Journey to the West's Secret

Date of publication:2002-12   Press: Zhonghua Book Company   Author:(day) Nakano Miyoko   Pages:599   Words:419000  

You are to say that this is a literature monographs, East Asia theological research notes, or an animal handbook. It is a bit confusing, but it does look good. From the point of view of "journey to the west" in this text, the Japanese Islands imagination reached the monkeys, five elements and other interesting things, but no further divergence. Its advantages are simple.
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Nakano Miyoko was born in 1933 in Japan, North Road in Sapporo city. In 1956 graduated from the Department of literature at Hokkaido University, specializing in China literature. The former Hokkaido University assistant professor, Australian National University, lecturer, Professor of Hokkaido University, Professor, professor emeritus at Hokkaido University in 1996. In 1980 Japan Art Award Minister of Education Award winner.
professor Nakano Miyoko has long been engaged in research China classical literature and China thought culture and writing activities, have a large stock of information, full of wit, author with many works to his credit. The main works are: "for the people", "game products from the novel Chinese way of thinking".
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The first chapter of Sun Wukong's birth and the regeneration of 1 preface 2 life rock - Sun Wukong's regeneration 3 incarnation of the Dragon - Sun Wukong was a born 4 travelers followers to "journey to the west" second chapter "journey to the west" the hidden 1 five line of thought and "journey to the West" in Poetry -- the mystery 2 lead and mercury from Momotaro story (a) -- alchemy arcane 3 lead and mercury story (two) -- the secret porn 4 Sun Wukong and gold and fire -- from alchemy to the heroine of the interpretation of holy man -- man hospital number 5 "journey to the west" in the figures of mystery third chapter "journey to the west" sociology of 1 stars -- Chinese incarnation of ancient sky 2 gods hierarchy - Taoism and folk belief in 3 prince Nezha story - Sun Wukong and 4 monster mask opera era -- "journey to the west" and the fourth chapter "journey to the west" deconstruction notes 1 Wu Chengen and Qiu Chuji - about the author misunderstanding 2 "journey to the west" surrounding the form before and after the 3 tame monkey - deconstruction leads 4 offprints postscript library this postscript
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