone says, culture is the variety of scientific knowledge. Many famous scholars have said that culture, seems to have some truth, but seems to have no say. The definition of "culture", has as many as two hundred. Sometimes I think the concept of culture is relatively clear, have a look of their speech, but also confused. The notion of culture is so broad, no one can say clearly. Culture, like a mess, shear continuously, the reason also disorderly. Open the "modern Chinese Dictionary", this is the interpretation of the "culture", "culture refers to the sum total of material wealth and spiritual wealth created by human beings in the process of social and historical development, especially the spiritual wealth". Liang Qichao in the "what is culture" said, "culture, released from human heart and mind is universal value", the "karma" a very wide extension, relates to many fields, such as knowledge (language, philosophy, science, education), standard (moral, legal, religious belief), art (literature, art, music, dance, drama, () is used in the production of tools, household utensils and their manufacture technology), social (organization system, customs and habits, etc.). To make a long story short, culture is a social phenomenon, is a product of people created in a long time. It is also a historical phenomenon, is the accumulation of social history. Rather, culture is a country or a nation's history, geography, local customs and practices, traditions and customs, way of life, literature and art, behavior, ways of thinking, values, etc.. So, what is the relationship between culture and our daily life? Or she can play what role in our daily life? If the theory is to let a person feel boring words, we might as well have a look have made the image of the answer: he is just a person walking, his behavior, his every twinkle and smile, his overall temperament. He walked through the trees, the branches hung down, he threw a twig dropped, or bend over? A mangy stray dogs approached him, he is merciful to avoid, or kicked in the past? The elevator door opened, he is modest to people, or bully to push people? A blind man and he walked to the road, the green light, he helped the blind a? He and others how to pass? How he looked down on their loose shoelace? How he took to change from a vendor selling vegetables? He alone how to get along with their own? This is the original culture, originally she and our lives so close. She taught us how to behave, lead us to the physical world, and can Everfount to enrich our spiritual world. A person's cultural quality is not born, but by learning to. In order to give the reader to open an understanding of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign culture, know the culture behind the history and stories, we prepared a "knowledge on the sea -- cultural knowledge recorded tidbits" one book, the book has the following characteristics: a rich, the book includes Chinese and foreign ancient and modern knowledge, geography, astronomy, covering names, calendar, etiquette, custom, nationality, religion, science, literature, science, education, music, dance, drama, film and Television Arts and crafts, transportation, postal, political, military, economic and trade, news, publishing, famous brand, entertainment and other aspects. Two, interest ambiguity book to readers love to see and hear from the content, is the best part of all kinds of knowledge categories. Let you in a relaxed and enjoy at the same time, through rich and colorful knowledge about beauty, be full of wit and humour things history. Three, in the process of scientific selection we collected a large amount of relevant information, such as newspapers, magazinesHistorical materials, books, etc., in order to make the book more complete and scientific. Due to the limited level, there may be a lot of knowledge, we have not collected, the mistakes in the book and inappropriate also can hardly be avoided, invite the reader to criticism.

China's four famous buildings separately in where? China's ten big Diaoyutai separately in where? The six Xinghuacun China separately in where? "Three Kingdoms" place where are they now? The ancient customs of today? Why will be called the holy city of Jerusalem? Why they call Brazil "the Coffee kingdom"? Why the river is to the east? Why in China "three nine" days of the cold? "Garland country" refers to what? "Country of windmills" refers to what? Why is the seven day in a week? Why should the ninth September climbing? Do you know the origin of "male left female right" customs? Do you know the origin of "worship" a word? "No not husband" is how come? "Fail in official nowhere" is how come? "Heroes of the Greenwood" from where? "Jealous" from where? Which one is the oldest existing code? Don't tell what it is? So how long? How much all there is? Do you know the origin of the name "Goubuli" steamed bun? Do you know the "Benz", "BMW" brand origin?...... The above problems. Have a wonderful solutions and vivid description in the book.
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[a] tourism geography, geography of a two, three places of historic interest and scenic beauty, name origin [two] of literature and art, after the history subset two, Title Three, four, anthology of origin works writer Wenhao five, six, seven schools of community cultural movement, language eight, education nine, ten, eleven sports dance music the twelve film and television drama, arts and crafts, thirteen, calligraphy and seal cutting fourteen, antiques appreciation [three] a Chinese medicine, western medicine two, three, four, five human knowledge of medical apparatus, health care [four] of folk custom, etiquette, custom three a two, four, five national festivals, folk gods [five] the astronomical calendar astronomy, calendar, a, two season [six] animal plant, animal, plant two [seven] the political military, political power organization Union three, two, four, five army corps of military weapons, official rank [eight] a criminal laws, laws and regulations, judicial system, two three penalty Punishment [nine] economic and trade management, weights and measures two, monetary unit three, economy and trade, finance and insurance, four five fund stock Six, the brand trademark
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"Knowledge on the sea -- cultural knowledge recorded tidbits" collection of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign people love to see and hear the cultural knowledge, including geography, astronomy, calendar, place names, etiquette, custom, nationality, religion, science, literature, science, education, music, dance, drama, film, art, technology, transportation, postal, political, military, news, publishing, economic and trade, famous brand and other aspects, fun, interesting, practical, is the Chinese and foreign culture the popularity of this, everyone loves reading encyclopedia.
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  •   In high school, we have very little time, but knowledge is constantly expanding, this book is a comprehensive knowledge of the language culture recorded, read this book, really great gains

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