In twenty-first Century the cultural living museum

Date of publication:2005-1   Press: Chinese International Broadcasting Publishing House   Author:Zhou Chuanlin  

"Twenty-first Century cultural living museum" with new concepts to build the multi culture living space, is a concentration of people living. The museum is divided into clothing diet, Home Furnishing appliance Museum, Museum Museum of cultural art museum, public facilities and sports hall five pavilions, is an important place for children's entertainment, education and training. It will help children to better understand life, understand life, love life. Young friends, this is a set of scientific, knowledge and interest in one of the pictures of the extracurricular books, from the military museum to the science and Technology Museum, wild animal from the pavilion to the cultural life Museum, Museum of natural history museum from to, you will be in the 6 major museums don't to pictures and lively text accompanied by, on the ocean of knowledge, culture, know more extra-curricular knowledge...... Are you ready? Let us together on the overview of the world's journey!
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Clothing diet, clothing shoes and hats of fruits and vegetables Chinese fast food Western-style food cold drink tea and cocoa Coffee meat fish milk and dairy products of bean products Home Furnishing appliance residential furniture monetary toy watch camera TV refrigerator washing machine elevator air conditioner cleaner kitchen appliances audio equipment safety use of electricity in public facilities of highway tunnel railway traffic sign airport train station in port and waterway city traffic dam bridge many-storied buildings hospital school library post office market bank playground fire culture art music China instrument of Western musical instruments painting dance drama opera cartoon movie and comic books, newspapers China calligraphy sculpture building, Journal of World Festival China traditional festival twelve zodiac sports athletics Olympic football basketball volleyball tennis badminton other ball games, swimming and other water sports, snow and ice Sport Gymnastics archery, fencing, shooting martial art sport climbing and climbing board
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Digest as we all know, the shoe is worn on the feet to walk to. It can not only protect our feet don't get injured, but also to keep out the cold and decorating effect. The cap is to keep warm, rain, sun and shade decorative role activities on the head. And the same clothes, with the development of the times, people's style and the style of shoes also have different requirements. Interesting search the oldest shoe leather sandals in ancient Egypt 5000 years ago. In ancient times, the victors of the war to their shoes on the losers, that he conquered the other. The hat this very superficial accessories has been infatuated with. It is said that in twentieth Century the beginning of the west, if women don't wear a hat would like to claim that "I'm not decent woman". The hat is thus not only fashion, but also the symbol of status. Both the practical effect of sunshade hat to keep out the cold, and beautifies the appearance of the human body. The hat can be divided into male cap, bonnet, bonnet, cap etc.. The variety, have old hat, cap, bonnet and adult bonnet; Western hat, cap, sports cap Chinese, sun hat and summer with straw. Shoes is only fraction of people dress, but not in the limelight, "bottom", but its role be no trivial matter. In the "shoe kingdom", the varieties and styles. According to zoning, shoes, labor protection shoes, shoes and life stage shoes movement; according to the wearing of different objects to points, there are men, women and children shoes materials; according to the different points, a rubber shoes, plastic shoes, leather shoes and cloth shoes etc.. P12-13 illustration
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