Harmonious culture knowledge.

Date of publication:2009-1   Press: National Publishing House   Author:Bai Gengsheng   Pages´╝Ü522  

4 open. Socialist harmonious culture is an open system, it is not exclusive, closed. The socialist harmonious culture in the precondition of ensuring their subjectivity, not only in the opening, but also to the world of different nationalities, different times, different regions, different social systems and cultural open. Open to develop their culture nutrition absorption, and vice versa for the human civilization and social progress. The great cause of reform and opening, make our socialist harmonious culture is under construction in full of unprecedented tension, so as to "the United States and the United States", and "beautiful", and then "coexistence", the Renaissance of Chinese civilization, to achieve international cultural harmony, reconstruction of new culture become possible. 5 diversity. Socialist harmonious culture although adhere to the guiding ideology of duality, but it is not a single flower, but that All flowers bloom together., contention of a hundred schools of thought, play their proper role, harmony but not sameness, mutual existence, coexistence and CO prosperity. The fundamental difference between socialist harmonious culture and imperialism, colonialism culture lies in its respect multicultural, advocates the culture of equality, to make the past serve the present, make foreign things serve China, swallow anything and everything. 6 development. The overall development of the socialist harmonious culture is not only to promote the socialist society, promote the progress of human civilization, but also has its own a from junior to senior development process. Development of society must decide the development of culture, the degree of culture determines the degree of civilization, the stages of harmonious civilization inevitable decision. Therefore, the socialist harmonious culture is the development, to some degree, a stage, is not immutable and frozen, do not put things right once and for all. The driving force of its development in the masses of the people be lively and vivid material civilization and spiritual civilization creation. With the development of the socialist cause of progress, societyThe primary stage of Marxist harmonious culture will be replaced by the harmonious culture intermediate stage, advanced stage of socialism. 7 advanced. With any kind of harmonious culture has its advanced nature, the socialist harmonious culture also has its advanced nature. Harmonious culture is able to exist and to achieve harmony with the social politics, economy, because it is advanced in the conditions of the times, which can adapt to the social productive forces and promoting its development.

Mr. Bai Gengsheng was born in Yunnan Lijiang, a Naxi farmers family students, with the ideal and lofty sense of mission, as one to learn, hard work, and constantly go beyond the self, continue to climb the peak of academic, constantly enhance the spiritual realm, to the people, to the motherland, also submitted a and a satisfactory answer to birth to his nation, ordinary researchers from a worker peasant soldier students completed from master to two doctoral, postdoctoral leaps, has served as the research China Academy of Social Sciences Research Institute of ethnic literature research assistant, associate professor, researcher, deputy director, research office deputy director, and is also the Chinese Minority Literature Institute of the secretary general, director general, in Naxi study, folklore, color science, folk culture studies have made important contributions to the field. He has 13 times in China Academy of Social Sciences and national academic awards, has been hundreds of news media special report, and in 1998 was awarded the "national outstanding youth Chinese Federation of artists" title, in 1999 the State Council was awarded "the national unity progress model" title, awarded by the State Council in 2000 special government allowance, in 200l-2002 years by the central authorities working committee awarded the "advanced individual" title of spiritual civilization, in 2004 by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Central Propaganda Department, the United Front Work Department, Ministry of education, Ministry of personnel, Ministry of science and technology and other six ministries to "leave school returnees Achievement Award", in 2007 was elected delegates to the 17th CPC National congress.
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Unlimited scenery in the Xian Feng (Preface) focus of the construction of socialist harmonious society cultural mission of harmonious culture basic characteristics of harmonious culture ten big relations between digital technology and movie and TV culture spiritual home guard strengthening cultural strength to strengthen the culture of protection to promote national unity and progress the development of cultural productivity theory thinking and policy suggestions to further strengthen the construction of the national cultural sovereignty, rules, restructuring, positioning, solid to Chinese oral and intangible cultural heritage protection words cultural heritage safety rapid changes in Naxi folk culture and Its Countermeasures of Qiang cultural protection significance recognition sequence with the Syrian Central Plains and Central Plains myth epic literature art Thangka art talk about the story of spring to enjoy the book "no text society history" to be what the West Pangu spirit will ultimately ask Nuo is not to "Discourse" discourse folk are sound cultural treasures smiling when the flowers are blooming all Baoquan vowed: will China folk art carry forward Xuzhou song music China Lotus just buds Lei Jingwei outstanding folk into a niche in the temple of fame will be committed to Western folk. The rise of the springhead thank Guangzhou Heritage The new art essential cable holding the Pangu spirit Master Wen de example lecture torch report for Chinese minority literature in the new century prosperity innovation and struggle in new century and new development of western development and Liping Dong culture tourism on the world heritage list open innovation mission Education Bureau of inheritance of a new attempt of folk culture industry problems in the construction of folk legacy of love Chiaki applause future fully expand the source of long drink water in Sanjiang Chi You and Chinese were brilliant protection is effective to promote the development of strong feelings of Shanhai Pass harmonious ushered in the spring Poppins Zijin Mountain wind and rain from pale yellow body and did not dare to forget the country worry much forge ahead in unity Chinese Folk Artists Association, "eleven five" new thinking style show kinds of harmonious culture construction both heritage also produced new cultural undertaking invites non day night fifty Fenghua is wonderful China in recent years on the intangible cultural heritage protection and the results of investigation, the rescue project came from Kaifeng to festivals and cultural vitality and vigor Ching Chung Ting snow national beauty and heavenly fragrance -- peony quyi winds the great national spirit "in full bloom Yamahana show" Yangcheng specializes in Chinese the folk story classification research: Retrospect and Prospect The pre Qin to the Sui Southern Minority written literature in Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties literature of Tang Dynasty in Nanzhao and south of the Five Ridges Diqiang ethnic song literati literature two southern minority inscription literature and literary scholar Tangut Tangut literature in general discussion of sunshine and rain 20 years times have set up the correct view of folklore and folk literature and art Jia Shen style problems of patriotic unity wind the song Chinese color culture of the Naxi language of color aesthetic field yellow (generation @##@ postscript) "Harmonious culture Zhixing recorded" tells the story of the collected articles, speeches, lectures and other mostly completed in my book "folk culture protection frontier discourse" (2006) published, it is a vivid record of my participation in the construction of harmonious culture and the protection of folk cultural heritage, is also part of scattered on the century 80 since 1980s, speech. Although superficial, words are from the loyalty, the both countries are fundamental, the cultural reality, also belong to original.
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