Introduction to American culture

Date of publication:2006-1   Press: Version first (January 1, 2006)   Author:Dong Xiaochuan   Pages:450   Words:323000  

Dong Xiaochuan, School of history and culture, Northeast Normal University, doctoral tutor. The main works have been published: "the relationship between Russia and the United States History (1648 - 1917)" (Northeast Normal University press, 1999 edition) ", the Confucian culture and American Protestant Culture" (the commercial press in 1999 twentieth Century version) "America religion and politics" (people's press, 2002 version). Main publications are: "world history" (Shanghai people's publishing house, 1999 edition) (World Cultural History) (Higher Education Press 2002 Edition), the other in the "historical research", "world history", "American research", "Guangming Daily" and other newspapers published more than 70 papers.
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Introduction to the first chapter of melting pot culture and multi culture, WASP culture mainstream status establishment and the loss of two, a "melting pot" theory and question three, "multiculturalism" theory concept and the definition of the four, multicultural advocates fashion and know five, melting pot culture and multicultural recognition and reflection of the second chapter religious culture and secular culture, the western most religious country and nation, two ethnic religious manifestations and characteristics of three, religious humanism thought and action four, secular culture prosperous and more new five, religious culture and secular culture of harmony and unity. The third chapter of individualism culture and nationalism culture the essence of understanding, individualism, individualism and two performance and characteristics of the three, the rise of nationalism and the white noise four, religious nationalism formation and show five, individualism and nationalism and cultural consistency and paradox of the fourth chapter of traditional culture and modern culture, traditional culture, understanding and analysis of two European traditional culture inheritance and innovation three, USA traditional culture formation and development, the United States is now four Generation of cultural understanding and interpretation of the five, traditional culture and modern culture inherited and the intersection of the fifth chapter of ethnic culture and class culture, ethnic and racial concept and the idea of two, the racial discrimination and the existence of contradictions and solve three, class four, class relationship between the concept and the idea of the performance and characteristics of five, race culture and the stage of mixed culture and penetration of the sixth chapter of elite culture and popular culture, the power elite theory and definition two, other elite and the power distribution theory, three elite differences and ownership of power and restriction of the four, the evolution and characteristics of five popular culture, elite culture and popular culture, coexistence and the seventh chapter interest group culture and community culture, the concept of interest group and interest group two, understanding the types and characteristics of three, interest groups to participate in a four, social culture and the formation of the characteristics of the five, interest group culture and the social culture and the consistent Cross chapter eighth mainstream culture and the marginal culture @##@ references. The book to 8 groups of corresponding cultural types and America culture. In fact, to distinguish between the 8 types of group culture is not very clear. Or, the combination of these somewhat far fetched, because they are in many cases is difficult to separate. We believe that: USA culture is based on individualism as the core, to Christianity as the mainstream, on race relations, diversification based features, based on popular culture dominated culture. America culture research can make people understand the nature of American past, clearly understand USA today, also can help us to correctly predict America tomorrow. As the representative of western culture, development and destiny of USA culture is or is western civilization, USA the significance of cultural studies will be beyond American borders, has become a global problem of civilization.
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  •   The unique, quite harvest.
  •   Research American culture person should read this book. It is from the deeper level, both transverse and longitudinal study America culture, because the author is professor in the school of history and culture, different from other America culture of the book, the book on the USA culture and thought the sequence of events and all kinds of schools to write a more detailed and profound.

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