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The theme of this book is the reaction on China nearly a hundred years of social culture on the impact of the western culture. In this great as a basis, I'm trying to approach for deriving Chinese social culture in the future to go. As a narrative, analysis and criticism on me, always around this theme. The program is a quasi system (system-1ike) mode. In the front of the book by Chen shows is the part of the system (given part). Starting from the given part, I discuss the important issues related to Chinese nearly a hundred years of social culture, and then on the China intellectuals in May and must try to road and point to the fate of. People pay attention to the problem, the ideological content, the study of the subject matter, within a more or less degree, are often influenced by his time and environment. The reason I attention and thought as well as the research China nearly a hundred years of this important issue, the following conditions: first, not before, I happened to be grown in this era. I personally experienced the changes and stimulation Chinese social culture. If an intellectual's mind is not already dead, so he was so much stimulus, should and may have very reaction. In addition, my personal history, and I used to contact friends, with my good habit of thinking, so that I can not care about such a series of unprecedented basic change.

The philosopher Jin Yuelin Yin Haiguang in twentieth Century fifty or sixty students is the most influential intellectuals in Taiwan, occupies an important position in the history of Chinese. He wrote many articles, books, criticizing the totalitarian, spread the idea of democracy, these works with profound thought, logic, passion of writing influenced the overseas intellectual circles and the public. This book is the most important work of Yin Haiguang in his later years, the history of modern thought an important document, the academic circles called "to discuss a new milepost Chinese cultural issues". This book adopts the Western Social Science (especially in Cultural Anthropology) method for the analysis of some of the concepts and logic, to discuss the change Chinese historical culture of modern 100 years.
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Yin Haiguang was born in 1919, is China philosopher Jin Yuelin students, majoring in Western philosophy. Soon graduate from Graduate School of philosophy of Tsinghua University after he, has worked in the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and the party newspaper "Central Daily". "Central Daily" left in 1949, to the Philosophy Department of National Taiwan University to teach.
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The first chapter preface Yin Haiguang Chinese mold world outlook chapter second what is culture? A clear road two culture defines a first set of definition second sets of historical definition of third groups of normative definitions fourth psychological definition fifth group structure of definition sixth group of definitions third chapter culture the important concept of a culture change A, B and cultural value of the graft C culture and character of two local movement three culture Luo poly form four culture five cultural value and bio logic over from issue six of culture to culture on the seven history and culture eight cultural complex in the town of nine cultural ideal and cultural reality of ten cultural and value eleven culture universal foundation and special color culture, the level twelve materials and features fourth chapter in modern Chinese culture baseline a two Chinese social base type three social level Four ethnocentrism five separate and mental stagnation Liuhe mold seven elders first eight position and prestige nine gender were guarded the fifth chapter China social and cultural upheaval a family of lean two hole collapse three local motion...... The sixth chapter a long debate between seventh chapter conservative tendency and trend of the ninth chapter of criticism. The eighth chapter discusses liberalism westernized claims tenth chapter by chapter eleventh modern said the twelfth chapter of democracy and freedom, the thirteenth chapter world storm (to) several problems: fourteenth chapter moral reconstruction in fifteenth chapter, the responsibility of intellectuals in Appendix A Reading of Yin Haiguang the "Outlook" China culture appendix two related "Chinese cultural outlook" -- a reply to Mr. Xu Zhuoyun Yin Haiguang left China appendix three "cultural outlook" I read English and Chinese names appendix four "Chinese cultural outlook" control
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Culture system is composed of the traditional method to solve the problem. Culture is composed of many reaction form. In a culture, we have to accept these reactions form, because these reactions form was effective in real life. Simply put, culture is composed of learning for the way to solve the problem of. 32 crow hole and Leiden (Leighton), 1946: in the human, there are many problems occur repeatedly, some problems are inevitable. Method and equipment limitations of human to deal with these problems by the biology of human resources, but also by some outside the fact limit. However, for most problems, possible solutions are dry they don't. Any culture is composed of a set of custom and traditional ways of thinking, emotion and reaction. The way to express a special society to cope with the problem in a special situation in different places. 33 Morris (Morris, 1948): a kind of culture is the blueprint of life. A group of interacting people in this blueprint is particularly good is some motivation and not yet another motivation; or, they prefer to adopt certain methods without using other methods to meet these motives. Here we focus on the word "when is still good". Choice, is a factor of living creatures. Life is choice. People often prefer certain goals rather than other objectives, and would rather choose some methods to achieve the goals rather than by other methods to achieve. A culture is a choice model group and in the time of traditional down. Any culture is to adapt to the environment and human environment of a set of technology. On the aspect of culture, the occurrence conditions of definition can reach above culture. However, culture has not only due to adapt to the environment, but also because of creationImpulsivity. In fact, without the creative impulse, the human culture than the existing half. We are not easy to say, philosophy, poetry, literature, art is the need of production in the actual. Definition of this class focuses on the cultural pattern or organization.
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(Yin Haiguang) has a key effect on the development of democracy in Taiwan, it has inspired generations of young Taiwan groping forward liberal democracy in this way. -- from Ma Ying-Jeou in August 15, 2009 on the forty anniversary of the death of Yin Haiguang seminar
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Yin Haiguang, Jin Yuelin, Li Ao students teacher, Taiwan intellectual banner, young students mentor. Hong Kong and Taiwan academics regarded "Chinese cultural outlook" is "a Chinese intellectual pursuit of academic conscience and moral courage" Chinese modernization, "discussion China culture. A new milepost problem".
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